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Patients from the fourth and third floors of Charlotte Amalie 's hospital had to be relocated to lower floors due to flooding from roof leaks. Three deaths were attributed to Irma on the island. On nearby Saint Croix , there were communication issues and some damage to the infrastructure. Due to its normal reliance on electricity from Saint Thomas, the island was left without power. The hurricane passed north of Puerto Rico , but still caused significant damage to the United States territory. Along the coast, a tide gauge observed waves up to 1.

Portions of Puerto Rico received heavy rainfall, with a peak total of The most severely impacted areas included the offshore islands of Culebra and Vieques , as well as the northeastern, northern, and mountainous portions of the main island. On Culebra, the island suffered an almost complete loss of electrical and water services. High winds also toppled a number of trees. The only telecommunications tower on Culebra sustained damage, cutting off outside communications for several hours.

Three nearby fishermen were burned by the same lightning strike, but survived. Although spared a direct hit, both the Dominican Republic and Haiti were affected by high winds and heavy rains. In the Dominican Republic, the fishing community of Nagua sustained damage from waves that destroyed homes. While the eye passed just south of the main islands, crossing over South Caicos and the Ambergris Cays , the most powerful winds on the northern side of the eye swept all of the islands for more than two hours.

Communications infrastructure was destroyed. On September 8, Minister of Infrastructure Goldray Ewing confirmed that damage to Providenciales was extensive, with the northwestern neighborhood of Blue Hill being "gone". In the Bahamas , the eye of the storm passed over Duncan Town, the major settlement of the Ragged Islands chain , on September 8. Damages were largely confined to the southern islands starting the morning of September 8. On Mayaguana and Great Inagua , downed power lines knocked out communications.

The Morton Salt Company 's signature production facility, one of the major employers in the country, experienced millions of dollars in damages. While Irma was making landfall in Florida, the ocean was drawn away from some western shorelines of the Bahamas due to strong easterly winds. Storm surge penetrated as far as 1. Approximately 3. Flooding worsened as the hurricane moved west, pushing the storm surge along to the regions around Havana.

Hurricane Irma affected multiple states in the South, especially Florida. Except the Florida Keys, the total damage Irma caused was not as great as government officials and forecasters had warned. Hurricane Irma weakened after making landfall in Cuba, but strengthened back into a Category 4 prior to hitting the Keys. The Florida Keys suffered the worst of the damage in the United States. After surveying the aftermath of Irma, Florida governor Rick Scott said "I thought we would see more damage" [on the mainland] but said "he witnessed devastation in the Keys".

At the time, Irma was the fourth costliest tropical cyclone in the United States, behind hurricanes Sandy in , Harvey earlier that year, and Katrina in The storm's large wind field resulted in strong winds across much of Florida, except for the western Panhandle. Johns River and its tributaries. The patients died from sweltering heat worsened by the lack of air conditioning. Johns , and Volusia counties.

Several communities in the county suffered extensive damage, especially along the coast. Impact in much of the Miami metropolitan area was generally limited to extensive tree and fence damage, as well as widespread power outages. Storm surge caused coastal flooding from Homestead to Downtown Miami , as well as in portions of Miami Beach. Additionally, eight tornadoes touched down in Brevard County , all of which caused damage. Along much of the Gulf Coast of Florida, to the north of where Irma made landfall, negative storm surges were observed, with water retracting rather than pushing inland, causing little coastal flooding.

Johns counties. In Duval County, the St. Johns River crested at heights that exceeded records set during Hurricane Dora in In St. Johns County, storm surge left extensive damage to oceanfront properties in Ponte Vedra Beach and Vilano Beach , with several becoming uninhabitable. Augustine 's historic district were flooded due to storm surge from the Matanzas River. Johns River, with record high crests at several locations along the former.

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Three deaths were reported in Georgia due to falling trees and debris, along with widespread wind damage and power outages throughout the state primarily due to fallen trees. Simons Island the storm surge caused extensive flooding. Light damage occurred in other areas, including Tennessee. In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Irma's path through the West Indies and Caribbean, the devastation to roads, harbors and airports significantly impeded the transportation and distribution of relief supplies. Foreign countries moved to provide much of the initial aid. The British, Dutch, French, and United States governments sent warships and planes with supplies and manpower to the region.

