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Feb 27, Trisha Harrington rated it it was amazing Shelves: cover-love , 5-stars , kids-and-family-stuff , gay-for-you , this-is-what-i-call-true-love , friends-to-lovers , coming-out , sweet , abused-characters , loved. This was a really nice gay for you. It was also one of the most realistic ones I have read in a long time. One of the things I really enjoyed about this was it wasn't just the straight character who had issues adjusting. But the gay character, too.

I think the way the relationship between Bo and Erick developed was not only very realistic, but also, very sweet. I think people will be kind of fooled by this book. The cover is amazing and it doesn't really give away how much serious stuff is in thi This was a really nice gay for you. The cover is amazing and it doesn't really give away how much serious stuff is in this book. Bo and Erick had their issues. Those issues stemmed from their pasts and they were real. I think the way everything was dealt with was perfect.

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Nothing felt overly rushed or that unbelievable. It also explained some things about the characters. I won't give anything away, but one of my tags does give a bit of a spoiler.

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So let's just say, this book will not be for everyone. There was an element of family in this. I liked it. The sister-in-law was a really cool, strong female character. I did love how she handled the men in the family, too. If you don't mind a gay for you story, or want something that feels realistic, then this might be the one for you.

There are a mixture of nice, sweet moments and of darker ones. But this book deals with everything perfectly. And I highly recommend it. Sep 28, Amy rated it really liked it Shelves: lgbtq. A very sweet gay-for-you story! Unable to deny their connection, they become fast friends. I enjoyed watching their relationship develop into something more.

Lots of great dialog, strong slow-building storyline, and minimal sex. Loved it!! Feb 18, Natalie rated it really liked it Shelves: flamboyant-guys , gfy-ofy , friends-to-lovers. This book does a wonderful job of building a friendship between Bo and Erick. I loved that the narration is heavy on dialogue men do talk! This is light on sex but we still get to witness the intimacy between the main characters. Sweet and satisfying. Feb 11, Camille Adams rated it liked it Shelves: m-m-rom-erotica , gay-for-you.

Nevertheless, all in all, a really good read. Jan 16, Stephanie rated it liked it Shelves: mm. Sweet story but it didn't blow me away. Both Mcs were likable. I liked it when Bo finally stood up to his father to become his own man and start his own business. Overall, I was hoping for more. This was a sweet GFY friends to lovers story. Character driven, where the two MC's actually spend more time talking and forging a relationship rather than just having sex.

Looking forward to more from this author. Feb 11, Major English Laura rated it really liked it Shelves: sex , gfy. Also similar sounding to the free story "Louder than Sirens, Louder than Bells. But how uncanny? This book really had so much potential from my point of view. I really absolutely loved the first half of it. This is the story of Bo, a 24 year old "straight" construction worker and Erick, a gay graduate student, who meet one night at a frat party. Erick is rather feminine looking, but is not in female clothing or makeup, and Bo thinks Erick is a girl at first.

However, Bo realizes that Erick is in fact male, and then tries to avoid Erick at the frat party. However, Erick then meets Bo outside and they begin talking and talk for hours and hours, not just making small talk, bur having a really insightful and meaningful conversation. And thats what I loved about the first part of this book. It felt really romantic - the characters hung out and talked and talked on the phone, and although they were physically attracted to each other, they didn't jump the gun.

They talked and built an emotional connection before they started anything physical. And it just felt right to read. However, all the talking, in the second half of the book, is what turned me off a bit. The relationship between Bo and Erick was going so well and I felt like it was really romantic and charming, but then I feel like the second half of the book is a completely different book altogether. In the second half of the story, or there about, at one point Erick says something to Bo and Mac about his and Bo's relationship that is just plain stupid to say. I mean, I know this is a review, but I don't know what other word to say than stupid.

Basically he said something that hurt Bo and from then on, I really felt like this couple lost their spark altogether. Also, there is a domestic and sexual abuse aspect to this story that I didnt see coming. I don't think it was over the top in anyway, but want to alert the reader in case it is a trigger. At one point, Bo keeps making comparisons of himself to Erick's abuser and even apologizes to Erick for interfering in the abusive situation, even though he very may well have saved Erick's life.

Also, the reason why Erick refused to call the police after the dangerous situation made absolutely no sense. And this was all annoying to me. And all this talking about the abuse, and since this all happened after the little incident with Erick saying something stupid, again, in the second half of the book, I feel like this book really dropped off and all the talking that I loved at the first half of the book turned into long, drawn out, overly convuluted conversations where I feel like the characeters lost their spark and their joy.

Which was too bad. I feel like Bo was so into the relationship and I feel like Erick just couldn't fight for it. I know Erick, emotionally had some problems, but he was so strong and Bo really admired him and Erick just felt like a different character to me towards the end. They both did in a way. And their relationship just fizzled out for me and I feel like there needed to be more time towards the end to settle it all out rather than just end the story when the characters' relationship just felt so off.

