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Painstakingly, the director recreated it again from outtakes, but shortly afterwards, that negative too was obliterated in yet another fire. Only a few years after its release, it seemed as if the film was lost forever, and just at a time when the now-Saint Joan was being re-introduced to the world. That was not the end of the matter, though. The flickering images were to return mysteriously from the flames, like the saint herself, and in circumstances no one could have imagined.

The canonization of St.

Joan of Arc in was followed a year later by the publication of the transcripts of her trial. At the same time, one of the most promising young directors in Europe, Carl Dreyer, was invited to France to make a film. It was to be on any subject of his choosing.

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The Danish director said that, at the time, he was considering as subject matter the lives of three French women. Ironically, it was from the drawing of matches that the Maid of Orleans emerged as his subject. He could not have known then just how much, both artistically and personally, this film would cost him. Crucial to the film was the casting of Joan.

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It is said that Dreyer looked at many actresses for the role but failed to find the quality he sought. He walked the Paris streets and came upon a theatre where a light-hearted comedy was playing. He entered.

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As usual, he studied the actresses on stage. One caught his eye. She was beautiful, if heavily made-up, playing with comedic charm. Still, there was something that drew him to her. He returned the next day.

After that performance, he went backstage. He talked to her and, as he did so, he noticed something remarkable beneath the powder and paint. He asked her to do a screen-test the next day. She did so, and when she arrived was told to remove all her make-up.

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There was something in her which could be brought out; something she could give, something…I could take. Thus was born one of the greatest cinematic pairings in history. Even today the performance that the director was to elicit from the actress still draws gasps of admiration and wonder. The film itself is a record of the intensity of what took place on the set. Certain facts, however, are well evidenced: the shoot was a grueling experience for Falconetti.

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Too grueling, some contend, with a tyrannical director extracting a performance like no other from an all-too-fragile actress. It remains a strange film, with its own particular magnetism from its first frames. The much-lauded editing with its claustrophobic close-ups add to the intensity, propelling the audience ever closer into a world unseen—the inner life, present in a way that few had achieved before on film or, indeed, would again.

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The North Connaught region is well known for its traditional music, particularly fiddle and flute, so it follows the most popular duets are with the pairing of these instruments. We met at the pub by chance one winter's evening and over a few drinks we realised we had very similar musical tastes, particularly the music of previous generations from the locality. This mutual interest led to some exciting music sessions and a number of shows with guitar master, Arty McGlynn.

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  • Shortly afterwards we released our first recording Pathway to the Well. Over the intervening period we've searched out collective memory banks, old vinyl and session tapes which we recorded many years ago or were given to us for tunes and settings popular to the area.