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The last of the three Fangs is the devoted husband. We are introduced to his wife, Li Shuxian, when she and Fang are young students of physics who meet in the university library lobby after their evening studies and share a chaste walk and passionate conversation on the paths of a darkened campus. She becomes his lifelong partner in professional and political life as well as personal ventures.

Their marriage survives two generic challenges faced by many Chinese intellectual couples of their generation—long periods of separation, during which Fang labored in the countryside, and the vicissitudes of paranoia-fueled campaigns against alleged Party enemies—and a unique one: living in close quarters for a year in a windowless room inside the American embassy in Beijing. Fang peppers his accounts of major events with asides about the beauty of theoretical astrophysics and the rhythms of daily life during the Mao years. It should have come out last year. I had been so frustrated I was ready to put my hands on people over this shit but you know what?

Things happen for a reason! Soul On Fire is like a lighthouse sending out a warning beam, highlighting information, truths and reassurance to Hip Hop. What got you into music and particularly, how did you come to mould your style with Hip Hop? My dad played a lot of music to me as a baby to chill him and me out, so maybe it was that! Both my parents love music so it was always around me. I got into writing songs on the piano and guitar and voice as a kid.

Then skateboarding and everything else hit when I was about 12, so I was listening to everything from rock to reggae to drum and bass to ambient to hip hop, and enjoyed playing around with everything. University is where I really got into producing beats and Hip Hop, partly through people I meet and in that area I felt I could incorporate everything!

I try to experiment have fun and just work with the energy of the moment! Explore — yeah, maybe that, an explorer! I like to try a lot of different things, why would you not?

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So I love working with that guy because he has the same approach and view! He sent me about 15 tracks at first! What track in any genre do you most wish you could of made instead of the person who did? Dead or alive, who would be your dream collaboration? A few tracks with different people as collabs. Having spent a few years living up North, I have a penchant for anything spawned from Birmingham upwards. Whilst to some broader accents might become harder to decipher; they add authenticity to music.

Production is intentionally raw and moody and all three lyricists come correct to deliver an impressive taster of hopefully what is to come from the Voodoo Black camp. Reggae Roast has had a bumper summer busy at festivals around the UK and rooftops in London. Bringing the best reggae music has to offer to a place near you. Jamdown marches forward as the nights draw in bringing us a session to warm your heart. Spinning the finest Ska, Rock steady and Soul music that took a lifetime to collect.

Derek came to fame bringing uplifting music to the people of St Pauls in Bristol. Expect seriously good vibes and perhaps a teardrop on the dance floor. But reach early, as this is a packed line up. The first was their chilling E. Despite being a solo project of course the whole crew feature and take this album in a completely different direction to their last E. Already this album takes on a nostalgic and retro vibe making it immediately uplifting, something to pick you up on a rainy day.

This is resonated in the beat, remaining retro and elating. Enriched by jazzy brass samples this song takes you back to better times. Both on the subject of romance and include cinematic samples and beats, think 70ss feel-good rom-com making it fun and catchy whilst the lyrics keep it very real. The music is stunning, fusing guitar with that classic Hip-Hop beat creating the perfect tune…again. Like all good Hip Hop this album tells a story, not one with a plot, but more a mish-mash of events which is much more relatable as its how most peoples lives unfold.

The ambient beats makes every song very touching no matter what it intends to touch. The clarity and retro brilliance of the beats means each single is worth a mention. This is an emotive album, it hits home then takes you away, to past times and past lives. It is down to earth; often funny and sometimes very sad, but it feels real from start to finish and no matter what Chalk will extract whatever feeling he aims to. I have recently spent some time in Norwich, a fine city in East Anglia with a reputation for sound systems and fresh new talents. I was put into contact with a local band called the Piratones.

A six piece band mixing and mashing hip hop, reggae, ska and the odd bit of funk here and there. With a tight horns sections, a drummer that looks like he came from the Tongan hippy scene and a young man and woman leading in song, this round up gave the band a wicked all round sound. They got the crowd jumping and the vibes flowing. After having a little chat with them, I met the singers and Saxophone player.

The sax player goes by the name of Junior Ras. A young and up and coming producer straight out of the Dub Cavern in his Suffolk stables.

The Spirit of Liberation - English

The EP mixes up styles like a mad soup in a mixing pot! The opening tune sounds like a new lick of an old Rub-a-Dub style ting with Soom T and Cristina Flores bringing the vibes in a way that wont stop you from moving and bopping, the track is entitled Spread out and Scatter and is available to your ears on soundcloud.

Junior Ras has been using the old school tape delays and spring reverbs similar to the ones King Tubby used way back when giving the tunes an old style sound. Not to mention his use of Yoga mantras and acoustic guitars layered on a heavy dub track to give that deep meditation feel. All the tunes were produced in his home made studio in deep dark Suffolk. The singers were invited to come down and sing their tunes on top of the rhythm tracks, just like it used to be. The sounds that are creeping out of the UK never seize to amaze me and keep me on my toes.

