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For example throwing in vampires coexisting with mankind for milenia and then maikng world just like ours but with vampire masquerade. I appologise for my English, it is my secon language. The masquerade would make sense, depending on how quickly vampires breed can they really change humans or are they a different species and have offspring like we do?

But I agree that the world would be different. Most people would have at least a subconscious knowledge of the hunters in the shadows who drink their blood. If, perhaps, they even found a way to coexist with a truce blood against services or suchlike , then the world clearly would be different. I agree! Like, why do you think aliens would even use contractions to begin with? When people read spec fic, they want a story, not a peer-reviewed study of possible futures.

Give me flawed, scared but slightly fortunate protagonists who are only there because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Die Hard is a good example. The Wheel of Time does an interesting take on this, with the main character being trained by the worlds greatest swordsman for many years in the books. Actually, Wheel of Time was the exact thing that came to mind when I read the above — but in support of the argument. Good points. Why is everyone humanoid?

Why is every planet human-breathable? Because otherwise the story would be short. Heroes arrive on a planet, heroes land or beam down , heroes die. Humanoid shape means being able to use your hands or upper apendages of your body for things like using tools or carrying stuff. Your legs or lower appendages of your body do the movie. Not to mention the fact that they probably had no budgets for extensive make-up for all the extras. The ST Animated series had more aliens, simply because they could. An animated series is only limited by the imagination and ability of the animators.

Any real life series has limits, especially before green screen and CGI became such a big topic. Ok I have multiple problems with this Article because you seem to be ignoring one core principle of writing to prop up your world building, that principle is to make your work relatable for the audiene. Points 1 and 4 seem to ignore that you are writing for a human audience in our current culture.

I also have to ask those who want wards as a forcefield with no walls, have you never heard of a back up plan? You rebuttal to point 5 is based on a false premise. In other words, if you are claiming a diverse egalitarian realm, it should be reflected by the details of the realm, and appear in the makeup of the protagonists. You are free to make a world where one gender or another dominates.

Dominic is still right though. I am not preaching diversity in this particular article, simply saying that if you already want your world to be egalitarian, you have to show it.


Really not hard to understand. You do realise that lack of diversity is no less a case of identity politics than diversity, right? When reading the last bit of 4, my brain immediately jumped to Titan A. Do you guys know of any other series that pull this off well? They could also be a status thing for the lord that lives in them. He does an okay job on racial diversity, but sexuality diversity took a nosedive. There are even some mythological people who were transgender! He was just trying too hard.

If there is no opposition, then there is no debate. In writing it, I hoped to open some minds to the possibility of another perspective.

I never said anything that could have been mistaken for supporting racisim or sexism. Instead, I simply acknowledged that it exists, and because it exists, it is worth our time and exploration. This is an incredibly black and white mentality. They rely greatly on their vision, with their other senses being far weaker leaving them unable to use sonar like most races. Sight is just one method that can be used as an alternative to the more common sonar; there are other species that, like humans, lack this capacity.

Some of which, for example Y species, use smell, although vision is a somewhat more common alternative. And none of them was going to consent to being launched into space like a gerbil in a cage. That fact is true for ethnic, social, and religious groups as well.

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The reason women as a group make statistically significant different educational and career choices is due to patriarchy. This is fairly obvious when you realize that any differences that may exist between the sexes from a brain standpoint biologically speaking, there is basically no evidence for sex differences in brain development pale in comparison to the differences found within a given sex.

In other words, there is no evidence for a biological underpinning to the occupational choices of different sexes in the modern age. Therefore any deviation from a pretty even distribution must be due to some other influencing factor that disproportionally affects females over males, or males over females. I use female and male rather than woman and man because gender is a societal construct, and therefore any gender divisions are clearly due to societal structure. It can be argued that sex contributes to gender, but for sure, only actual sex differences will manifest in societal differences in a truly egalitarian society.

But if the society is truly egalitarian, then the only component of gender that would be relevant to power differences would have to be sex assuming you believe it is component of gender, otherwise there would be none. But there is no evidence of a biological explanation for why the different sexes would have different aptitudes or inclinations in regards to, in your example, the STEM field. Provide that evidence and we can talk. Remember, however, that brain development is hugely dependent on lived experience, therefore any data from any society that is not provably egalitarian i.

While brain structures are too individual to be male or female brain activity is actually weakly gendered… And the most convincing research on this is the research that shows trans people have activity patterns that match their gender, not their sex. One final important detail. That research is interesting, but we need to be really careful in drawing conclusions from them. For one thing, they seem to rely on the idea that these kids are young enough not to be culturally influenced, but old enough to know what a truck is.