Some of the affected countries and territories also offered assistance to each other. The U. In response to Hurricane Jose's approach, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda issued a mandatory evacuation on September 9 for any remaining residents on Barbuda. RFA Mounts Bay stationed itself near Anguilla and provided support and relief work to the island with its helicopters and 40 marines and army engineers.

The British government also drafted 2 members of the UK police calibre into the region on September 10, and 53 police officers were drafted from RAF Brize Norton to the affected British Overseas Territories on September 15 to help maintain order. By September 12, the Department for International Development had delivered more than 40 tonnes of aid into the region, including into Turks and Caicos, and 1, UK military troops were deployed in the region as part of relief efforts. By September 15, the United Kingdom had over 70 military personnel and 4 police officers in Anguilla and had delivered 15 tonnes of aid to the island.

By the afternoon of September 9, Bahamas Power and Light Company had dispatched crews across the archipelago to repair infrastructure damage. The southernmost islands, which were most severely affected by Irma's eye, remained largely inaccessible for days. The worst devastation occurred on Ragged Island , over which Irma's eye had directly passed.

After days of the National Emergency Management Agency not being able to physically reach the island, officials were finally able to inspect it; they promptly declared it uninhabitable. On Grand Bahama and Bimini , where tornadoes associated with Irma touched down on September 10, more than people were left displaced. Infrastructure damage included docks, parks, and the power system. Aside from tangible asset losses, Irma brought significant economic damages.

International freight shipping was projected to be offline for a week, and costs for rebuilding supplies were inflated due to demand in the U. Swollen rivers contributed to worsening flooding in the days after the storm system left, resulting in additional evacuations. Officials resorted to using inflatable rafts to access affected areas. The national electrical infrastructure was said to be extensively damaged. In the Dominican Republic, flooding worsened following Irma's departure, leading the number of displaced persons to increase to more than 24, by September 8.

President Danilo Medina ordered further evacuations due to at-risk dams, while the government banned swimming in rivers and ordered boats kept in port. In Haiti, officials stated that losses were greater than they could have been since people largely did not heed early preparation and evacuation warnings. One man died trying to cross a flooded river; another went missing and 17 were injured. United Nations peacekeepers from Brazil were able to gain access to the flooded northwest region to provide urgent aid, but non-governmental organizations and Haitian economists warned that the estimated 30, victims would need longer-term assistance as well.

Prime Minister Jack Guy Lafontant appointed a government commission to address Irma's effects, with Action Against Hunger in charge of humanitarian coordination. In the USVI, residents and tourists alike were described as being in a state of traumatic shock. Four additional warships, some of which had already been on their way to Texas to assist with Hurricane Harvey relief, were redirected to the region.

Norwegian Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean Cruise Line agreed to transport tourists to Florida, contingent upon port availability following the state's own experience with Irma. On Saint John, described as "perhaps the site of Irma's worst devastation on American soil," it took six days for an active-theater disaster zone to be established, leading to criticism of the U. John in the middle of October By September 9, more than one million Puerto Ricans were still without power, tens of thousands were without water, and several thousand were still in shelters. Hospitals were operating on generator power.

The government was struggling to establish contact with the islands of Culebra and Vieques. Airlifts had brought more than 50 patients to Puerto Rico.

The following day, the Dutch military was able to airlift dialysis patients off the island while also dropping leaflets to warn islanders about the rapidly approaching Hurricane Jose. French President Emmanuel Macron followed this announcement by stating his intentions to visit the French part of the island on September 12 in order to bring aid supplies.

On both sides of Saint Martin, desperate conditions combined with food and water shortages in Irma's aftermath led to reports of violence, scavenging, and theft. In response, the French government increased its troop deployment to 2, and the Dutch government sent more than military and police personnel.

What Does Hurricane Category 1, 2, 3 . . . Really Mean?

On September 7 and 9, equipment and personnel were flown from France to Guadeloupe and Martinique. There were sporadic reports of looting and burglaries at several Miami Metro area businesses with the theft of non-essential items such as sports apparel and athletic shoes during the height of the storm. The Overseas Highway remained closed while authorities assessed the integrity of the 42 bridges along the route.

