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Others are hoping to find out about death and the afterlife. Could God be comforting people through contact with the dead? What does the Bible say about this? These activities are forbidden in several places, including Leviticus , , 27; Deuteronomy —11; 1 Chronicles —14; and Isaiah — Consulting the dead, a practice called necromancy, usually was done for purposes of divination and seeking the advice of pagan gods. According to 1 Samuel —23, King Saul consulted a medium. Samuel appeared and told Saul that he had disobeyed God in not destroying the Amalekites in a previous battle, that Israel would fall to the Philistines, and that Saul and his sons would die in battle the next day.

There is debate as to whether the spirit the medium called up was really Samuel or was actually a demon. The Bible, however, specifically says Samuel appeared. Only God knows the end from the beginning Isa. Accuracy and Communication. Edward, Browne, and Van Praagh all freely admit that they are not always accurate; 61 indeed, Browne writes that no psychic has percent accuracy and that 70 percent is above average. Edward claims that what the spirits give him is often in symbolic language and therefore difficult to interpret. He explains this difficulty as the higher vibrations of the spirits.

God moreover commands that those who seek mediums should seek out God instead see Isa. When God speaks through the Scriptures, His words and messages are clear; there is no need to interpret gestures, images, or pantomime. Because angels, who are spirits, were able to speak distinctly, it is reasonable to conclude that information from God or approved by God will neither be confusing nor difficult to transmit or understand.

What If the Information Is Correct?

Spiritual and religious aspects of skin and skin disorders

It is true that sometimes the mediums are correct in the information they pass on. This validates for many what the mediums are doing. Browne and Van Praagh deny the biblical God, contend God is nonjudgmental and within everyone, and assert we are a part of God. All three believe in reincarnation, a doctrine that nullifies salvation by Christ and grace alone by teaching that one can be saved by improving spiritually and morally through the course of many earthly lives. On a John Edward fan site at www. Since Edward still claims his Catholic faith, could his ability to contact spirits, or a similar ability from someone claiming to be a Christian, be a gift from God?

God would not give someone a special skill that He Himself condemns. How can mediums pass on what seems to be accurate information? Skeptics who have assessed mediums and replicated what they do have concluded that mediums are doing tricks and fishing for information.

Reporter Breaks Down And Cries During Psychic Medium Reading On LIVE TV

Believers in mediums are convinced by the hits, which often seem to be enough for them. What Edward, Browne, and Van Praagh describe about their experiences is similar to what I experienced as an astrologer and student of psychic techniques. When reading astrological charts, I did on occasion receive startlingly accurate information that seemed to be fed into my mind.

Scientists put psychic's paranormal claims to the test

I usually went into an altered state of consciousness 69 and felt a beam of energy connect me to the chart not the client. I also did many charts for clients who were not physically present, ruling out the possibility of reading body language or being led by the client. If I was able to come up with accurate information without practicing the techniques described by the skeptics, is it not possible the same thing is happening to the mediums? Due to their spiritual beliefs, meditative practices, and training as psychics, the mediums may be opening themselves up to information from somewhere.

If it is not the dead, then who is giving information when it is specific and correct? According to 2 Corinthians , Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light. Now, as I contemplated this encounter, I suddenly found this lens felt lacking — a hindrance in the search for meaning, as I kept my vow to Julie.

What the Psychic Showed Me

So I forced myself to open my mind and let go of long-held assumptions. In the company of 14 others, Mr. Edward attempted to communicate with our deceased loved ones. Superficially, I was impressed at his uncanny ability to come up with details about our lost friends and family members. He was right that the engagement ring on my finger had belonged to my mother.

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An easy guess, you might think, but he also summoned a story from my father about how he had taught me to swim. But what struck me more deeply were the remarkable parallels between that room and the hospital conference room where I led groups for grief counseling. I realized that in acknowledging our grief so openly — sharing that vulnerability and bearing witness to the details of the lives of the people we all missed so dearly — there was healing.

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There was a kind of communion that came from stepping out of the isolation of our individual griefs and into a realization that loss is a universal experience. I still remained unconvinced of the claims of psychics, but my interest was piqued by the way different views of the afterlife can affect the process of grieving. In researching my book, I attended sessions with dozens of mediums — some one on one, others as part of large groups.

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  5. I went into each session with skepticism, and I emerged with skepticism intact. Ultimately, I decided that the question of whether psychic abilities are real or not is irrelevant; the healing effects I saw, in myself and others, from visiting these mediums were real. Yet my sense of connection with her was restored. And my fears about what happens next, the dread about mortality that came with motherhood, were diminished.

    My psychic research also informed and changed my work with clients, whether I was helping them to let go of a lost loved one or helping them to find ways to feel connected. I read to open my perspective on things and it certainly did that.

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    Great Book! I am enjoying reading this book, very interesting! I will add more when I finish reading it!

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    This writer is a local and I wanted to read her book before I went to see what she is all about. I look forward to meeting her in person. After reading this book once, I had to reread … , October 1, By Sheila graham After reading this book once, I had to reread it again to make sure I read it right the first time. McAvoy I truly loved this book. How To Book A Session. Recent Posts.