Would fewer women than men choose computer science careers, even without the constant harassment women in comp-sci face?

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Women calculated the data for the NASA before computers were a thing and NASA still employed one of the calculators for a while to check whether the computers were doing it right. Both jobs were highly mathematical and required highly analytical and logical brains, but were done mostly by women in the past.

That means science, mathematics, or logic are not something women abhorr by nature. And areas where they are used are often full of harrassing or demeaning colleagues and superiors, driving away even those women who still dare to choose those fields in the first place. Oren, you are absolutely right that we need to draw conclusions cautiously, this is more true in sociology and anthropology than in any other science. But it also means that it is reckless to draw conclusions from a lack of evidence, as Teetengee attempted to do. Even if we were to ignore the research of Dr.

Baron-Cohen and other scholars Feingold, A. Psychological Bulletin. Trying to draw a conclusion from an absence of evidence is always foolish. Claiming certainty about biologically determined sex differences or absence thereof is an especially easy trap to fall into, as there is just so much literature available on the subject presenting so many conflicting findings.

This process can be clearly seen in the kibbutzim in Israel. These are probably the closest that modern humans have come to making perfectly egalitarian communes. Starting around , kibbutzim sought to actively dismantle patriarchy. Formal marriage did not exist at all, only cohabitation.

More importantly for our purposes, children were raised communally, apart from their parents, so that they could not become dependent on their fathers Spiro, Melford E. New York. Despite this, gender roles emerged on the kibbutzim. After a generation or two, the kibbutzim remained egalitarian by law but tremendous social pressure made the gender roles on many kibbutzim more restrictive than in Israeli society as a whole.

The kibbutzim are the clearest example of biological sex differences contributing to the emergence of more restrictive socially-constructed gender assumptions. But it does imply along with other studies cited above that male and female populations could be predisposed to choose careers or lifestyles in different proportions. Therefore, it is not appropriate to conclude that a society must be patriarchal because it does not have a near-even distribution of men in women in every field. What we have is some questionable evidence than in a friction-less environment, a society without social discrimination, there would still be statistically noticeable differences in outcomes based on sex and gender.

Meanwhile, we have a mountain of evidence for the way cultural discrimination creates different outcomes based on sex and gender. There is a temptation to order evidence into a narrative, and then to apply this narrative in every situation rather than addressing situations individually. There is value to ordering evidence into a narrative or paradigm when all evidence suggests the same thing this is how science works, we accept the absurd-sounding paradigm of quantum mechanics only because ALL evidence points in the same direction.

The tedious but necessary alternative is to look at every issue case-by-case. It is interesting to note that the nursing example is a clear example of what Mythcreants frequently and correctly and laudably identifies as cultural discrimination. After all, there is no stereotype against male doctors or male EMTs, so the stereotype against male nurses must be socially constructed and arbitrary. The problem with trying to fit this example neatly into a narrative is that there are two conflicting narratives; that men are conditioned by patriarchy to look down on caregiving, and that female nurses emboldened by feminism discriminate against male nurses see the articles I linked.

Unfortunately seeing everything through a narrative makes it easier to miss nuance and harder to empathize with people whose story does not fit your narrative. Unfortunately, social gender norms can be quite the opposite of each other in quick succession. Let me give you three examples of female gander norms from Germany and neighbouring countries during the 20th Century:. Germany in the s: a woman is meant to marry early, stay at home, and have as many children preferably sons as she can.

That is her natural calling and the only way she can be happy. This took women out of employment and lowered the unemployment rate after the Nazis took over. This freed up more men for the army. Germany west s: women should return to their natural calling as mothers and wives, caring for their children and providing a home for the man whose nature it is to provide for his family.

This took women out of the workforce and freed up jobs for the returning POWs, lowering unemployment rates again. This provided the necessary workforce to deal with huge losses in reparation since the soviets took a lot of machinery and other industrial resources. Germany west s: a good mother cares for her children as long as possible, instead of putting them into some kind of daycare and following her own interests. This kept mothers at home for three to six years per child minimum.

VS: France s: a good mother makes sure her children learn to be independent and self reliant, therefore she puts them into contact with other children early and returns to work. This kept well-educated workforce at work, instead of taking half of it out of the equitation for years. For example, how is it that someone who is biologically male can be a woman in every aspect psychologically? Or how is it that someone who is biologically female can be a man psychologically? Even before horomone therapy, many people who are transgender behave exactly as the gender they identify with without any relation to their physical body.

