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The Nazi euthanasia movement had little or nothing to do with genetics or social Darwinism.

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Rather, it arose out of the incipient perception of what could not be uttered: that the state already was involved in a project of mass-murder. If the state killed its best and healthiest human beings that presumably contributed substantially to society , why could it not also kill the worst or least healthy human beings who were incapable of contributing to society?

The First World War lasted from July 28, , to November 11, , four years, three months and 14 days—or days. This comes out to German casualties—or German soldiers killed— each day. In the Iraq war, , approximately American soldiers died in ten years. An equivalent number of German soldiers died every three days during the First World War; and this number of deaths continued for over four years. It is nearly impossible to grasp this event—the quantity of slaughter—or to imagine the impact of the First World War on the German people. The magnitude of the trauma is suggested in the following address presented at a convention in Berlin by a disabled veteran cited in Whalen :.

A gash goes through all our lives, and that gash is the war. With a brutal hand it has torn our lives in two. Everyone here experienced it differently, but everyone sensed the demonic quality of the war. It did not just change the map of the world, it changed the soul of human beings. We ourselves cannot entirely sense the enormous impact of the war on the human spirit, because we were part of it…we who have lived through this inferno can never be free from it. It has affected all our lives. Of course, there were protests toward the end of and after the war—and Germany was on the brink of revolution.

Despite the havoc and destruction wreaked upon people by their own nation, it was difficult for most people to say what was true: that the German government had been responsible for killing and mutilating millions of young men. Adolf Hitler came to embody German patriotism or nationalism—refusing to critique Germany and therefore to critique war.

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Rather, they perform an oblique, indirect critique by comparing the care provided for soldiers with the care provided for mental patients. Why are the most valuable lives treated so wastefully, while the state provides excellent care for lives that are worthless?

Mithun Chakraborty, however, has a meaty part that he sinks his teeth into. The Tashkent Files is bogged down by the chaotic screenplay and blaring background music. Nuance and subtlety are kissed goodbye soon after the opening credits roll.

Ironically, The Tashkent Files is most insightful when it does not intend to be. One character asks another what he achieved by raking up Shastri's death. The answer?

If Legal Marijuana Leads to Murder, What’s Up in the Netherlands?

Consider this in context to the declaration of Shweta's character that "the country was for sale" and got recolonised after Shastri died and Indira Gandhi came to power. Vivek Agnihotri's target is obvious, as is the fact that the film and its conveniently-timed release is "Lok Sabha chunaav ke liye ek zabardast mudda".

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