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Studios as part of acquiring the comic book and graphic novel publishing license to officially expand the rich mythology created in television, novels and beyond. Meet Angel — a vampire cursed with a soul who has spent centuries protecting humanity from the monsters that lurk in the dark…including himself. Studios or Diamond representative at your convenience. Studios, stay tuned to www. And follow Angel on Facebook. He Tweets compulsively about storytelling and comics as BatmansBookcase. Zack Quaintance. Like this: Like Loading Con Wars!

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Contributors Controversy! Privacy Policy. They had no way to defend themselves. Pressing my knees into soft earth, closing my eyes, I concentrated on the struggling warmth of the sun on my back, the cold earth under my bare feet and seeping through my clothing. It was the connection that grounded me and let me find peace. Over the years, I came to need the sense of not being alone. Of all the voices I ever wished to hear again, his was the one I most wanted and the only one that never came to me.

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I could only hope he, unlike the other ghosts and spirits who vied for my attention, had found a peace in death that did not need my input. Running feet clattered on the sidewalk outside the fence.

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Sharp cries of anger disturbed the still morning, cutting through even the clamor of voices inside my skull. The shout brought my head up from contemplation of the green carpet of grass where I knelt. Tears, caused by the intrusion of the siren voices in my head, already covered my face. Voices of the dead always called to me, painfully loud and incessant when death came too close.

Pain watered my eyes, made it hard to breathe.

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I searched out the source of the shouting. It was happening again. Another bit of Faith and Love cut down for the crime of simply existing. The Angel met my gaze just as the bullet took him between the shoulder blades, between his wings. Blood dribbled out the corner of his mouth and he fell. I watched him crumple, but all my tears were spent. I had none left for him. At least his death was quick.

The voices grew to a crescendo, making me gasp and clutch at my splitting head.


Nausea swelled, my vision blackened; then, as suddenly as it started, the song stopped. For a moment, the world held its breath with me. I spread my fingers in the soft new blades of grass in front of me. Snowbells pushed their heads from the loam between my thumb and forefinger and opened their petals to the weak sun.

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  7. This gift of life only came to me through the agonizing pain of the voices. He told me to save my gift for a better cause and not waste it on a whore and junkie. He could call himself whatever he liked. He was still my brother. The headstone took my weight as I rose, the granite rough and cold under my fingers despite the weak spring light struggling through the overcast sky.

    There would be no headstone for the fallen Angel. Curious watchers and souvenir seekers already surrounded the corpse across the cemetery but I took my time. The vultures turned and watched me. What they had witnessed frightened them, yet left them spellbound by the shadow that had passed so close but this time left them untouched. I wanted to reach out to those young ones even as mothers pulled them back, veined hands on their shoulders, rough words in their ears.

    No one believed any more.

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    Belief was luxury in a dying world. Supple feathers, lifted by thin fingers of wind, added their soft susurration to the jangle of sound inside me but did nothing to ease the dissonance. I took one young girl by the hand and helped her to rise.

    I could only smile sadly and push matted hair out of her face. The sleepless bruises under her eyes and dirt smudged across one hollow cheek told me she had no adult to hold her back. There might be hope for her.