Although road damage blocked entry any farther than Islamorada, bridges had been inspected and found safe to Sugarloaf Key. Due mainly to the widespread loss of power, cell phone service was also significantly impacted after battery backup power for cell phone towers ran out and backup generators ran out of fuel.

NOAA released map-format aerial reconnaissance image data of damage from the storm. The imagery featured several areas of Florida: including the Florida Keys, the southwest coast of Florida from Marco Island to Punta Gorda, much of the northeast coast of Florida, and portions of the Jacksonville area. Portions of the Georgia and South Carolina coasts were also photographed. In the days after the hurricane, due to the heavy rainfall, numerous rivers had flooded their surrounding land, including residential areas.

A large concern from flooding is contamination because people become exposed to dirty floodwaters and the potential for contaminated water to get into the local water supply is significant. One example of an illness that can get into the water supply is leptospirosis , which is caused by rat urine being in the floodwaters. If people are exposed to leptospirosis and do not get treatment, it can cause kidney damage, meningitis , and liver failure.

Noroviruses and other infections are also a risk. The state has removed the canoe for examination and safe keeping. The leisure and hospitality industries were especially hard hit, losing , jobs in the month of September. Irma set multiple records for intensity, especially at easterly longitudes, time spent at such an intensity, and its intensity at landfall. This ties it with Hurricane Mitch of and Hurricane Rita of as the fifth-strongest Atlantic hurricane by wind speed.

Only the San Ciriaco hurricane and Hurricane Ivan in achieved higher values. The other two instances were the Great Charleston and Cheniere Caminada hurricanes in , and hurricanes Ivan and Jeanne in On April 11, , at the 40th session of the RA IV hurricane committee, the World Meteorological Organization retired the name Irma from its rotating naming lists, due to the extensive amount of damage and loss of life it caused in the northeastern Caribbean and the United States, particularly in Florida, and it will never again be used for another Atlantic hurricane.

It will be replaced with Idalia for the Atlantic hurricane season. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Category 5 Atlantic hurricane in This article is about the Atlantic hurricane of For other storms of the same name, see Tropical Storm Irma. Hurricane Irma near peak intensity approaching the Leeward Islands on September 5.

Main article: Meteorological history of Hurricane Irma. Play media. Main article: Effects of Hurricane Irma in Florida. See also: List of retired Atlantic hurricane names. Tropical cyclones portal Disasters portal United States portal Florida portal. Landsea June 2, In Neal M. Dorst ed. Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory.

Hurricane Irma - Key West Category 4 Winds knocks Meteorologists Down

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September 6, Lucia Times. September 4, Dominica News Online. Agence France-Presse. Ouest France in French. Point de situation, ce mercredi 6 sept. National Post. Retrieved September 13, Retrieved September 7, The Hill. The Chicago Tribune. Retrieved September 10, Archived from the original on September 7, Truman , Theodore Roosevelt , [67] and the construction site of the Gerald R. The United States Navy ordered ships to halt their operations and clear the warning zone. In addition, he declared a state of emergency; shelters were scheduled to open throughout the state on August Transit services were expected to be shut down on August 27 and 28, while bridges over the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal and the Indian River were closed due to high wind.

In Washington, D. National Memorial. In eastern Pennsylvania , the ground was already saturated with water when the hurricane arrived, since the preceding month had been the wettest ever recorded. One National Guard outfit was deployed to flood-prone Manville, NJ, which was also devastated by Hurricane Floyd in A couple of National Guardsman attempted to drive two of their deep-water-capable FMTVs through the flooding, but the floodwaters were too deep.

The vehicles were overtaken by the waters beneath a dipping Conrail underpass on South Main Street. The Guardsmen were photographed and videotaped by onlookers above them on the train bridge, and both photos and videos went viral over social media. Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo declared a state of emergency on August 26, [96] and that day issued a mandatory evacuation order for low-lying areas of New York City.

All subway , bus, and commuter rail service in New York City was halted [] at noon on August Southern Connecticut , along the Long Island Sound , had a hurricane warning in place as of August 27, while northern Connecticut had a tropical storm warning. Governor Dannel Malloy declared a state of emergency [42] and the state's emergency operations center was fully activated. Bridgeport sustained heavier damages and many parts of south Groton had numerous power outages which took weeks to get up back and running.

