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WorkerBee can even provide targeted mailing lists to take the guesswork out of the picture and make sure your postcards only go to people who might turn into your customer. Want to reach every living human living within 10 miles of your business? No problem.

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Only want to reach homeowners in a certain neighborhood older than age 40 with upper-middle class incomes and two cars? You got it. The possibilities are endless. These lists are one of the best-kept secrets in business because they can be customized to fit any audience you want to speak to. Then, we work with our network of printers and packagers to save you every dollar possible on printing, postage and delivery. From there, conduct research on additional areas you want to target.

Aside from your general service area, look for:. Townhome or condo communities where homeowners are responsible for their own HVACneeds. Older single family subdivisions where equipment is aging or close to needing replacement. To get the most out of your direct mail investment and to save money, avoid the following:. Neighborhoods that include brand new construction where HVAC service might be rare for the first couple of years. If you fall short with a useful list of addresses on your own, no problem. Figure out your geographic targets and purchase a mailing list from a direct mail broker.

First impressions matter. When trying to sell your business to a consumer, show them you care about quality and attention to detail. Personalize your materials so that your pitch comes across as a direct appeal and not a mass mailing. If using images, ensure they are vibrant and support the overall theme you're promoting.

Boost Your Marketing Prowess with Perfect Postcard Design

Just as vital as stunning images and error-free copy, a pitch that is uncomplicated and valuable to the reader will garner more responses than those that are a jumbled mess. Hire freelancers and designers if necessary to get the best look possible. Consumers will look at marketing collateral as a direct reflection of the service your company provides. If it's subpar, they will take their HVAC business elsewhere. People love to feel special, and the best way to make your current and future clients feel that way is by offering one.

Consider free inspections, a coupon for discounted repairs, special pricing on new components, or promotions specific to your firm that appeal to your target homeowner. You can create urgency by making the offer time sensitive. Regardless of the incentive, make it attractive, and something that a homeowner will want to take action on as soon as possible.

6 Pros & Cons for Postcard Marketing - Power Marketing

Speaking of action, a standard online marketing tool that is transferable to your postcards is the call to action CTA. Add value to the CTA. You can use your direct mail postcard as a prompt to get the consumer to take the next step in engaging with your company:. The central piece of your summertime mailing, your postcards have only a brief moment to shine before a recipient decides to give you a call or toss it in the trash. Below are a few Housecall Pro postcards to provide you inspiration for a successful summertime direct mail campaign.

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Housecall Pro users can enjoy seasonal postcard templates that can be sent out to customers through automated postcard marketing. Our automated payment, service agreement and marketing features give your business maximum efficiency and build customer loyalty. Learn more and start free 14 day trial now. Direct mail is not a one-dimensional marketing technique.

It can be a support tool for other efforts in your promotional plan. The following will help you extend the life of your campaign from a simple mailing to a key cog in your marketing. Individual promotional efforts do not occur in a vacuum. Postcards have a small workspace, so a company must focus on creating a content message that captures attention almost instantly when potential customers come into contact with the postcard for the first time. The central focus of a promotional postcard needs to be on the action that a company wants potential customers to take upon receipt of the postcard.

Make it a clear and concise action that motivates readers to follow through on that action as quickly as possible. Outside of the action message, remaining content should only be made up of essential details such as contact information, a Web address and how customers can follow through on the action request. Providing irrelevant information could result in the action message getting lost in the content delivery.

When that happens, customers will see little value in the postcard and toss it out without taking the time to hunt for the promotional message a company offers. Postcard marketing pieces provide little room for error both in physical space and content messaging. A company only has a few seconds to capture the attention of a potential customer before that customer decides what action to take. Word choices should present a powerful message that pushes a reader to find out more about the company. Using power words caters towards the natural emotions of consumers and sparks an interest in hanging on to a postcard for further engagement with the company.

These words make consumers feel as if they are missing out on something if they do not take advantage of the offer on that postcard. That fear of missing out is what will prompt them to take advantage of the promotional offer and give a company, your company, a try. Power words work to grab attention by asking a question, presenting an offer, highlighting the benefits of a company, and selling a product or service.

Using power words correctly boosts revenue, increases sales and expands customer databases.