In fact, many people who are transgender hate their body immensely because it does not line up with their perception of their gender identity dysphoria. How can this occur if gender is related at all to biological sex and not purely societal influences? Specificaly differances in brain, that are inborn. Differance between biological and neurological sex was, in this case, only matter of inborn neurology. Other study was on specyfic genetic dysorder, which prevented male characteristics from emerging fully until puberty.

Enough to say it caused lot of confusion and some boys ware rised as girls and it did not have great effect on their genders. I appologise for lack of sources. This is not meant to bash, troll or insult anything. There are a few things I find a little strange about the cases described in the article you linked:. They knew just as well what was expected from boys as what was expected from girls.

Their bodies developed into a masculine form during puberty when their true genetic sex became visible. They knew they were supposed to be men from then onwards. In a society like the one described above, this was out of the question for a girl. Perhaps they took the offered chance. Football in this case, I would like to add, is soccer for an American, not American Football. Something which, I believe, a lot of girls in the US play. In most societies with a strong divide between men and women, one gender has more power, influence, and freedom.

And in most cases, that is the male gender. Imagine reaching puberty as a member of the more restrained gender and suddenly developing into the one with more freedom. The girls were already engaged at the age at which they turned. Becoming men probably also meant freedom of choosing their life partner. It meant freedom of choosing their future life plans. Honestly, I think ninety percent of girls in such a situation might take the chance. You are right, evidence shows that when a biological male is psychologically female in ever aspect, they actually are psychologically female.

Some studies demonstrate that brain or neural features typically considered to be sexual dimophisms may actually be more strongly correlated with sexual orientation or gender identity. One of the best understood sexual dimorphisms between men and women is in size and lateral connectivity of the amygdala which relates to emotional responses to stress and decision-making. Men tend to have larger amygdala Goldstein, J. Cerebral Cortex. Neurobiology of Learning and Memory. PMID I found a researcher who published two studies suggesting that homosexual men have highly connected left amygdala, similar to heterosexual women, while homosexual women have highly connected right amygdala, similar to heterosexual men Swaab, D.

Other studies have similarly found that certain dimorphisms in the brain are less correlated with sex than with sexual orientation. PET and MRI show differences in cerebral asymmetry and functional connectivity between homo- and heterosexual subjects. L S Allen et al. There are far fewer studies on transgender individuals, but one similar study found a relation between the male and female hypothalamus a brain structure that is related to hormonal activity that was more strongly correlated with gender identity than with sex at birth, even after for controlling for hormone supplements Garcia-Falgueras, A.

They absolutely do. The brain is formed from your experiences, every structure, every connection, dependent on the environment within which that connection forms. Every single thing you learn is due to the brain undergoing semi-permanent changes in structure. I saw must, not necessarily because it is logically required, but because it is morally necessary, particularly in a society where it is fairly obvious that sexist standards exist. There is definite harm caused if we err on the other side, but little to no harm caused by trying to open up opportunity to everyone.

As for drawing conclusions from a lack of evidence: We have evidence of low differences in brain structure. The variation within a given sex is vastly larger than the differences between sexes in every structure I am aware of being studied. Remember that those data are from a sexist society, and suddenly it becomes scientifically irresponsible to suggest that these differences are likely to be due to innate sexual dimorphism. Furthermore, the claim that males and females have naturally different brain structures which is the claim you are making if you think that their preferences are going to be significantly different naturally is a positive claim, which means the burden of proof is on the claimer to prove.

This implies that we need to assume that sexism causes the dearth of women in computer science, politics, senior positions in large companies and to act accordingly. Assuming that gender disparities are caused by sexism also means assuming and addressing the following:.

We must assume that the dearth of male nurses and male teachers is caused by sexism see articles I linked in an earlier comment , and we need to put as much effort into encouraging male nurses as encouraging female engineers. Abused men: The hidden side of domestic violence 2nd ed. Westport;: Statistics Canada January. Loseke, R. Cavanaugh Eds.

Newbury Park: Sage Publications. And assume some families would be more ready to support a daughter who fails than a son who does so. You are right, sexism is just as bad for men than it is for women, just the ways it shows are different. It makes me so happy to see people who acknowledge that men also suffer from sexism. It implies that men are expected to be okay with suffering or worse, that they are immune to it.

That is not equality. That is an example of individuals not allowed access to the help and care they need based on their gender. The vet, farrier, and I all have different opinions on Hanks hoof I decided to stick with mine! She hasn't gone out to the dry lot all day. Give her a gram of bute AM and PM if she can have it and keep her on soft ground, you have to worry about bruising.