In Massachusetts , Governor Deval Patrick declared a state of emergency on August 26, activated Massachusetts National Guard troops, and also planned to activate an additional 2, troops the following day in preparation for the storm. In Vermont , Governor Peter Shumlin declared a state of emergency on August 27, in preparation for the hurricane's arrival. Near Halifax , Nova Scotia, Canada, numerous large local and ocean-going vessels anchored in Bedford Basin to ride out the storm. Following its path through the northeastern Caribbean, Irene spread tropical storm conditions across all of the Leeward Islands , causing overall little damage but flooded some low-lying areas.

Accompanying intermittent torrents swept through much of the territory, but overall rainfall was moderate; precipitation totals of between 3. Passing near the British Virgin Islands while strengthening, Irene brought gusty winds and heavy precipitation to the territory; however, resultant property damage was minimal.

Virgin Islands as a strong tropical storm on August 21, though relatively calm winds associated with the passage of its center were recorded over the island. Upon impact, the winds and inclement weather caused scattered power outages across all islands.

3 Reasons Meteorologists Are Talking About Hurricane Florence

High winds uprooted crop plants, and several coffee and banana plantations sustained minor damage. Offshore near Culebra Island , a sailboat was reported sunken due to rough seas prior to landfall in mainland Puerto Rico. Gale-force winds felled fences and shattered windows, with a flying object piercing through one residence.

Skirting barely north past Hispaniola , the large storm produced gales and prolonged precipitation in the Dominican Republic , displacing over 37, people and leaving at least 88 communities isolated in its wake. Swollen rivers, creeks, and streams caused widespread residential flooding and damage to roads; saturated soil in the region triggered mudslides, causing additional disruptions. Elsewhere, another fatality occurred in Cambita Garabitos , and six others were listed as missing.

Most of the damage in the region occurred due to flooded rivers, with some agricultural losses reported. In northeastern Haiti , the prolonged precipitation overflowed rivers and produced surface floods and damaging landslides across multiple road sections. In the vicinity of Port-au-Prince , brisk winds blew down many refuge tents home to victims from the major January 12, earthquake.

As Irene was tracking through the Bahamas, the outer bands of the storm dropped light rainfall in eastern Cuba. In addition, waves of 10 to 12 feet 3. The strong waves, combined with high tide, caused a slight coastal flooding. The hurricane produced high winds that blew off roofs and downed power lines throughout the territory.

Many homes on Grand Turk Island also reported a loss of electricity during Irene's passage, although structural damage in the area was limited. Bahamas: A major hurricane, Irene trekked right through the Bahamas , with its eye making landfall on several of the islands. In all, the storm caused "millions of dollars" worth in structural damage on the island, and left many homeless.

Gales from Irene affected nearly all of the Eastern Seaboard, extending from Florida to New England and as far inland as central New York and central Pennsylvania, affecting all or large parts of 15 states and the District of Columbia. The winds, combined with soil saturation due to the extreme amounts of precipitation in many of the impacted areas both from Irene and from previous thunderstorms, uprooted countless trees and power lines along the storm's path. Roughly 7. The storm spawned scattered tornadoes, causing significant property damage as evidenced by destroyed homes.

In the northeastern region , more than ten rivers measured record flood heights at their hydrographs. Though Irene spared Florida from a direct hit, its outernmost rainbands produced squalls and intermittent torrents along the state's eastern coastlines. Owing to its unusually large windfield, Irene affected long stretches of South Carolina coastlines with gusts and sporadic heavy showers, even though it remained offshore.

Elsewhere in that county, a downed tree trapped several people in their vehicle, but they were all rescued. The large hurricane left extensive damage in its wake and produced tornadoes that damaged homes and overturned vehicles. A man also drowned in the flooded Cape Fear River. As a result, the only way to access Hatteras Island was by ferry. The bridge could be in place for more than 10 years while other solutions are considered.