I wonder if this book was written almost in two pieces, months apart and maybe that is why it felt very disjointed between the first half and second half of the book. So I feel like this is a shame, I really loved the first half of the book and really thought I'd put it on my favorites list, but after reading the second half of the book and the lousy, tiny epilogue, i really have to bump this down from what could have been a five star book to a 3.

Mar 10, Kelly H. Maybedog rated it it was amazing Recommended to Kelly H. Maybedog by: Lauraadriana. Shelves: where-grr-mine , why-favorite-mm , what-abuse , when-review , what-gfy , what-mm , how-ebook , what-lgbtq , where-amazon-obtained , kindle-lendable. Choices and Changes wasn't exactly what I expected and I was both surprised and pleased with how good it was.

I expected something like Plan B with the "straight" protagonist struggling with his attraction and trying desperately to deny it while at the same time using the other MC. I liked that book a lot but the straight character angered me to no end. This was so not the case here. Both men were mature about what was happening. It was difficult for both of them and they took it extremely slo Choices and Changes wasn't exactly what I expected and I was both surprised and pleased with how good it was.

It was difficult for both of them and they took it extremely slowly, but neither played mind games with the other, neither pretended to be something they weren't or made promises they couldn't keep. As a result, I loved both of them. He acknowledged that something had to be latent within him, that he had to be bisexual at least, because people don't just decide to start loving their same gender overnight.

When the darkness from their pasts come to light, I cried, and I liked how Erick's history fit into the story and how it explained why he was in a relationship like this. The whole thing was beautiful and mature and I'm in love with the two boys. Oh, and God that cover is hot. Happy ending? May 18, Lelyana rated it really liked it Shelves: abused , mm , gfy , heart-warming , stand-alone , , rape , secrets.

This he kind of book I craved for entertainment. Low angst, sweet and the chemistry between Bo and Erick is strong. I'm glad that Bo didn't busy with his denials that he's not gay some authors can make it cute with denials, some are not. And Erick, he's so adorable you cannot not loving him. This is is a very enjoyable, cute read.

And the plus point , this was unputdownable. Oct 16, Lala rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary-romance , m-m , dumb-but-i-still-liked-it , , insta-love. And cute. Too much talking Mar 29, Annika rated it really liked it Shelves: read , new-adult , romance , gfy , audio , contemporary , mm , read , read , abuse. Audiobook review I loved this book.

I loved the simplicity of it. There was no unnecessary drama for the sake of it. It was just life and all the twists and turns, ups and downs that come with it, and I loved every minute of it. Bo is dragged to a college party by his best friend and is reluctantly trying to have a good time.

That is until he sees her. The One. The is only one problem. She is not a she. She is Erick, Audiobook review I loved this book.

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She is Erick, a psychology student and a man. Only Erick follows him and they strike up a conversation, a conversation that lasts all night and is brutally honest and real. They start something that night that neither of them is sure of. They have this instant connection, but are unsure what to make of it. If they can trust it — or each other.

The relationship is a slow-burn one, and watching them grow into the relationship was beautiful. One of my favourite things in books is when I can believe in the story and the characters. Give me flawed, insecure or scarred characters — human characters and I will be truly happy. Belanger delivered that in spades. Choices and changes is the one and only published book by this author as far as I know at least. If she ever decides to publish more books I will happily read them.

Jonathan Waters end up in the okay column for his narration of this book. A huge plus for me is when the narrators adds feeling to what they narrate and not only reads the words. Waters did that really well. The only thing I wished for was more distinction between the voices, at times it could be a bit difficult to follow who was speaking.

Choices and Changes: Motivating Healthy Behaviors, Windsor, January 30,

This book is real, everything about it is genuine. A copy of this book was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Note: This audiobook was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviews in exchange for an impartial review. Bo, who is almost 25, is done with that scene. When he spots a hot blonde woman across the Note: This audiobook was provided to me by the publisher through Hearts on Fire Reviews in exchange for an impartial review.

The two talk and find they have a few things in common so when the party spills out onto the balcony later, they decide to go somewhere for coffee and conversation. This is the start of several weeks of good companionship and conversation and the two men discover that they can be friends. As the story unfolds, we learn more about Erick who is a struggling grad student majoring in psychology. But the men move forward despite the issues going on in their personal lives.

Bo is able to overcome his need to please everyone but himself, finally manning up to his father and taking charge of his own life. In turn, Erick is coming to terms with taking a risk on a future with Bo. View 1 comment. Jan 13, Eli Easton rated it it was amazing. This was my first book my K.

