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Tropea, Santa Maria dell'isola. Tropea, La spiaggia. Palermo, la cappella palatina. Palermo, la cassata siciliana. Palermo, la cattedrale. Palermo, la spiaggia di Mondello. Palermo, la fontana pretoria.

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Palermo, il teatro Massimo. Monreale, la cattedrale. Monreale, mosaico della cattedrale. Casignana, La villa romana. Casignana, La villa romana - mosaico. Gerace, il castello. Gerace, la cattedrale. Gerace, chiesa di San Francesco particolare dell'altare altare con intarsi. Gerace, il portale della chiesa di San Francesco. Gerace, la chiesa di San Francesco. Gerace, il trenino. Gerace, il museo. Siracusa, l'anfiteatro romano. Siracusa, l'orecchio di Dionisio.

Siracusa, Madonna delle lacrime. Siracusa, il teatro greco. Bivongi, Le cascate del Marmarico. Stilo, La cattolica. Studenti in viaggio verso Cascate del Marmarico. Isole Eolie, Faraglione. Lipari, la chiesa di S. Stromboli, il cratere. Stromboli, eruzione.

Lipari, studenti sull'isola. Vulcano, fanghi sulfurei. Bova Superiore. Roghudi, le caldaie del latte. Roghudi vecchio e il letto della Fiumara Amendolea. Studenti in gita sull'Etna.

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Etna, i crateri silvestri. Etna, salita ai crateri sommitali. Trekking sull'Aspromonte. Aspromonte, xx. Aspromonte, Pietra Cappa. Aspromonte, La fiumara dell'Amendolea. Aspromonte, Palizzi superiore. Serra S. Bruno, La Certosa. Modica alta. Modica di notte. Modica, Duomo di San Giorgio.

Modica, San Pietro.

Ragusa Ibla, balcone. Ragusa Ibla di notte. Ragusa Ibla, Palazzo Cosentino. January 25th. February 22nd. Marzo 15th. April 12th. April 19th. May 10th.

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May 24th. June 14th. June 21st. July 5th. July July 16th in the afternoon. July 19th. July 26th. August 9th. August 15th. August 17th. August 23th. September 6th. September 10th in the afternoon. September 20th in the afternoon. October 10th. October 18th. November 10th in the afternoon. What are the ordinary Italian language courses? What are the expected levels?

What is the programme of italian language courses? What is the total number of students in each class?

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When do classes take place? Should you take a test to determine your level? How much does the italian language course cost?

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  7. What should I do to enroll in italian language courses? Shall I pay on the first day of the course? Where shall I go on the first day of the course? How late shall I arrive from the beginning of the courses? What certificate is released at the end of the course? How can I obtain a permit of stay? What are the essential documents prior to departure? How can I find an accommodation? Where can I go to eat? What can I do in my free time? How can I reach Reggio Calabria?

    For more information: Tel. The lessons are divided into modules. Classes are held in the morning from Monday to Friday, but some courses also have some classes in the afternoon B1 - B2 - C1 from Student will take an entry test on the first day of the course. They are then allocated to the appropriate class, based on their knowledge of the language. The entry fee is annual, then within the same year you pay only once.

    It should be paid in advance and is not refundable. Registration for courses is generally carried out at least one month before the beginning of the course.

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    If you need a visa, you must perform it at least three months in advance. Yes, it is possible to pay directly to the Secretary for Foreign Students. At the end of each course the student takes a final exam. It gets access to the next level. It is issued, free of charge, an official level certificate, with the evaluation obtained, expressed out of thirty. Personal identity document or passport; Visa if required.

    Please, enquire about the duration of your visa if required. Remember that if you intend to stay and study for more than 3 months a type D visa is required, while type C allows you to remain in Italy for up to 3 months; Bring your Health Insurance. If you are a -European Union student, but non resident in Italy, you must ask your Health Care Service to issue the European Health Insurance Card for you, which allows you to receive the medical care by the Italian public service, as an Italian citizen.


    If you live in a country outside the EC: If your country government has agreements with the Italian government, take a copy of the agreement into the Italian Consulate or Embassy in your country and show it to the ASL Office in Reggio Calabria Local Health Service- Via Pian d'Ovile 11 - Reggio Calabria ; If your country government does not have agreements with the Italian government, you can: if you have no income in the previous year, in Italy and abroad, you may pay a contribution for voluntary registration to our National Health Service.

    This contribution is valid for the calendar year, it is not divisible and can not have retroactive effect. To enroll you must present your receipt of payment and residence permit; If you are a student worker registration is free until the employment contract is valid. It is possible to find accommodation through some agencies in agreement with the University for Foreigners. When we will give you a Welcome Package, inside you will also receive a student card that you can use in restaurants, pizzerias, etc..

    Photo Gallery. Subcategories Eventi Cesass. Page 1 of 2 Start Prev 1 2 Next End. Promoters Register of Promoters. Her passion for the stars started when she was 17 years old after she read Exploring the Earth and the Cosmos by Isaac Asimov. She attended University of Calabria and received her B. In fact Savaglio is now a professor University of Calabria in the same department she received her Ph. Savaglio research has centered around the young universe: distant galaxies and cosmic chemical evolution, GRB gamma-ray bursts and super luminous supernovae.

    In university Savaglio worked with Riccardo Giacconi, between and , who would win the Physics Noble Prize in Karl Glazebrook. She taught courses at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. In Savaglio moved to Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics where she was a fellow and senior research scientist. Savaglio was active in the "Gemini Deep Deep Survey" which returned results on the metallicity of early galaxies and the evolution of spherical galaxies and why many appear old. Savaglio has been active in her community since she has returned to Southern Italy. Savaglio has promoted both science and women in science.

    She likes to make a few of the recipes of my grandmother, that give me a sense of the my origin: for example the 'mustazzuoli' [5]. A disadvantage was leaving her partner, Uta Grothkopf, in Germany and the need for Uta or Sandra to commute to see each. Carbone Vincenzo and Savaglio wrote a paper in on sports records. We interpret this as being the transition time between anaerobic and aerobic energy expenditure by athletes.

    Share full text access. Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Figure 1 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint. Geodynamic sketch of the Calabrian Arc. Blue dotted lines suggest the top of the Ionian slab isobaths in kilometers [ Chiarabba et al. Cyan arrows, GPS velocity field in Apulia reference frame i. Bold lines, active faults [ Galli et al.

    Orange circles, historical epicenters radius proportional to magnitude; 5. Circles, boreholes studied by Polonia et al. Figure 2 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint. Trace of the Cittanova fault tics on downthrown block. Red stars, sites with measured TAC offset. Orange, remnant of marine terrace attributed to 1—1. White arrows, Late Pleistocene fault extension. Figure 3 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint. B Engraving from an original drawing by Pompeo Schiantarelli with the surface faulting near Cittanova in Sarconi [ ]. Figure 4 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint.

    Figure 5 Open in figure viewer PowerPoint. Red bars indicate the most likely age of paleoearthquakes pink bars suggest uncertainties. Acknowledgments We thank the municipality of Cittanova for trenching activities; F. Supporting Information Filename Description grlsupsupinfo.

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