The path of the hurricane was thought by many to be the worst-case scenario for the Outer Banks, just east over the Pamlico Sound. The storm winds pushed the water rushing into the sound in the form of rainfall back up the rivers feeding the sound and when the hurricane passed the water rushed back out causing historic flooding along the Outer Banks in particular in the towns of Waves, Rodanthe and Salvo.

The flood caused major damage to the area that can still be seen in Mirlo Beach at the north end of Rodanthe. Flood waters exceeded seven feet in many locations and destroyed many houses and businesses. The astronauts on board the ISS captured this series of still frames as Hurricane Irene, a category 1 storm at the time, made landfall into the coast of North Carolina. A tornado moved through the Sandbridge community in Virginia Beach , in the morning hours of August 27, ripping the roofs off at least five homes and damaging several others.

Dorchester General Hospital in Cambridge was evacuated after there was wind and water damage [] to the laboratory roof. Some tomato, corn, and cantaloupe crops were destroyed. Two year-old men were killed in the Hockessin area in an apparent drowning after attempting to run home through the storm on Saturday night. Their bodies were recovered near Wilmington on Monday afternoon. Irene flooded and forced the closure of Delaware Route 1 near the Indian River Inlet Bridge , pushing sand onto the road. Five people were killed in Pennsylvania : three died as a result of fallen trees, one was killed in a traffic accident, and a woman was swept away by flooding in the Wissahickon Creek.

More than trees fell in Philadelphia, and trees fell in Pittsburgh, seven buildings collapsed and twenty roads were closed. PECO worked on restoring power by mid-week. While the storm made landfall next to Galloway and Little Egg Harbor in the southeastern part of the state, South Jersey received little damage and flooding. In addition to major flooding, the combination of already heavily saturated ground from a wet summer, and heavy wind gusts made New Jersey especially vulnerable to wind damage, notably in Union County.

Fallen trees blocked vital roads, including portions of New Jersey Route 28 and U. Route Numerous homes suffered structural damages from the wind. Flooding in some parts of the state continued for another three days. Hardest-hit counties were Bergen and Passaic in the northeast , each with more than 4, claims.

Despite the mandatory evacuations ordered for many parts of the Jersey Shore, the damage and flooding in that area of the state was not as severe as predicted. This miscalculation was met with frustration among many coastal residents that were evacuated out of an abundance of caution. A year later, when evacuations were ordered for Hurricane Sandy , some residents were reluctant or skeptical about the storm's potential and their preparations were more lax, since some of Irene's impacts fell short of the original predictions.

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This proved very damaging for some, as Hurricane Sandy ended up being far worse than predicted. The winds knocked down many trees and power lines, leaving almost , homes and businesses without power in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Flooding overwhelmed several sewage treatment plants, since many of them collect and processed storm runoff as well as wastewater.

At least 52 municipalities in the Hudson Valley reported raw-sewage spills into local waters. Disastrous flash floods occurred in the northwestern Catskill Mountains. Flooding by Schoharie Creek in the town of Prattsville, NY caused major damage and destroyed large areas of the town. Every structure on the strip that comprises Main Street was partly or fully destroyed, including all 22 of the town's businesses.

Eleven houses collapsed in the flood, fifteen were condemned and torn down, and more than homes were so damaged that the residents couldn't return to them, but amazingly there were zero fatalities. Andrew M. Cuomo labeled Prattsville as the place in New York State hardest hit by the storm. The Gilboa Dam, built in , which had undergone some strengthening procedures during and , sustained minor damage due to the flooding of the Schoharie Creek.

Further upstate, Irene did significant damage in the Adirondack Mountains. A section of NY 73 was washed out, isolating two hamlets. Storm surge flooding in Centerport, New York as the eye of Irene passed near high tide. A road washout in New Windsor. In Connecticut , 20 homes in East Haven were destroyed and five others were damaged beyond repair by flooding and storm surge along the shore of Long Island Sound. More than two days after the storm made landfall, about , people were still without power, some being told they would have to wait more than a week, especially in heavily wooded areas.

Governor Dannel Malloy said Hurricane Irene was responsible for a tenth death on August a man who died in a fire likely caused by downed wires from high winds. A week later, many homes in Connecticut still had not had their power restored. Crews had come from many distant places in North America, including British Columbia , to help the utility's own crews. The Westfield River rose almost twenty feet in a matter of hours; the Deerfield River rose over fifteen feet in the same period.

