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Ten Facts About Washington's Presidency · George Washington's Mount Vernon

This highly unpopular tax led to the Whiskey Rebellion. Militia Acts of Two acts that allowed the President to call out the militia when threatened by foreign or domestic threats and created a more uniform and regulated militia structure. Fugitive Slave Act of Made it a federal crime to assist an escaping slave and created a system that would return escaped slaves to their masters. Naval Act of Ordered that six frigates be built ex. Slave Trade Act of This law restricted American ships from participating in the Atlantic slave trade.

Jay Treaty Normalized trade relations with Great Britain, removed British forts along the western frontier of the United States, and resolved various debt related issues with Great Britain.

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Pinckney's Treaty This treaty of friendship with Spain also helped to clarify the borders between US and Spanish held territories in North America and opened the Mississippi River to American commerce. Treaty of Tripoli Agreement to pay a yearly tribute to the Pasha of Tripoli in exchange for free, unmolested access to Mediterranean shipping lanes.

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President Washington never lived in Washington, D. George Washington established the tradition of a cabinet of advisors While the Constitution calls for the creation of executive departments, it only explained that the heads of executive departments were unelected officials who had to answer to the president. Washington set precedents for the social life of the president Washington was concerned that the presidents of the Confederation Congress had been overwhelmed by visitors in the past.

Learn More: Presidential Entertaining 5. The first Thanksgiving Proclamation was issued by President Washington Days of thanksgiving were celebrated since the beginning of European settlement in North America. Learn More: Thanksgiving 6. Washington vetoed only two bills while President Washington rejected both pieces of legislation based on ideological concerns and in each instance Congress was unable to overturn the veto. President Washington delivered an important address on religious tolerance at a Rhode Island synagogue On August 18, , congregants of the Touro Synagogue of Newport, Rhode Island, warmly welcomed George Washington to both their place of worship and their city.

Did George Washington Ever Kill Someone?

Teacher Resources. Watch the Video. Cabinet Members. Key Legislation during Washington's Presidency.

Ten Facts About Washington’s Presidency

Learn more Naval Act of Ordered that six frigates be built ex. Important Treaties. The Jay Treaty of Wikimedia.

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  8. Learn more Treaty of Tripoli Agreement to pay a yearly tribute to the Pasha of Tripoli in exchange for free, unmolested access to Mediterranean shipping lanes. Although Washington had a deep disdain for the British, he was inspired by their architecture and landscaping and wanted to mimic their designs.

    Key Legislation during Washington's Presidency

    He also wanted Mount Vernon to be modeled in a grand yet rural way and based many of his layouts on wealthy estates found in England. Washington was adamant that Mount Vernon be a grandiose experience for all those who visited and his vision included adding animals to his estate.

    Ten Facts About the Mansion

    He measured the paddock for a deer park himself and then stocked it with deer that he had received from numerous friends. He believed that his family could be more in-tune with nature this way and that bringing certain elements of the country closer to them would lift their spirits. Aside from his many projects that included gardens and nurseries, Washington also designed and built a special section of land that was strictly for the enjoyment of his guests. He used it to plant several varieties of seeds that he had bought or was gifted and used exotic methods to experiment with cross-pollination in his free time.

    At its prime, almost every inch of land on the estate was used for growing food, and the kitchen garden was no exception. Washington had a dual interest in plants, actually, so his garden encompasses plants designated for both pleasurable and botanical purposes. He even conducted experiments on plants; for example, we have records indicating that he tried to grow exotic seeds from China in the botanical garden.

    Kids will love a chance to see these special breeds, from sheep and cattle to turkeys and hogs. There are also some horses, mules, and oxen. As part of its historical heritage, Mount Vernon also honors the mostly unmarked graves of the slaves and free blacks who worked on the estate in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Our first President elected to be buried on his beloved estate. In , a new tomb was constructed to hold both the President and his wife Martha as well as some other family members.

    Today, you can see both the old and new burial places. An exhibit at the Museum. Learn all about his childhood, his leadership, and his vision for America. Here are a few of our favorites. Your email address will not be published.