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If we hunger and thirst for His presence, He nourishes us in our hunger as real spiritual food so that we might have the strength to hunger and thirst for Him the more. His love is not indifferent but passionate, stirring and satisfying our deepest longings, if we will only avail ourselves to Him. Instead, realizing that our efforts are secondary and dependent on what God is about, helps us maintain that reverent humility and hope that seeking, finding and serving the Lord requires. It helps us enter into the logic of petitionary prayer, the humble cry for mercy Mercy does not fail to hear. The soul that has dedicated its life to seeking and finding God is drawn to the boundless, surpassing, excessive love revealed by Christ Crucified.

Saint Bernard knew that his own strength of effort in loving God was necessary not because anything was lacking in the love of God. Instead, he was convinced we could love the Lord with all our strength because He is always at work in us. He did not merely know about the Lord. Nor was he merely clever in the way he spoke about Him.

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Intimacy in Prayer

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Share on print. Saint Bernard of Clairvaux proposes that God Himself is the cause of loving God: [God] is both the efficient and final cause. Bernard of Clairvaux. Next As a married woman, how can I progress to greater holiness? Share this post with your friends. Stay Connected. Sign up for our free email newsletter to stay up to date on the latest from SpiritualDirection.

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Anthony Lilles. Where do we find an untainted intimacy in which our affectivity does not have to be abandoned, but can be expressed freely without fear? Through this interpretation, he awakens you to God's tender embrace and God's desire to have his affection reciprocated. By showing you how to accept God's invitation to intimacy in your contemplative prayer life, he reveals how you can fulfill your longing for pure and enduring love.

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