I've seen her more sore last feb ; however it hasn't been 24 hrs yet since the shoes were pulled Farrier replied a few minutes ago he had: " I have her toe already rolled back to the whiteline as far as I can without going into the whiteline. Boots could help, there are many varieties on the market. I do have another client that uses the Ole Mac brand and is pleased with them. Each brand has directions on how to measure the foot to get the appropriate size. Keep applying the Keratex to see if we can toughen the sole and keep me posted on her progress or lack there of.

Just let me know if you want to give her time on her own or put shoes back on or try boots. I willing to do what ever you would like to try. She is definitely a tender foot! Very pleasant guy. Do I know enough to make the call here? How sore is too sore? How sore before bruising, laminitis, Being the ultimate responsible party is such a guilty trip!

I have her heavily bedded. Raining here. Wintry mix forecast--perfect for ice! I've worried myself into having an adult beverage. Hanks DP usually told me the whole story, if it stayed throbbing for too long I panicked! Bute usually brought it down to something I could except. Vicki your farrier sounds very much like mine. I really wonder about him sometimes, but he is a good guy and tries his heart out.

I was scared to tell him what I wanted for fear of not knowing what I was talking about. Her toe doesn't look rolled in the pictures. SOOO I started taking pictures after every trim, when he came the next time I would take them out after studying them and asking questions here and tell him what my goal was for that trim I used Old Macs for a year off and on. They do make them more comfortable, but Hanks hoof changed so often I ended up with 3 pair of expensive boots and none of them fit!

The best thing I used was the comfort pads duct taped on, he lived in them for awhile. When it was slick out I wrapped them in vet wrap for grip. Anything you can put on her feet, that would raise her up off the ground will work in a pinch. Diapers, Depends, even a wad of cotton use vet rap or ducttape and give it a few days.

Don't make her go anywhere she does not want to go and leave her feet alone, don't pick them out or anything Makes her put weight on the opposite foot that hurts too. The best boots I've found for situations like this are made by Plum Shade Farm.

Is it possible to do a self-drive safari in Tanzania? - Tanzania Forum

They are called hoof wraps here is the link. I've used them on a number of different horses with different size feet. To make them last longer I was using them to jog in I use Gorilla Duct tape on the bottoms and then replace the tape as it gets worn. They usually come with a pastern wrap to protect against chafeing. I did not use the pastern wrap and I did not have any problems. Ok, now for my lecture. This is a learning experience for you, the next time you will be properly prepared with boots and or medication.

Your horse will live through whatever pain she is going through and come out on the other side just fine. They are meant to heal fast, its part of their nature and necessary for their survival.

Dan Burle Sr. (Author of Frontier Justice)

If she were mine, I would have pulled her shoes and not trimmed her for about 10 days Diane can attest to the not trimming method and then only trimmed to balance her which would have been not much. I look at it like this, she was at 7 weeks between trims a tad too long. You pulled her shoes off that she was used to. By doing this everything she was used to changed, her angles and toe length were different etc. She already has some conformation issues, so on top of the issues with her feet, her bony column has to adjust too.

FME it takes up to 72 hours for horses to adjust to slight changes and it can take much longer when it is a major change s as it is in her case. So, give her some time, don't be in a rush to put shoes back on, try the boots and pretty soon you'll be in Diane's camp of having super feet on a horse that just about everyone said could never go barefoot. Ok, I'm done with the lecture. I told my farrier in advance what I wanted to do. He is the vet tech who has been present for both vet calls regarding her feet toe bruising, xrays, shots, floating, etc. He knows she is a "tenderfoot".

Wonder why he didn't suggest any of the preventative steps you outlined? Your advice sounds like good common sense. Why didn't I read any of it when I spent so much time reading about barefoot, transition from shoes, etc. Maybe I missed something. And tonight when I spoke with the farrier, he never once mentioned bute. She isn't miserable yet? I'm trying to step forward and I wind up taking a two steps backward and poor Diva mare is the one who suffers.

I'd rather have the sore feet and she could carry the guilt. I am a week behind on farrier schedule because the trainer started her a week later. We wanted to keep her another week, but I said no, had to get to the farrier Be nice if I could do it all myself. I ordered the riders rasp. Hope you are keeping dry. It's crappy here but at least it's rain not snow.

