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Chilling unseen ‘family snaps’ taken by German soldier show Warsaw in early days of occupation

The German Centre for Aviation and Space Travel created very precise digital pictures of thirteen mountains with the aid of satellite photographs taken from a height of several hundred kilometres. They capture all the individual features of these giant mountains as an almost tangible reality — the third dimension as a brand new experience.

The location of the virtual camera at various places in the topographical map gives a precise picture of the three-dimensional form of each mountain, while infographics and descriptions of the geology, glaciology, geography and climatology detail its individual characteristics. These mountain portraits are completed by personal accounts written by some of the finest climbers in the world and accompanied by a selection of authentic photographs.


The accounts from different eras join together with the latest satellite technology, the history of climbing, and the geographical background knowledge to create a unique and comprehensive picture of the mountains and their trail-blazing climbers. Format: Hardback. Size: Extent: pp. Publication date: 22 September ISBN: Before the war he was a jeweller.

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He died in , though the cause is unknown. Here is the wooden bell tower that used to stand next to the church on Plac Narutowicza. The photos are also important as they constitute a collection taken by a single photographer. We can see that Baer was definitely not an experienced photographer, but his images are valuable nonetheless.

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Another poignant image shows a Polish woman on Plac Grzybowski in Warsaw holding a live duck under arm. The collection of photos printed on 6x9 cm crenelated photographic paper is typical of the era.

Unseen locations in VR

Several show Baer and his chums gloating in front of buildings damaged during the siege of Warsaw. In a similar vein, one shot shows a damaged Polish anti-aircraft gun at the side of the road, which Baer probably took as he whizzed past on an open military vehicle. One woman appears to be eating from a large can of pickles.

This site uses "cookies". By staying on it, you agree to the use of cookies. The photos taken by Wehrmacht soldier Kurt Baer were donated to the Warsaw Rising Museum after being found by the carers of his elderly daughter after she died. You might also like:.