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The front and back cover were cleared for fourteen weeks to serialise JM Barrie's "Peter Pan" in a memorably-illustrated picture-story format. Burns and Gerry Haylock. In January , Treasure was incorporated into World of Wonder , which a few years later was itself incorporated into Look and Learn.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Two long-running series debuted in the first issue: A series of text stories featuring the worldwide travels of 'Wee Willie Winkie', a young boy who has a 'special green ticket' which allows him to travel free on any form of transport. The stories were illustrated by John Worsley and Robert Hodgson. The comic strip 'Princess Marigold' which featured the fairy tale adventures of the inhabitants of Marigold Land. Landscaping rock Garbage can Mailbox Garden hose Windchime Birdhouse Tree Sidewalk Wheelbarrow Electric meter Birdbath Herb garden Garden gnome Fire pit Bird feeder Hammock Porchlight or outdoor light House numbers.

Choose the clues that fit the features of your outdoor space, or write your own clues.

Benefits of Treasure Hunt: An Exciting Parenting Tool

Don't forget the treasure that goes at the end. You can use a jar of coins for the grandkids to divide or fill a box with pirate "treasure" that you can find at the dollar store.

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The box can also be filled with inexpensive toys such as bouncy balls, bubbles, silly string or yo-yos. It's best not to use candy or treats because the ants are likely to find them first. In summer I like to put a big tub of water balloons at the end, but be sure the kids are in their play clothes because water balloons are irresistible! If the weather is not favorable, you can also do a treasure hunt indoors.

Kids vs Pirates! Search for Treasure X!

I'm a friend to parents who like things neat. They really like it when you wipe your feet.

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I give privacy from the folks next door. If you have bad neighbors, you need me more. Everyone loves me. I'm pretty and smell sweet. Look down to find me! I'm near your feet. I swing out and in to let you through. I sometimes creak, and that's your last clue. On me, you can speed like a bird in the sky. My two wheels will make you fly! I sit very still when I don't have a rider. Sit down and learn why I'm called a glider. I have a ring, but you can't wear it. Sometimes so loud that you can't bear it. I'm sort of like sneakers, but for a car.

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I help it run really fast and far. In day I store the light of the sun.

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At night I shine when the day is done. I'm like a small house, but no one lives in me. Tools and gadgets are all you will see. I'm a giant piece of petrified matter. If you dropped me, I'd make quite a clatter.

A Child's Treasure: Rosary Meditations for Children by Derek Rebello

Some people think I'm nasty and yuck, But without me for your trash, you'd be out of luck! I might be filled by male or female. Whichever it is, I'm still the mail. Use me to give thirsty plants a drink.

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  8. Or use me to clean your car, fast as a wink. Turn me to the left, and you just might get wet. I'm great for giving a drink to your pet.