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But first, we meet the characters. Scene One Throughout the cavernous hall, a booming of thunder and the pattering of rain reverberated, becoming even more impressive. The greys of a dreary city covered in rain clouds became visible through the wide, eclipsing windows of the hall, but failed to suppress the flood of vibrant costumed figures inside.

Among the crowd, hues of every color imaginable oozed forward like I was just about to pull the starter cord on the mower when Lisa stuck her head out the door and called out to me, "I need you to look at something inside when you're done mowing, okay? She quickly moved in front of me and then with one swift motion she unlocked the door and sprang it open. She bolted like an Olympic runner and I took just a second to get my feet going and follow behind. Thankfully the two employees, one of whom seemed to be the manager, were caught off guard by her rapid departure and seemed to have not noticed me just yet.

I bolted out after her Tricia gripped the leather-wrapped steering wheel of her car and exhaled slowly as she watched the garage door to the underground parking lot of the highrise noisily open.

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She shut her eyes and squeezed the steering wheel tight to steady the quiver that shot through her hands. Her entire body trembled in anticipation of not knowing what awaited her. Her stomach fluttered when she thought Dear Diaries, I thought I would share with you one of the most mind-blowing sexual experiences of my life. Granted I am still young at only age 25, but I imagine this will stick with me for a while. Names have been changed to protect the innocent, or in this case, not so innocent. I had the opportunity to visit France last summer. I went to Lyon to do She only got to see her lover on her birthday.

You see, Cassie Johnson was a mother and a wife. She loved her husband and children dearly. She only saw her lover on her birthday.

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Her birthday was special and her lover was special to her. Her husband was always out of town on her birthday. Her husband had no idea that she cheated on him. She met her lover online many moons ago. But as I looked down on this tangled mess of a girl half my age, red hair chaotic and wild on her pillow, little black strip of an adult dress riding perilously high on impossibly long legs, I made the fatal mistake of hesitating, of Tom and Jenny were fed up with their partners' attitude towards them, so did something about it. Tom knew that his relationship was going nowhere fast.

He was only thirty-six, for goodness sake, certainly not ready for the pipe and slippers and pottering around the garden routine.

He had offered to Pat asked to stay a few more minutes. We were in a dimly lit car park.

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Pat had heard it's a meeting place for people wanting to have fun. Dogging is the word she used. No sooner had I said, "Let's go," than headlights appeared behind us. The car parked about half a dozen car widths away. Nothing happened for a while; then, the side window came down.

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I could make out the outline of a The mid-morning sunlight cut through the kitchen blinds, casting bright stripes on the bench-top where Olivia had stationed her laptop and mug of coffee. She typed 'best restaurants in Sydney' into Google and waited for the results to pop up. If he couldn't be bothered booking a table on the most important night of I was so excited to see my old friends that I haven't seen in years. I asked my husband if he'd like to come with me but he said that it was my reunion and that I should have a great time.

My sister still lives in our hometown, so I decided to stay with her. On Friday morning I finished packing and headed off for my six-hour drive. The faces on either side of me blur into a mass of toothy smiles as the church organ roars into life.

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I try to focus on my job as maid of honour. It was a fixer upper and all the construction was finally completed. The only thing left was to paint the house inside and out. Then their dream house would be finished. Evelyn was at a crossroad in her life. At forty-five, with her two kids away at university and her husband working long hours and travelling, she was struggling with how to fill the hours of the day she was alone with meaningful events.

The recent months had proven to be especially challenging for Evelyn. Her sexual appetite had spiked and she often found herself daydreaming of a myriad I had long suspected my wife of cheating on me. I had no definite proof, but I was certain I was right. She was a hot and oversexed lady that had recently seemed less interested in me fucking her. I knew when we married that she had many previous lovers. But that was okay with me because she was insatiable and would fuck my brains out. Ethan is pressured to execute Kate. Harold and the bomb plot conspirators get a visitor bearing gifts.

Ethan looks into the explosion on Main Street. Harold gets cold feet.

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And we see a new side of Nurse Pam. After learning what's at stake, Ethan returns to Wayward Pines, but those he confided the truth are less than receptive to it.

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Meanwhile, he also discovers the fifth column threat is bigger, more aggressive and better equipped than he thought. Theresa discovers Plot 33 might be more than an empty plot of land. A biology class gets from awkward to creepy in a second. Ethan learns more about Pilcher's grand design. Kate and Theresa have coffee. Kate and her husband hatch a plan. Ethan goes on a walk.