Both rivers reached flood stages not seen since the , and , hurricanes and floods. A public works employee was electrocuted by downed power lines in Southbridge. A dam failure was mistakenly reported in East Becket , yet people were evacuated as a precaution. By the storm's end, an estimated , out of , customers were without power.

On August 30, two days after the storm, , customers remained without power. The storm surge into Narragansett Bay caused some coastal damage, although Providence , at the head of the bay, was spared downtown flooding in part due to its hurricane barrier. There was some localized river flooding, [] however being on the eastern side of the storm, most of the damage came in the form of wind.

Almost every river and stream in Vermont flooded, resulting in at least three deaths and one missing. The resort town of Killington as well as neighboring Pittsfield were completely isolated from travel in and out for two weeks. Relief concerts were organized by local Vermont bands such as Phish [] and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.

Within a month of the storm 84 of closed sections of state highway, and 28 of 34 bridges, had been reopened. The state had relied on assistance from National Guard units in eight other states, and highway workers lent to it by New Hampshire and Maine. Flood waters on the Ottauquechee River in Quechee scouring the approach to the covered bridge, opposite side. Tropical storm conditions occurred throughout the state of Maine during Irene's passage. Irene also affected a large section of Canada, stretching from the eastern Ontario to the coasts of Newfoundland and Labrador.

One person was killed after a road was washed out and cars were swept into the Yamaska River near Sorel-Tracy ; another section of road in Charlevoix was also washed out, while flooding forced evacuations in Estrie. Power was lost to an estimated 75, — , New Brunswick residents, directly due to the gale-force winds. Described as "A photographic scavenger hunt set to a hurricane", Wikipedia Takes Montreal was held August 28, coinciding with the hurricane.

Owing to the high death toll and extensive damage wrought by the storm, the name Irene was later retired by the World Meteorological Organization , and will never again be used for an Atlantic tropical cyclone. It was replaced for the season with Irma. Direct Relief , a disaster relief organization, among many other organizations, collaborated to offer assistance for people affected by Irene. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Category 3 Atlantic hurricane in This article is about the tropical cyclone in For other storms of the same name, see Tropical Storm Irene. Play media. Radar image of the storm at landfall in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. They brought great big dumpsters in and all of us on ground floor filled them with our furniture. It was the most devastated situation i have ever been in. I thought i was going to have a nervous breakdown. It was horrible!


I am 69 years old and I take care of my 82 year old uncle. Most of our friends have passed away also, so we came very close to being homeless! We moved two times and are moving again. This has been a nightmare!!! There is so much to tell but this kind of sums it up! Thank god we received some help from FEMA and from the country western singers who put on a concert to collect money.

Truly we appreciate all the prayers, love and concern people have shown us! By the way they have a tentative date to move back in on July 20, We have a lot of work that has to be done as soon as we can get back in. No bodily harm and no lives were lost and we now can see light at the end of the tunnel! I had never witnessed that level of destruction or devastation before. What made this storm unique and the reason it caught the Southern Baja Peninsula so off guard was the fact that it rapidly intensified and changed course.

It was originally forecast to head West and weaken as it went out to sea, but instead it made an almost 90 degree turn and headed directly for Cabo San Lucas as a Category 4. It was a Category 3 when it actually made landfall, but the millibars of pressure in the eye were extremely low for a Category 3, and the hurricane slowed and caused massive destruction. Because of the initial forecast, people were not being encouraged to evacuate. Our hotel was prepared as possible and technically designated as a hurricane shelter with the ability of a Cat 3 storm, and had excellent safety procedures in place.

But no one expected the storm to be as bad as it was. At the point of their original instruction, the hurricane was still not expected to be such a massive threat. My friends and I originally thought we would "ride it out" in our hotel room, and were almost poking fun at the evacuation room that was set up.

We figured we would hole up in our room with food and wine and watch movies until the government formally shut down the power grid, as planned and mentioned in the bulletins they were sending us. The sliding glass doors were shaking violently, and then all of a sudden a large portion of a palm tree snapped off and hit our window.