Unleashing The Power Of Postcards To Boost Your HVAC Business (Free Postcard Designs Included)

Here are several examples of power words that are used in effective postcard marketing strategies:. Power words can also create an impactful presentation of the products and services that a company offers. Using them provides a way to demonstrate how a product or service benefits a customer by resolving a problem or fulfilling a desire.

Here are a few examples of power words that are beneficial in describing a product or service:. The use of power words is also effective in describing a promotional offer to a potential customer on a postcard marketing piece. These offers need to grab attention and bring a potential customer to the next step of the purchase process almost instantly. Here is a list of power words that get customers to engage with a company as soon as possible upon receipt of that postcard:. The final impact that power words have on a postcard marketing piece is the ability to motivate the reader towards an action.

There needs to be a direction given that states what the next step in the offer process is and how long a customer has to take advantage of that offer. Here is a list of impactful power words that motivate consumers to take the next step:. Word choices should be as audience-specific as possible to convey power.

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These are keywords that customers in a particular industry are already familiar with and use to conduct online searches for additional information or problem resolution. Companies utilize postcards for a variety of reasons. They may wish to announce a new product or service that will soon be available or promote an upcoming sales event. Postcards are a great way to announce the arrival of a new staff member or branch location of a business. Invite customers to sign up for a webinar that covers the features and benefits of a popular product or service.

Offer a free sample of a new product or encourage customers to come test out new products one evening when light refreshments will be available as well. The possibilities for postcard use are as expansive as the imagination of the company running a postcard marketing campaign. As with other marketing efforts, postcard size matters.

The essential aspect of a postcard marketing campaign is having it stand out against other pieces of mail that a potential customer may receive that day. A postcard that is too small runs the risk of getting lost in the shuffle. Likewise, a postcard that is too big stands the chance of being thrown away for being awkward or burdensome to handle. Postcards are available in just about any size that a company could want. A select number of size options fall within the standard size category and will not cost more money to produce.

Sizes in this category are as follows:. Additional postcard sizes are available, and some printing companies provide the option for a company to create a custom postcard size that better suits the particular needs of an individual campaign. Any size postcard that falls outside of the standard category may price a little higher than a standard postcard.

The printing process requires the use of non-standard paper to create and, therefore, a printing company may charge more as a result.

There are several reasons why the size of a postcard matters. Certain elements of a postcard marketing campaign, such as printing and mailing, are set according to the size of a postcard. As mentioned above, printing companies may charge more to produce postcards that fall outside of the standard size category. Additional expenses for printing and mailing impact the overall budget amount for a particular postcard campaign.

The United States Post Office also determines the pricing structure for a postcard based on its size. According to their guidelines , postcards must be rectangular and a maximum of 4. Any postcard outside of these guidelines receives a classification of a letter or large envelope. These classifications come with an additional postage cost. A starting point for determining what size postcard to use for a promotional campaign is to pinpoint where the postcard will end up after delivery.

Standard sizes are ideal for traditional mailbox delivery.

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  6. Increasing the size to inches by inches will still work for a traditional mailbox, however, the postcard may require folding to fit inside the mailbox. A postcard that is 6-inches by inches is the ideal choice to ensure that it stands out in a crowd of other mailing pieces. The introduction of a new product, service or business location may benefit from a larger, non-standard category size. Smaller size postcards of 5. The ideal size for a postcard varies from one company to the next.

    It is a decision that centers on the type of campaign a company runs, the message that customers will receive and the overall budget of a campaign. The overall design of a postcard is critical to the success of a postcard marketing campaign.

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    Taking the time to create powerful content and select the perfect size postcard will mean nothing if the design does not optimize these elements. Several elements are crucial for an effective postcard design. Postcard marketing campaigns work to stand out from the crowd and present the reader with an opportunity to take immediate action and receive a benefit.

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    Creating attention-grabbing headlines makes that happen. Bold headlines create an impact that action needs to be taken now if one does not want to miss the promotional offer. Use power words inside of noticeable boxes or other eye-catching shapes. Avoid a postcard design that places too much color and content in a small space. Postcards that are overbearing and have every inch of the paper showcasing colors, words or graphic designs will turn customers away from reading the postcard.

    When designing a postcard, strike a balance between white space and color features. Use one main color with a few accent colors, or stick with a one-color presentation. Keep the promotional message as the focal point and design the visual balance around that. An often overlooked presentation aspect of postcard designs is the space on the backside of the card.