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Fingerless Mitts. Baby Corkscrew Hat. Picot Scarf. Knit Tote. Spring Beret. Cut yarn, leaving a inch tail. Finishing: Thread the tail of the yarn onto the yarn needle. Slip the stitches from the knitting needle to the yarn needle, making sure that you go through each stitch. Pull the yarn firmly to tighten up the top of the hat, and then run the yarn through the stitches again before weaving in the yarn end on the inside to secure. Weave in any remaining ends. If you want, you can top your beanie with a pompom, knitted flower, or other adornment for extra flair.

This cabled hat features straightforward six-stitch cables see Chapter 6. You need six stitch markers to help keep your decreases lined up. Using the smaller circular needles, cast on 66 72, 78, 90 sts. Repeat this round for 1 1, 2, 2 inches. In other words, you should cable every 6th round even though the decreasing is occurring too. Next round: Work even, knitting and purling the sts as they appear. Repeat the previous 2 rounds 3 4, 5, 7 more times. There are 42 sts on the needles. Stop the cable pattern and finish the hat in stockinette stitch knit all rounds.

Cut the yarn leaving a inch tail. Finishing: Use the same technique described in the basic pattern to finish your cabled beanie. Seuss meets Waldo chapeau in Figure certainly fits the bill. With a thick yarn, this hat is a quick knit and makes a great gift for your favorite snowboarder or snowman maker or anyone who appreciates the absurd. The later variations show you to how use almost any yarn to make a similar hat. These hats are sure to chase away the winter blues.

Figure A storybook hat chases away the winter blues. You can make it with a single color, but I suggest you try the broad stripes as I have. For information on changing colors look to Chapter 7. With the larger circular needles and color A, cast on 36 40, 44, 48, 52 sts.

Continue in rib until your hat measures 2 inches. Cut color A, leaving a 6-inch tail. As you make this hat, cut and rejoin the yarns each time you switch colors.

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Switch to color B and the larger circular needles. Work 6 rounds in stockinette stitch knit all rounds. Switch to color A. Round 1: K9 10, 11, 12, 13 , place marker, k18 20, 22, 24, 26 , place marker, knit to end of round. Round 2: Knit. Round 3 Decrease Round : Knit to 2 sts before marker, k2tog, slip marker, ssk, knit to 2 sts before marker, k2tog, slip marker, ssk, knit to end of round.

Rounds 4, 5, and 6: Knit. Switch to color B. Round 7 Decrease Round : Repeat Round 3. Rounds 8, 9, and Knit. Round Repeat Round 3. Round Knit.

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Switch to double-pointed needles when there are too few sts on the needles to knit comfortably. Continue repeating these 12 rounds until only 8 sts remain. Continue working even on these 8 sts to the end of the 6-round stripe if necessary. Cut an 8-inch tail and, using a yarn needle, thread it through the remaining sts, pulling gently to gather them in.

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Run the yarn through the sts once more, and then weave in the tail on the inside. To make the tassel, start by wrapping the yarn around a paperback topic about 40 times. Cut the yarn and wrap the tail tightly around all the strands a couple of times. Then tie with a firm knot, leaving the tail to use later to attach the tassel to the hat. Slip the rounds of yarn off the topic and wrap a 1-foot length of yarn around the tassel 1 inch below the knot. Pull firmly before knotting in place. To attach the tassel, thread the tail of yarn from the tassel onto a yarn needle. Insert the needle through the tip of the hat and pull the yarn through.

Bring the needle through the base of the tassel. Insert the needle into the tip of the hat, bringing the yarn to the inside and then knot it firmly in place. If you want to knit this hat with a different weight yarn, use Table to figure out your cast-on number, and then follow the directions in the basic pattern. You can use more than one color of yarn which is a great way to use up your odds and ends! Knit the ribbing with needles that are two sizes smaller than the needles you use to get the gauge needed for the body of the hat. Begin decreasing when the hat measures 4 inches.

Place your markers as follows for your gauge: 3 sts per inch: K11 12, 13, 14, 16 , place marker, k22 24, 26, 28, 32 , place marker, knit to end of round. Follow the round color and decrease pattern outlined in the basic pattern. The pattern for this bag presents you with lots of options. The featured pattern is for the mosaic purse, but if you want your bag striped or plain, check out the later variations.

A plain purse can be stunning if you adorn it with a brooch, knitted flowers, or needle-felted designs. Craft stores and yarn shops carry beautiful ready-made handles that can jazz up any bag. Or you can knit the handle with the bag. This pattern gives you both options. Figure The felted mosaic purse and tote.

You can use colors on this mosaic bag in many ways.

You can easily choose to use a single main color and two contrasting colors if you decide on a three-color mosaic pattern. Simpler still is sticking with just two colors. The results are fantastic any way you choose to do it! Use the sizes given here as guidelines, but remember that your results may vary.

Gauge: 12 stitches and 16 rows per 4 inches in stockinette stitch This bag is worked in one piece. When the bag is complete, you felt it in the washing machine. With MC1, cast on 48 64 sts. Work 32 rows in garter stitch knit all rows. There will be 16 garter ridges. With your 48 64 sts still on the needles, continue with MC1 and pick up and knit 16 sts down the first short side, 48 64 sts along the cast-on edge, and 16 sts along the second short side of the base.

There will be sts on the needles. Place a marker to indicate the beginning of the round. Use the pinbox mosaic pattern presented here or any other stitch mosaic pattern that you like see Chapter 7 for some choices.