It didn't shatter, fortunately, but the scare was enough for us to put all of our things in the bathroom, grab our passports and wallets, and make a beeline for the hotel ballroom. At that point in our room, there was water already starting to gurgle get sucked out of the toilet, and the shower was making a howling noise. It also took 3 of us to pull the hotel door open because of the low pressure suction. The hotel hallways were partially outside and exposed to the elements. By the time we safely They were taking attendance on the hotel room roster, and rescuing accordingly.

There was an elderly couple being carried in with blood all over them from being cut by glass, and some other injuries. None of them major, thanks to the incredible care and rescue effort of the hotel staff. The pictures on link below will tell the story of the destruction, but the main reason I felt that this was an important story to share is because Odile was a storm that took everyone by surprise We were incredibly lucky to be in the care of the hotel workers who slaved away all night to keep us safe, but a lot of people were not so lucky and the widespread destruction over the Baja Peninsula was immense.

So for anyone else who doubts the power of Mother Nature and doesn't take weather warnings seriously, just take some advice from anyone who experienced Odile.

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale

Weather forecasts can change in a heartbeat, so always err on the side of caution. We were stranded in Cabo for an extra week because the airport was completely destroyed, there was no phone service, internet, or any other form of communication. Our friends and family feared the worst after they didn't hear from us for several days. Food and water had to be rationed. The Mexican military had to perform food drops for the local residents because all of the roads were washed out. I could write a book about all of the experiences of that week, but I will let my photos do the talking.

Needless to say, I made some lifelong friends during that week, and saw things that I couldn't imagine even in my wildest dreams. Mother Nature is beautiful and amazing, but give her respect before it's too late and she demands it from you. You can see my hurricane photos. I have experienced many hurricanes in my life Betty, Dona, in the 60s a few, plus many more.

The worst one was Andrew in I live in south Dade County at the time. I was in the northern portion of the eye wall of the storm when it passed by me. I was ready for Andrew, I had my supplies, we were boarded up. We did not have cell phones or any digital means of communications in those days. We had a radio and that was about it. It started with a small grouping of clouds off the Bahamas that did not appear to look very organized. My dad had died the week before Andrew hit. Even though I was ready for a storm, nothing could have or would have helped us.

Little did I know I was in for the ride of my life! The days before were the most beautiful days. Then that Friday, on the news, we saw Brian Norcross telling us about a small grouping of clouds over the Bahamas. As I drove down the turnpike to get off at St. I got this strange feeling inside of me.

Somehow, I knew that things were about to change and nothing would be as they were. Everything was going well. It was time for a cocktail and watch the news and see how the storm was doing. By 11 pm the wind was picking up and I took my dogs out again not knowing when or if I would be able to take them out again. It was windy but mostly dry not too much rain involved. The storm was predicted to make landfall north of the Metro zoo area in the City of Miami area. I stayed up as long as I could before I feel asleep. At am, I was woken by the cries of my cat. My dogs were all around me. I woke up or my cat Boostie woke me up just in time.

The power was gone but I had a flashlight so I went to look outside to see what was happening. A bedroom window had blown out. Then I heard another loud noise and a crashing sound. The master bedroom window was now gone too. All we could do was try and keep the door closed.

Little did I know that my cat Boostie, my cat, was still in the room. We lit some candles, listened and waited for the storm to go over us. As I sat on the couch in the living room I heard what sounded like a machine gun firing rapping rounds of bullets at the plywood. The rat, tat, tat went on for a very long time. I saw the pieces of wood fence flying in the air. The rain was blowing down horizontally. I had a cup of wine in my hand to try and calm down.

I began to pick up my cats and put them in the closets to keep them safe. I had 7 dogs in the house with me that night. The house was falling apart piece by piece. I sat on the couch 3 of my dogs are under a table and only one was lying on my lap. As I sat in the candle lit room while the wild wind blew the house apart howling like a banshee, I saw the candle start to shake. Then the house started to shake; the rumbling noise was unbelievable. Why was the house shaking? It sounded like a freight train was heading towards us. The rumbling noises the crashing smashing and wind howling like a sick animal.

It was enough to have you petrified. I got up to look out the window but my pets asked me to sit down. Then I sat down and the house exploded.