There really are many good articles in here on hooves and you won't get confused reading everything else on the net If you get bored go to that section and read my posts on shoeing bruised feet there are 4 parts Lot of good info there and you can see the struggle I have gone through until now and the continuing education I have got!

Divas hooves aren't half as bad as Hanks were. Then go to the "less is more" Angie has been pounding into my brain. With the articles, Dr. Glad everyone got home safe FYI, I copied one of the sole pictures, sent it to my hoof guru as I am not familiar with contracted heels. For my knowledge, not to step on any ones toes,hope that's o. I did that? Her reply was "slight contraction, doesn't need much but some beveling.

It will take care of itself. SO, back to "less is more. I am so glad I did NOT go out and buy boots!

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He was very sore, with elevated DP for about 4 days. It was totally a trimming error, a "mechanical problem" so to speak. I was expecting him to walk on a toe, without callous being there first, and I was not beveling the walls enough all around, especially at the quarters. And I could not touch anything until he grew more hoof to work with! You can't fix too short! As pointed out, everything changed with the trim, and it is a temporarily issue.

You would think your farrier would have known what Rachelle pointed out! I think like can happen to any of us though, they kinda go on auto pilot some times. She'll be fine. And so will you. The vet knows the antibiotics do nothing, but they do it to make the owner feel better not the horse. Its gonna take as much time as it takes, with or without the boots, just like the snotty nose! Vicki, So, here is another piece of advice, forewarned is forearmed as they say. Angie's advice of less is more holds true here. The next time your farrier comes out to trim her, it should be a finesse job, a little here and there, just to balance and fix the high parts.

Sometimes its hard for owners to justify, the less is more situation and they get upset when they have to pay full price for a very conservative trim not your case here and they end up right back in the same boat, blaming the lack of shoes being barefoot for their horses problems. The ideal situation is for you to tweak her feet on a continuing basis, so that the farrier has to do nothing, so eventually the farrier visits become further and further apart and you are dealing with the feet issues on an ongoing basis.

I have a 19 year old standardbred gelding in my backyard. I can count on one hand how many times in the last 15 years he has been trimmed. As you learn what to trim and what not to trim and when, you will be able to guide your farrier he sounds like he will be easy to work with and maybe you will be able to teach him something along the way. Divas hooves should be fairly easy to fix.

I can now let Hank go 8 weeks and not panic. I would try just rasping on Diva, it is working out very well for "tenderfoot" Hank. My vet said Hank was not a barefoot canidate after looking at his last x-rays I didn't think so either. He definitely walked very nicely on it because it was soft, but when the ground hardened he would get VERY ouchy because his thin sole got soft, try to keep her hooves dry as possible.

Another thing I found out accidentally was thrushbuster formaldehyde really helped in toughening up his soles. Not cheap stuff, but well worth it! I still apply it once a week for the sole hardening effect. Don't overdue as they can get too dry. IMHO is worked way better then keratex or durasole. I see a part 2 coming getting slow loading! Diva mare is still moving fine in her heavily bedded stall, her eyes look bright, ears are forward, and the usual stall pace before feeding time.

However, she usually jumps at the gelding next to her as if she could do anything with the stall divider between them She still hasn't left the stall; however, neither have the Haffies with this stupid weather. It rained buckets all night at 33 degrees and the east wind howling. Pretty darn icky out there but nothing on the ground Their dry lots have no mud, wet stone, but no mud. However, no one seems too excited to stand in the relentless wind and get spit on.

They do stand at the door ways and stick their faces out far enough to get damp. I will start another discussion. This one is way long. Diane, I've read all four of Hank's discussions, more than once I appreciate your posts and others help. I wonder if perhaps my farrier just assumed I would have some common sense and didn't want to offend me?

Pretty glaring contradiction right there. CoT, ch. It is the babes. That particular dream ter'angreal doesn't require channeling, and although pregnancy might affect one's ability to use it, Aviendha did mention "the flows. I believe the one Aviendha is using is one of the many replicas Elayne made, and I believe all of those require channeling to use. Of course, why Elayne would be using a replica is a bit suspicious anyway I don't think Nynaeve took the original when she left with Rand, but that might be a possibility.

The replicas of the stone ring didn't require channeling either, and the replicas also didn't have the red and blue, which was what made them imperfect. Also, Aviendha didn't appear "misty" throughout that entire passage. Yet another possible error regarding Nynaeve. Fires of Heaven CH: 54 - To Caemlyn "Nynaeve was having no trouble maintaining the temper that allowed her to channel a flow of Spirit to the amber sleeping woman in her pouch. Even the feel of unseen eyes could not touch her through her anger this morning.

