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July — link. J DeMarco. March — link. Issue 6. Issue 1 — link. Andi Marquette and R. November December Raining Fire , the third and final book in the Ben Gold series, was released on July 18, The narrative includes the official police reports. I thought it had amusing moments, but if an author is going to make me work this hard, I want a big payoff.

The central square is dominated by a squat, ugly building, erected by the Communists. Elephants are new custodians of the planet. Its atmosphere mirrors the somber building, and it captures the depth and complexity of human ambivalence.

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I found it comparable to its competition. Sidney Perkowitz. The Last Evolution. John W. David Fisher. Sense of Wonder. Martin L. The Issahar Artifacts. JF Bone. For Your Safety. Royce Day.

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David Lee Summers. Rudy Rucker. Mad Scientist Journal: Summer Dawn Vogel. Space: Planets, Moons, Stars, and More!

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Joe Rhatigan. James Bicheno.

Why I am Not an Athiest. Donald H Sullivan. Josh Abbott. Our Solar System.

Majestic Kids. Thwendlulla Tlatnet-Tholfth.

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Johnston McCulley. The City and the Stars. Tales from the White Hart. Expedition to Earth. The Collected Stories of Arthur C. Operation Arcana. John Joseph Adams. Nightmare Magazine, November Paul Dini.

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  2. Summary Bibliography: John Joseph Adams.
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    The Fountains of Paradise. Tea From an Empty Cup.

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    Dolphin Island. Other Worlds Than These.

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    Against the Fall of Night. The Hammer of God. Islands in the Sky. Robot Uprisings. Daniel H.