The mix of cultures, peoples, smells and sounds you find in the UK seem to be the perfect recipe for an infusion of all sorts of amazing creative outputs that are all too often expressed in the most important language of all…music. The album release was on the 23rd August in Bedfords Crypt, Norwich. Nebula Soundsystem providing bass and plenty singers and selectas throughout the night. To find out more on Junor Ras, check out his facebook page with some MP3s available to listen and download. Also, keep one ear on the ground for The Piratones, playing at some festivals around the UK, a band well worth watching out in the coming future!

Fully loaded with quality and direction, highlighted by the collaboration with infinitely talented New Zealand born artist Flaky Chump www. A more focused Twizzy makes a welcome return with this clever, finely tuned release. Born in HAZE was among the first brands to capture hip-hop and street art culture and apply it to clothing.

The collection features co-branded t-shirts, long sleeves, coach jackets, shirts, hats and the HUF Mateo shoe. As well as the clothing, there is a great range of accessories including bags, laptop sleeves and a clock.

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Make no mistake this mix tape is west siiiiiiide all the way! Bassline kicked in and the 90s west coast vibe became way apparent to me! Hip Hop aint dead people! This is a feel good set in many ways and encourages people to chill the fuck out and make the most of life. No death count, no blood spatters, kicking back and sparking up is the order of the day. Pure jokes on this one and we get a clue to what this crews concert rider is as they droolingly run through their wish list of fish n chips, cheese burgers, Reecees Pieces, chicken strips, guacamole, milkshakes…and the extensive list goes on!

Wipe yer mouth yer dribbling! All in all the sounds will make you think of Dre and Snoop and MC Eiht and Cube amongst others but in a reminiscent not biting way. Bitches, blunts and fun are all present however not in a over the top ridiculous way which some west coast rappers piled high on their inferior tracks which started making the scene a joke at least in my eyes.

These guys are genuine in their endeavor and do it with a smile.

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A righteous point and well needed and would perhaps steer people away from being merely rappers and encourage them to strive to be Emcees. A union could maybe put an end to greedy record labels and managers pushing artists to make bullshit shoot em up tracks packed with stereotypical nonsense! Norwich of late have been host to a pretty spectacular list of Hip-Hop legends gracing stages in local venues around the City. He thus introduces a critical comment on his earlier, aesthetisized description: the reminder that a depiction of the homeless, however right in its respectfulness of human dignity in certain aspects, cannot and should not ignore the actual and depressing reality of poverty.

Finally, Williams's awareness of the word 'aureole' and its wide implications for perception in general and poetical statements in particular is confirmed when he writes appreciatively about Marianne Moore that she succeeded in "removing the aureoles that have been pasted about [words]. For such a writer the connection between the words was not something learned at school, but direct and intuitive.

Further, multilingualism provided Williams with access to much more than a source of pivot puns: it provided him with a conscious feel for the 'opacity' and arbitrariness of language, and, consequently the opportunity to exploit, in a free, almost anarchic way, the mappings between his various languages, from 'macaronic' puns which make use of these mappings directly, to creative mis readings based on genuine or serendipitous formal coincidences. In fact such a deliberate misreading of etymology serves as the conceptual starting point for four poems with the title "Pastoral," written between and The others have only been easily accessible since the publication of the Collected Poems in The influence of the Precisionist movement and its "myth of America as a potential industrial arcadia" was, according to Peter Schmidt and other critics before him, responsible for Williams's attempt to revive a pastoral tradition in literature.

The polysemy emphasizes an additional theme, one that can be found in all four pastorals also in the two not set in a recognizable suburbia : a poetological reflection on experience and the ability of the speaker poet to express himself empathically and authentically. The speaker reports his observations about sparrows, people, an old man and a minister, but ends with the line "These things astonish me beyond words.

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But, using the title and the last line of the poem as a circular framing device, he paradoxically succeeds in making his speechlessness articulate with the help of a playful parallelism: "beyond words" is an echo of "Pastoral" in the title. Independent evidence for the emphasis on a metapoetical theme is the allusion in the first lines, to an observation by John Keats: "If a Sparrow come before my Window I take part in its existence and pick about the Gravel. The semantic potential of this wordplay together with its connection to the rest of the poem enhance both the message and the formal aesthetic of the text.

Here, as in his other "Pastoral" poems, Williams expresses his concern about the possibility, and precarious success, of his efforts to use language to share his thoughts and emotions with other people. There seems to be only one way out of the predicament: to use language in an ingenious , individually and skillfully coded manner, since the option of speaking candidly, "ingenuously," as the sparrows do, is not available to him or to other human beings "we".

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Thus the discrepancy between the conventional values of society and other values, together with the persona's doubts and his reluctance to pass judgment, can only be articulated indirectly; i. Since wordplay can be taken as "illustration[s] of the inherent instability of language and the power of uncodified linguistic relations to produce meaning" 27 it is a natural tool for Williams's purposes. The poem has often been classified as biographical, as an "attempt by Williams to cheer up his mother," and much that we know about Williams's life indisputably supports this reading.