Siuan stood in front of her on a Salidar street in Tel'aran'rhiod, a street empty save for them, a few flies, and one fox that paused to look at them curiously before trotting on. A small iron disc worked on both sides with a tight spiral, and a narrow plaque five inches long, seemingly amber yet harder than steel, and with a sleeping woman somehow carved inside it.

It had seemed only right to Nynaeve, leaving them for Elayne, since she was taking charge of the ring. Closing the box with a sharp click, Elayne stared at her, absolutely expressionless, then stuffed it into one of her bundles alongside the silver arrow. Her silence was thunderous. It might be Rand down there. She could not tell whether Rahvin was channeling or not.

She filled the corridor around him with fire from wall to wall, floor to ceiling, pouring into it all of saidar she held, fire so hot the stone itself smoked. The heat made her flinch back. When asleep, spirit is the only type of flow that can be channeled. Nynaeve is technically asleep, so she should only be able to channel spirit, yet she channeled fire at Rahvin. I wonder if she could have just "changed" TAR to create fire rather than channeling.

I didn't do it in my sleep. This happened awake. I was about to ask what did happen. Personally, I don't think Moiraine is refering to tel'aran'rhiod here. Impatiently, she let Earth flood into the iron lock. It fell away in black dust, in a mist that dissolved completely before it struck the floor.

She swung open the door, and was not surprised to find the cell empty except for one burning rush torch. And no, I don't consider it an error, nor do I think people are magically thinking about channeling so they do heard things similar to this that would allow non-channelers to channel in tel'aran'rhiod by merely thinking it. Do Aes Sedai normally loan out their Warders? Red Ajah have no Warders. The "perhaps" could mean that Moiraine is just guessing. There must have been a couple Greens with Logain. I dont think those warders were bonded to AS. Please correct me if i am wrong but i seem to remember something about warders on guard duty or doing work in Tar Valon that sounded as if they were not bonded.

Just a guess Some thing that is really bugging me is a quote that I read and reread about a million time before losing, saying that when Rand stepped through a gateway or something into the Black Tower, that the "air was full of saidar" describing how men were doing lots of stuff with the power. However I am on my millionth reread to try and find the quote, but it seems to have disappear. However I was wondering if it is the copy, because the one I have now is different to before. Please could someone else tell me if they remember reading this quote? RJ has done it several times that i can think of and usually it gets corrected in later prints.

The last time Rand visited the Black Tower was in Lord of Chaos, chapter 42, The Black Tower heh, nice coincidence ; ; there is a reference that is extremely similar to what you mention, though slightly different wording. It follows: "The feel of saidin seemed to fill the air. While, it maybe that you have a trade paperback, and that it's changed in there or a first edition. However, my copy of The Great Hunt in paperback, still has Rand grasping "saidar" obvious error ; as well, in my paperback of Lord of Chaos, when Rand is bonded by Alanna, in the chapter following Chapter 11, Lessons and Teachers , there is a single reference to a "Manna" obviously typo from Alanna , while in my hardcover copy of Lord of Chaos, it is corrected to "Alanna," not "Manna.

Was reading through again and came across this In answer to the channeling Spirit in Tel'aran'rhiod. Sheriam and the others put more faith in dream ter'angreal that required channeling than in the rings. They just did not seem willing to believe that Tel'aran'rhiod had nothing to do with the One Power. At least Elayne could not tell which were using her copies. Somewhere about them three would have a small disc of what had once been iron, scribed on both sides with a tight spiral and powered by a flow of Spirit, the only one of the Five Powers that could be channeled in your sleep.

Except here, anyway. The other three would be carrying small plaques once amber, with a sleeping woman worked inside each. Even if she had all six ter'angreal in front of her, Elayne would not have been able to pick out the two originals; those copies had gone very well. Just the same, it was still copying. But RJ books, much like in "" change mistakes in later editions. Traveller: I have 2 copies of LOC, one is the big hard cover and one is a soft cover. The error you saw is in the hard cover page , it says "saidar" instead of "saidin" but there is no error in the soft cover that I have.

This is just a typo that RJ's editors missed. Also, different people could have different books as per there are different editions, 1st edition, 2nd etc.. Okay, thanks you guys, now I know I'm not going crazy, but here is another th9ing I can't get my head round, or even work out whether its an error or not: When Rand and the Jindo and the Taardad enter Cold rocks Hold, they greet the roofmistress in particular ways.

