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Classic stories of gods, goddesses, heroes and monsters come to life in a stunning tableau of Norse myths, including those of the thunder god Thor, the one-eyed god and Allfather Odin, and the trickster god Loki.

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The lyrical storytelling of award-winning author Donna Jo Napoli dramatizes the timeless tales of ancient Scandinavia. In , in a small town in Alsace, Frau Troffea began dancing and didn't stop. She danced until she was carried away six days later, and soon 34 more villagers joined her.

Then more. In a month more than people had been stricken by the mysterious dancing plague.

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In lateth-century England an eccentric gentleman founded the No Nose Club in his gracious townhome - a social club for those who had lost their noses, and other body parts, to the plague of syphilis for which there was then no cure. Philosophy begins with questions about the nature of reality and how we should live.

These were the concerns of Socrates, who spent his days in the ancient Athenian marketplace asking awkward questions, disconcerting the people he met by showing them how little they genuinely understood.

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This engaging book introduces the great thinkers in Western philosophy and explores their most compelling ideas about the world and how best to live in it. In Charles River Editors' History for Kids series, your children can learn about history's most important people and events in an easy, entertaining, and educational way. Many ancient civilizations have influenced and inspired people in the 21st century.

The Greeks and Romans continue to fascinate the West today. But of all the world's civilizations, none have intrigued people more than the Mayans, whose culture, astronomy, language, and mysterious disappearance all continue to captivate people. From the moment Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes first found and confronted them, the Aztecs have fascinated the world, and they continue to hold a unique place both culturally and in pop culture.

Nearly years after the Spanish conquered their mighty empire, the Aztecs are often remembered today for their major capital, Tenochtitlan, as well as being fierce conquerors of the Valley of Mexico - who often engaged in human sacrifice rituals. During the Age of Exploration, Native American tribes fell victim to European conquerors seeking legendary cities made of gold and other riches, attempts that were often being made in vain.

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And yet, of all the empires that were conquered across the continent, the one that continues to be most intimately associated with legends of gold and hidden riches is the Inca Empire. The Inca Empire, which flourished in modern day Peru and along the west coast of South America, was the largest Native American empire in pre-Columbian America until Pizarro and the Spanish conquistadors conquered them in the 16th century. What ultimately sealed their doom was the rumor that huge amounts of gold were available in regions south of the Andes Mountains.

Their religion, organization, and laws were also effectively centralized and tied to the rulers of the empire, and their military mobilization would have made the ancient Spartans proud.

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After the Spanish conquest, several rebellions in the area attempted to reestablish the proud Inca Empire over the next two centuries, all while famous Europeans like Voltaire glorified the Inca Empire in optimistic artistic portrayals. Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Charles River Editors. Narrated by: Tracey Norman. Length: 1 hr and 11 mins. People who bought this also bought Amber Narrated by: Tanya C.

Brown Length: 2 hrs and 41 mins Unabridged Overall. Brown Length: 2 hrs and 54 mins Unabridged Overall.

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They often took prisoners so that they could be sacrificed to their gods as Aztec gods were very important to them. The most important gods were: Inti, the sun god, Quilla the moon goddess wife of the sun , and Illapa god of thunder, who the Incas believed controlled the rain. Archaeologists can only apply guesswork through their findings as how important the city of Machu Picchu was during the Inca period of history.

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The Mayans worshipped many different gods. American History Calendar : A calendar site showing American history in a unique way: through a user-friendly web calendar. Birthdays of important people in American history and important events in American history can be viewed; interactive - browse through it and display details on a specific person or event. A printer friendly version of the calendar is also available. Smithsonian National Museum of American History Search Engine : Discover history through objects, photographs, interactive timelines: Complete archived collections - excellent!

The History Channel : Each month the History Channel takes new explorations into the past and puts them on display for you, utilizing state-of-the-art interactive technology; listen to speeches drawn from the most famous broadcasts and recordings of the Twentieth Century. The History Channel Time Machine brings you to a different speech every day; trivia quiz; fact of the day; games. History Images : What better way to learn about and appreciate the history of the United States than through viewing the illustrations of artists from the last century and a half!

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