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The difficult bit, of course, is working out what its original alphabet was and what is, for want of a better phrase, the entropic decay that has happened to it ever since.

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However, if we start from my nicely sharpened version of the ciphertext and look a bit more closely at the shapes used in its devil-themed alphabet, I think we can see that some of the original patterns and structures are still visible. Secondly, pretty much wherever the repeated pitchfork character has an extra leg or two going off to one side from the stem, the leg s always seems to go clockwise.

Fourthly, because there only a few other characters in the cipher alphabet e. Maybe they originally looked something like this Finally, I think there seems little reason not to believe that the plaintext is in either Italian strictly speaking Tuscan or perhaps Venetian or Latin, with Tuscan being the one on the shortest odds at the bookies. This does seem interesting. Do you know if anyone not necessarily of this site has figured it out yet? I was thinking about seeing if I could crack it, but for someone new to all this, I should probably choose something in English….

A couple of things to add to your thoughts:- You mention that you are concerned that the differences between the pitchfork tailed character may be due to a scratchy quill. This may be true in the original writing of these characters, but I believe that the printed image in the book is done from a woodcut rather than manuscripted into the book as the eastern alphabets in the book are. I have a copy of the book and the characters are identical in minute detail to those posted on your link including the faint markings surrounding the characters. It is always possible that the image you have was originally take from my book of course prior to my ownership!

I will check that out next time I have the opportunity to see another copy. A further minor point of interest in my book is that I can see two very small manuscripted corrections to characters 2 and 10 using brown ink.

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The ink colour is the same colour as used in a number of margin notes and other corrections in the book and I am reasonably sure it is 16th C. The interesting thing here for me is that someone at some time felt the need to make these minor corrections, which if the characters were apocryphal or simply made up for fun, the author would not I think have bothered to make such corrections. This leads me to think that there is something there and worth further perusal but sadly beyond my area of study.

I wish you success with any further efforts on this one. Tony: thanks very much for dropping by!

The Devil’s Handwriting…

I doubt it. Did they just play the really long speech in German? I also doubt that. Part of what my work does is place Screwtape into the Space Trilogy and reread the Ransom books together. Pingback: Writing Process Blog Hop! WritingWednesdays A Pilgrim in Narnia. Pingback: Wow, What a Fall!

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A Pilgrim in Narnia. Pingback: Letters to the Editor in Response to C. Pingback: That Time C. Pingback: The Place of the Lion in C. One of his gifts was mimicry. When he worked for the BBC during the war, he was well-known in the canteen for his uncanny ability to reproduce, in their original language and accent, the speeches of Hitler.

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