Rhuarc who is clan chief of the Taardad Sept says: "I ask leave to enter your hold, roofmistress. Beneath my roof, there is water and shade for yu. The Jindo Sept is always welcome here. Lian insults him without angering the Shaido by answering him as a beggar- one alone and friendless: "You have my leave to step beneath my roof.

Water and shade will be found for you. When I read this before, I always presumed that he had asked like a beggar, friendless and alone, as this seems the modest thing to have done, but in fact, he asked like Heirn, who I am sure did not ask like a beggar. Now this has got on my nerves recently coz everyone acts like Rand was soooo modest, when really he just asked like a sept chief which he definitely isn't rather than like a clan chief, which he is chief of chiefs.

So this leads me to believe that this could be an error on Jordan's part, but I would like to hear someone elses opinion. Sorry for making this so long Perhaps not as modest as he could have been, but still. Ok, rereading Book 6 I have stumbled across something confusing that may yet shed light on the Verin chanelling in a steading thing: When Nynaeve is looking at Siuan and Leane in order to study stilling, she thinks: "Delicately she probed with the One Power, first at Siuan, then Leane.

In a manner of speaking, she was not channeling at all. She could not channel a scrap unless angry, could not even sense the True Source. Yet it came to the same thing. Fine filaments of saidar, the female half of the True Source, sifted through the two women at her weaving. They just did not originate with her. I am proposing that although it may not be practical, instead of using a well, Veerin could have been linked either through an a'dam or through another form of Linking to another channeler. I do think that the idea she has a well is more probable, but if what I am saying is true, then Verin may have some dirty secrets hidden.

Or, as was mentioned above, she might have just touched him and not channeled at all.

BEST of BLOOPERS - Dude Perfect

There are several instances in tWoT of non-channelers feeling a lack of a soul--Luc, when remniscing on killing a gray man in the tower, said it felt like killing a corpse book 9, when he attempts to kill Rand and Min , and Berelain, who touched Perrin when he was in TAR "too strongly," quote from Hopper later said that Perrin "slept like a man already dead. I felt it as well, when I touched you. I could be wrong, and probably am, but i thought rand said The Roofmistress calls him modest and smiles and welcomes him as a chief.

This may have been mentioned, I don't have the time to look through this whole theory The horses might as well have been walking a treadmill for the change around them. Maybe there's a meaning I don't know but I was just re-reading the series and that struck me as odd. Astra-al: "Now, there may be a meaning to the word that I just don't know, but from what I do know, treadmills don't exist in Randland Anubis: sorry, you are wrong according to my edition.

My post earlier is completely correct- the wording has been rechecked, and that is what it says. Verin could not have been linked using someone elses channeling anyway, as nothing done with the power outside of a stedding can directly affec anything within it. They're full names include sept and clan. This is shown by many actual cultures of the world, and it's RJ doing a similar example.

I know for a fact Aviendha does when she is introduced. OK: Rand has just travelled to the "farm" where the asha'man are training. There, not so crazy now am I? Generally, just apply common sense to it to work out if it should be saidin or saidar. Knife of Dreams Spoiler small : I am not sure if anyone noticed, but in KoD at one point Perrin in his mind or from his mouth; I can't remember refers to Galina once as her real name instead of the fake name she gave, while at all other instances he thinks of her as her fake name.

In TDR, Perrin thinks that he can't smell fear, then smells fear from Moiraine a few paragraphs later. Maybe not an error but hoped someone could clear this up. It comes back to balefire, that confusing pattern-unraveling use of the Power. When one is balefired, all that one has done is erased from the pattern, except for memories of that person, correct?

So, if that is the case, what about Rahvin? Wouldn't his infiltration and attempted destruction of Caemlyn have been erased, when he was burned out of the Pattern? Then when Perrin talks to her father, Bashere doesn't know who Falie is, and Perrin says that Falie is Zarine's Hunter of the Horn name" i think youve misunderstood there i havent checked the page but im sure zarine is her birth name, mandarb was her first Hunter name but she said oh no i'll choose Faile instead because it means falcon.

The Balefire only burns the thread back a certain amount. When Rand balefires the Myrddraal and Trollocs after killing Rahvin the balefire is extremely small and only erases their bodies. When Rand balefires Rahvin he uses a massive amount of balefire and burns back over an hour of the thread life. He erased the actions Rahvin had taken since Rand's attack on Caemlyn. Rahvin was balefired back the most of probably anyone in the world. At best this was maybe a full day and that's be exceedingly generous.