I was impressed with it. I loved how both characters were mature and smart and they talked so much about what was going on in their relationship and what they wanted. It was like the anti-miscommunication book. And I really needed that! The blurb indicates this is a gfy romance where the hetero guy initially mistakes the guy for a girl. That's true, but it's only the very first look at the 'girl' in which he's mistaken. He essentially sees a girl from acr This was my first book my K. He essentially sees a girl from across the room, has a moment of insta-love, in which he's already thinking "she's the one", before realizing she's a he.

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The plot is much more realistic and complex than it sounds. Initially deciding to just write it off as a mix-up, the hetero MC Bo ends up talking to the other guy Erick and going out to coffee with him. This begins a slow burn no more insta-love in which these two characters are really draw to each other, but neither knows what to make of it.

A lot of communication about their thoughts and feelings is involved and eventually, they move on to a physical relationship. One MC is a psychology major so the dialog is intelligent and involves a deeper look at the dynamics of relationships and the purpose we have in each other's lives rather than just "I like you" or "I'm hot for you", like the typical romance book.

I also liked the way the family and friends situation was handled.

Sierra Hull 2016-10-23 Choices And Changes

When it comes down to it, Bo accepts his relationship is important to him, comes out, and takes the hit with his family. This isn't a steamy book and the sex is either off page entirely or a few lines of description. I, for one, didn't miss it. A smart read and very enjoyable. I'll be looking for more from this author.

Jan 20, Day-thief rated it did not like it Shelves: plot-schmot , few-or-no-sex-scenes , mm , dnf. This gay-for-you story lured me in because, for once, the supposedly straight MC acknowledges his attraction right away. Unnecessary angst-fest averted, yay! But what follows is so mediocre in every aspect writing, plot, characters, dialogue!

There's so much I could complain about in detail, I just can't be bothered. Let's mention one thing: why, o why, would these too endure weeks! Repeatedly, the authors tells us, that there are erections present. And no, both MCs are not into edging. Ugh, it's all so stupid. May 27, Christina Marie rated it really liked it Shelves: friends-to-lovers , could-not-stop-smiling , first-time , coming-out , m-m-romance , rainy-day-rereads , adorable , made-me-cry.

I loved this book so hard. It made me cry, it made me grin like an idiot, but mostly it kept me smiling. I thought that Choices and Changes was well written, witty, and refreshing. Once there he sees a girl from a distance, time stops, and he immediately falls in lust. A few seconds later he realizes that the lust of his life who he had already decided was the future Mrs. Sanford is a man, and that he should have worn his gla I loved this book so hard. Sanford is a man, and that he should have worn his glasses to the party.

They make eye contact, Bo discovers he is still very attracted to the mystery man, and naturally he turns tail and runs. Slow clap for a dramatic exit. Our mystery man, Erick, is amazing. Eric is so nice, calm, and collected. He handles Bo really well, and I love him immediately. Erick comes off as completely put together, almost perfect. Bo is a rude prick in this first encounter with Erick. Although, he did have me questioning whether or not he was going to be a likeable character.

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Thankfully, Bo redeems himself quickly. He ends up being wonderfully self aware and able to grow as a character. Character growth gives me a lady boner so I was pleased. My absolute favorite thing about Bo is that he has these moments where he info dumps all over people. They are such satisfying explosions of emotion, and they are epic. Only because it drives me slowly insane when the confused party has the tendency to obsessively compare his interest to a girl. I find it really distracting. Bo only did this a few times, it was in the beginning, and I suppose it ended up working with the progression of his character since the comparisons dwindled as he came to terms with his feelings.

They progressed naturally. Their relationship grew over time. Which allowed Bo to deal with how he was feeling. And he was nowhere near perfect in how he did. He was abrasive at first due to his initial shock. Once he decided to be friends with Erick that subsided, he stopped snapping, and shit got real. The more time Bo spent with Erick the more I felt like I was being attacked by a serious case of butterflies. There are some really hot moments, but mostly the sexual tension in this is subtle.

I thought it was all really sweet and heartfelt. I kept sighing. Anyway, it all fits well with the tone and events of the book, and anything more probably would have made me cringe due to some of the circumstances. I mean A LOT. I thought it was great. The dialogue was lovely and succinct. Erick and Bo communicate from the very beginning. They read body language, asked questions, and worked that shit out. Choices and Changes focuses on Bo, Erick, and their relationship. It is very character focused.

But it was still intense. They have to deal with problems involving secrets, friends, family, abuse, and evil fathers. This was such a great story. Readers also enjoyed. About K. Belanger has always had a love affair with words, so it just seemed natural she would grow up to use those words to paint a portrait of a love affair; of romance and passion and the struggle of the heart to overcome all the obstacles the world throws in the path of those who—by choice or design—dare to walk a different path.

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