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Room by room, follow these tips to be an energy saving renter!

Customize Windows Power Options

Believe it or not, there are ways to make your kitchen more energy efficient. Even if the main appliances are already installed which they typically are , you can still practice some energy saving habits. Water usage is important to keep in mind for renters. For first-time renters, discovering all the tips and tricks to maintaining an apartment can seem like a daunting task. These are small changes to living habits, but these energy efficiency tips will help create a more sustainable and green lifestyle that is better for the environment and your wallet!

Top 10 Energy Saving Tips

We were going to try for things, but honestly, it starts getting really tough around 85 — maybe next year! This is a bit of a cheeky one! This is such a lovely idea — well done all involved! I shall try to absorb a few of these into my daily life! Thanks as always — Deidre. If you have any other energy saving tips that we may of missed from our list please add them down here so they can be shared with our other users.

No repetition — good effort! I imagine as your were nearing that became pretty difficult! Although I do agree with Heston above, longer in bed with the misus always seems to do the trick for me hahaha. Good spot — 20 and 72 are the same — we shall have to rename the blog! Also cook in large batches and freeze portions for microwaving later.

I like this article as I really shows how many ways there are to save energy at home, some of them many of us probably do not realize. It seems like many people do not understand how much the energy they use at home impacts their budget and the environment. Sometimes making simple investments like buying a led bulb instead of a traditional one, buying an energy saving washing machine, dishwasher or a kettle makes a significant diference in our budget. Switchin off non-essential items and not using the clothes drier when there is sunshine out is the absolute minimum of tings responsible individuals can do.

Also in biodynamics they believes that at night the earth breaths in and during the day breaths out. Which sort of makes sense when you think about it. I remember a tip to put a filled water bottle in the toilet tank. For example, a full ml. Simple trick nicely adds up.

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Use timers on exhaust fans in bathrooms. This saves electricity and reduces the risk of fire from an overheating fan motor. Not recommended is you get domestic hot water from your boiler. Store electric oil filled radiators somewhere warm so that they heat up quicker. Proper coffee and some teas like lower temperature water, race the kettle to switch it off or get one that heats to 70C. Check how many watts all of your AV off that one socket is using when on standby. Charge your mobile phone and cycle lights up at work. Convince everyone in the family to sport short hair: quicker showers and no hair dryers, straighteners etc.

That way waste heat in the kettle will pre-heat the cold water from the tap. This needs a bit of fettling to get the settings right.

31 Ways to Save Energy in Your Home

Any less and there is insufficient difference to heat the water. Any more and the water at the top of the water tank will be too hot. We set tank at 47C and boiler at 62C. With respect to 33 and 55 I think 15 minutes of unwatched TV uses similar energy as a day on standby W on vs 1W at standby. It is very simple, but every Sunday we cook most of the meals for the week. Not only does it save time when you get home from work in the evening but also we save energy!

Can also cook in bulk — i. Also number 17 is an absolute no brainer. This is a great list of energy saving tips by the way, must have been a long team meeting to come up with them!! Surely that would be the biggest way to save energy at home if the energy companies passed on these savings. Instead I bet when oil prices do go up they will continue to increase prices and neglect to mention they are at the lowest levels for over a decade. Honestly, DECC go on about trying to help home owners help lower energy bills.

If you ever speak to the team at energy saving trust you will know the whole bloody lot of them should do a different job, maybe testing grenades?! Very impressed with this list of energy saving tips! I think it covers everything. Impressed you manage to come up though! Does 91 actually save energy though?

Surely it just saves printer ink?! Hi Laura, fair point! You got us! This is the most amazing list! Thanks for sharing. We are currently teaching the kids in our class about energy saving and this is a great resource to start with. It is very simple, but lots of great ideas.

Thanks LeslieG, glad it helped! Good work teaching your kids about energy saving — will serve them well going forward! If you need specific resources for schools we also have them available — these are designed to make learning fun and engaging, but with some useful advice thrown in too! What a great extensive list! These are really effective tips in order to reduce energy bills. Good job guys, I have covered the same topic.

Energy, let's save it!

We all should do our bit to conserve energy. I am so much with point When go to bed at night turn off the tv, cable appliance and wireless, from standby, really turn off. Marked your tips. You should always unplug your appliances when they are not in use. Even if they are turned off, they still consume electricity, which leads to higher electricity bills. Newsletter Sign-up. About Us Contact Us. Toggle navigation.

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