And it is worth paying attention to the 'noise' in the poem. If we do, we notice the veritable crescendo in the birds' singing from "cheeping" to "shrill piping of plenty. Taking Williams at his word that any good poem reads just as well from the end as from the beginning, 31 I would like to begin with the noteworthy term "tempered," since it is the most clearly metaphorical expression in the text.

However, noting the musical associations of "flight" as a 'fuga' or 'fugue,' the word "tempered" takes on a special, i. The "tempering" of a keyboard instrument first clavichords and harpsichords, later organs refers to the particular tuning of the notes of an octave; something highly influential for the development of musical composition. A "flight" is a 'fugue,' a word of Latin origin, designating a "polyphonic composition based upon one, two, or more themes, which are enunciated by several voices or parts in turn, subjected to contrapuntal treatment, and gradually built up into a complex form having somewhat distinct divisions or stages of development and a marked climax at the end.

Besides the climax at the end of the poem, there is the "Gaining" and the "failing" of the birds, which are posited against each other like themes in a contrapuntal composition. If we focus on the semantic layering and diversity of the words, we come to an appreciation of the poem that goes beyond the realization of the mimetic and the impressionistic. The thematic and, even more, the structural connections with the poem are striking: Williams finds here a spirited, almost impish image of his role as a poet, which, besides, also makes his awareness of musical terminology explicit for us.

The fact that in old age, in his long poem Paterson , he returns to the concept although in a completely different mood shows the continued importance of poetic polyphony:. Satirically, the tragic foot. Randall Jarrell spoke of "To Waken an Old Lady" in positive terms as an "unimaginably delicate" poem, without, however, remarking on the sophisticated use of words and imagery. It is telling that since Jarrell cannot overlook the important role of vocabulary of supposedly Latin origin in Williams's writing, he sees the finesse partly as an influence of Ezra Pound.

However, if we drop the assumption that Williams is an artless poet, and also remember his multilingual background, there is no need to be surprised; rather we begin to purposefully look out for further examples, e. The word of interest here is "obsolete," which in general modern usage is understood to mean 'not used anymore' or 'worn out. The question is, can this second meaning be introduced into a relevant relation with the other, more common meaning and with the poem as a whole?

As in the case of the "Pastoral[s]," attention to the original context of the poem reveals how "obsolete" can be read as a pun. But Williams's poem is more complex, especially if we take into account that this is an ekphrastic text, referring to a particular rose in a particular picture. In the prose passage preceding this poem in Spring and All , Williams makes clear that he has a specific work by a Cubist artist in mind when writing about "The rose": "such a picture as that of Juan Gris, though I have not seen it in color, is important as marking more clearly than any I have seen what the modern trend is.

The use of the word "obsolete" encapsulates Williams's interest in the concrete detail , as opposed to the pictorial and symbolic convention. That a poem is a "capsule" is an idea taken directly from Williams himself, although he qualified the notion: "A poem is a capsule where we wrap up our punishable secrets. The definition is characterized by conflicting impulses: the desire to be heard and understood as opposed to the fear and the shame of being 'found out. The semantic situation is similar to Edgar Allan Poe's famous purloined letter: although fully exposed to the eye, it is not readily perceived and can only be detected by another method than our everyday approach to communication, with its heavy reliance on context and conventional expectations.

The comparison to Poe's "Purloined Letter" is, incidentally, doubly apt, since 'purloined' itself can be seen as a macaronic pun: whereas today 'purloined' means 'stolen,' in the original French word and earlier English usage, the OED 's latest example is from it also means 'concealed.

At first sight, Williams appears here as a loving observer of nature. He describes the sujet of this poem, a moth, with the intense concentration of an expert on the natural world. The symmetry of the moth is perfectly echoed by the symmetrical structure of the poem, but also by the symmetrical nature of true love. Although the balance of the composition is reason enough to appreciate this poem, there is a further level of signification, which impresses the reader by its complexity and its perfect ease of expression.

Williams once said of James Joyce: "He forces me, before I can follow him, to separate the words from the printed page, to take them up into a world where the imagination is at play," 47 and this is exactly what the reader has to do with the words of "Prelude to Winter. An 'eavesdropper' stands within the 'eavesdrop' of a house in order to listen to secrets.

Such a person is "curious" in the sense of 'inquisitive. These two denotations, however, are not the only possibilities.

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  7. According to the OED , the persona's description of love in this poem could also be, among other things, 'accurate' or 'artistic' or 'subtle' or 'elaborate. The echoes are apparent: not just thematically a dead butterfly vs. Paul Mariani reports that Williams was keen to meet Frost, and was disappointed when this interest did not seem reciprocated. Eventually, Frost's artistic rejection—a form of unrequited love—was to turn into bitterness on Williams's side. Although Williams's pride was hurt by Frost's rebuff, he seems nevertheless to have continued to appreciate his poetry; after all, quotation is the greatest compliment a poet can pay.