He had been in Caemlyn for months at this time, truly showing up around winter time before The Dragon Reborn. Even Rand's amount of balefire wasn't big enough to remove everything Rahvin did. However, a theoretical balefire stream large enough to do so would have erased all his actions. Sorry for the double post. We are talking about my daughter Zarine, and what you've done to her! Bashere is Demandred!

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! Just a couple to add: TITLE - Crossroads of Twilight CHAPTER: 10 - A Blazing Beacon The wide-eyed maid was more used to kneading bread dough than doing up rows of tiny buttons, but eventually she finished buttoning Elayne into her dark green riding dress, curtsied and stepped back breathing heavily, though whether from the effort of concentration or just from being in the presence of the Daughter-Heir was hard to tell.

The Great Serpent ring on Elayne's left hand might have had something to do with it, too. Just over twenty miles in a straight line would take you from the manor of House Matherin to the River Erinin and all its great commerce, but the distance was far greater in actual miles to be covered through the Chishen Mountains, and people here were more accustomed to cattle raids across the border from Murandy than any sort of visitor, especially a visitor who wrapped the Daughter-Heir and an Aes Sedai into one package.

The honor seemed beyond what some of the servants could bear. Elsie had been painfully conscientious in folding the blue silk gown that Elayne had worn last night and packing it away in a large leather traveling chest, one of a pair in the apartment's dressing room, so conscientious that Elayne had nearly taken over the task herself. She had slept poorly at first, fitful and waking, then slept late when she could sleep, and she was beyond chafing to be on her way back to Caemlyn. Looking at the map, it's got to be more than 20 miles in a straight line from the River Erinin to the nearest border between Murandy and Andor.

What gives? Grady had been a farmer, true, but never a hunter or woodsman. Neald thought any place without a stone wall was a village. They might know a footprint from an oak tree, yet if they did find tracks, very likely neither would be able to say which direction they were headed. Of course, he could go with them. He was not as good as Jondyn, but. He could go, and leave Dannil to deal with Arganda.

And with Masema. Not to mention the Wise Ones' schemes. Minutes later, Neald and Aram appeared, the onetime Tinker pointing out tracks and the Asha'man shaking his head impatiently. It was a clear trail, but in truth, Perrin would not have bet on Neald being able to follow it. He was a city man. It was difficult to remember that had he not earned that black coat, he would still be working his father's farm and perhaps wondering about marriage to a neighbor girl in a year or two. So, is he a city man, or a farmer? Oh, and no one has added the Beonin error yet, apparently It can only be used to reach a place you know well, but you can learn a place by making a gateway there, and to go to somewhere you do not know well, you use Skimming.

  1. LOS MEJORES (THE BEST) (Spanish Edition).
  2. Silent Orchids: A YA Fantasy Adventure (The Age of Alandria Book 1).
  3. Susurros callados... (Spanish Edition);
  4. The oaks were replaced by blackness, and a gray-painted barge, railed and gated, that floated on nothing against the opening. I'd say Perrin's thoughts about Neald may be an error but only a maybe. Not all farmers live in places as remote as the Two Rivers and that is Perrin's perspective of what a farmer is.

    For all we know he could have worked on a farm just outside a major city and therefore never had to track game and never been near undeveloped terrain. Just a thought. No the Fox head that Mat wears seems to protect him from people chnneling directly at him but the lightning striking him was not channaled at him but was chaneled around and since after the lightning is channeled it is no longer OP but a lightning bolt it does not follow the rule that anything Channeled at Mt disipates.

    Davian, it says straight out that he was raised on a farm, and it also says straight out that he was a city man. If it were merely connotations of being a city man, from the fact that he couldn't track, then there would be room for interpretation, but as it is, it's a direct contradiction. Yes, you are correct and I withdraw my statement.

    I didn't notice it at the time, but the search chapter labels for Knife of Dreams are totally screwy, and I think everything from Chapter 9 on is labeled Chapter 9, or something. And someone used a Chapter 1 quote recently on the message boards that was labeled as the Prologue. Keep an eye out.

    Has anyone noticed the a'dam error? RJ made a mistake unlikely, it seems rather important 2. It was a side affect of Mat's medallion shorting out the A'dam in some way. I'd blame it on whoever edited the chapters for the search engine. I don't think we can call that an error, because I think he took it off her neck first. As in, when she practiced opening it, she was just holding it in her hands, probably. Her hand guided his to the segmented collar around her neck, and it came open for him with a metallic snick. She drew a very long breath. He only had to put her fingers in the proper places and show her the trick once before she got it, but he made her close and open the collar three times before he was satisfied.