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Showing all 1, items. Also, the phrase "Follow the white rabbit" appears on Neo's computer. Wizard, get me the hell out of here. Hellstrom does. Miyagi upon his realization that he has in fact been karate training in The Karate Kid Another movie called They Live also featured a mind-bending and reality altering plot with humans living in a fake world while being kept as slaves by a highly evolved enemy, in which sunglasses were used in order to spot the enemies.

Wizard get me out of here. Keanu Reeves is in both movies, which both feature noir action and sci-fi elements. Jackass: Episode 1. Phoenix Nights: Episode 1. Whose Line Is It Anyway? Another reference is made later when a character says "This could destroy the very matrix of reality" implying in the future, they're all in the matrix from this film. You know, like in The Matrix. This ability was passed on to the character Vamp. Mom", while Billy's mom and Grim do battle with each other, the music heard during this scene comes from this movie.

How about like, something like The Matrix'. Dinner for Five: Episode 2. Good Bye Lenin!

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Train Episode 1. Later, Dragon demonstrates Trinity's famous suspended crane kick using an office chair. Also, before the lobby firefight, Nick says "OK, come to Neo". The director is a huge fan of The Matrix and references it frequently in his films. Kill Bill: Vol. The way she throws Elle on the bathroom wall when they fight.

Also, The Bride's hotel room number is , just like neo's. Bad Girls: Episode 6. The Venture Bros. This part was taken from Matrix when Neo is running away from the agents in the last scenes before he "stops the bullets in mid-air" in the appartments. The Thick of It: Episode 1. Born to Kill? Top Gear: Episode 7. Also, a vampire dodges a toaster just like Neo dodges a bullet.

SOG- Shades Of Gray Science Fiction Action Adventure Mystery Serial Series

The Simpsons: Kill Gil, Vol. The O. Also this film is about different realities. Dancing with the Stars: Episode 6. The Matrix has you. Agents on your right. Screenwipe: Episode 4. American Dad! Big Bang: Episode 1. Anderson" in the "Fatalism: The Game" level. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode 7. He entered the Guinness Book of Records for watching Matrix during hours, 27 minutes and 34 seconds. He thinks Cyprien is The One.

RuPaul's Drag Race: M. Anderson," before shooting Donny. Top Gear Australia: Episode 2. Bollywood Hero: Episode 1. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode 4. Lots of guns. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire: Episode 8. The Drawn Together Movie! The Graham Norton Show: Episode 7. Scott Pilgrim vs. Mischievous Kiss: Episode 1. Exactly the same, except the black and orange of the cover illustration are switched.

Howard's first published story, Spear and Fang. Email Girasol Collectables at: info girasolcollectables. Except these are printed on acid-free paper and guaranteed not to crumble into dust while you read them. Adventure House will bring you some of the scarcest pulps imaginable in this great new series, reprinting them as the reading public saw them on the newsstands, at a fraction of their current collectors prices. Pulp replica - full color covers, complete with all ads, illustrations and facsimile pages.

Tainted by dark sorcery, he begins a perilous journey across the desert to a city of outlaw sorcerers in order to control his magic before it consumes his soul! Volume 3 will be available in bookstores November 29, Sculpted by Shawn Nagle and inspired by the art of Brad Gorby, the masked heroine stands 15" tall on an Art Deco-styled base.

Strictly limited, The Blue Bulleteer is individually numbered and is packaged in a full-color box. Comes painted and ready to display. Scheduled to ship in December The death of H. Lovecraft propels the pulp era's greatest writers and rivals Walter The Shadow Gibson and Lester Doc Savage Dent into a real-life adventure even greater than the ones they imagine.

Among the characters appearing in the book are L. Thanks to Paul Malmont for the above information and to Howard Hopkins for sending it to me. Conan and the Demons of Khitai 2 of 4 - Available in comic shops November 2nd! Having traveled to the exotic land of Khitai, King Conan learns that his mysterious invitation came from Shinzen, the greatest warrior in the Far East, who has gone mad and stolen the most prized relic in Khitai-the obsidian sword Hakkiba, the Blade of Balance.

Despite warnings that Shinzen is an insurmountable opponent, Conan sets out for the haunted monastery where Shinzen now resides, determined to confront this mad warrior. Uber-artist Pat Lee provides the cover. Howard's best-known tales. Award-winning writer Kurt Busiek and artists Cary Nord and Dave Stewart render the glorious suspense of Howard's beloved "The God in the Bowl" in all its terrifying detail, as well as introducing not only Conan's most famed adversary, Thoth-amon, but a new female foil to Conan's exploits-Janissa the Widowmaker, bound by a pact to a witch who has sinister plans for Conan.

Collecting issues 7, 9- 14 of the Dark Horse series. The author of the bestselling NUMA and Dirk Pitt series returns with an all-new novel of adventure and intrigue featuring his unbeatable hero of the high seas-Juan Cabrillo. Cabrillo and his motley crew aboard the clandestine spy ship Oregon have made a very comfortable and very dangerous living working for high-powered Western interests.

But their newest clients have come from the Far East to ask for Cabrillo's special brand of assistance: a consortium of Japanese shipping magnates whose fortunes are being threatened by brutal pirates trolling the waters of Southeast Asia. Normally, such attacks on the high seas are limited to smaller ships and foreign-owned yachts-easy targets on the open ocean. Now, however, giant commercial freighters are disappearing.

But when Cabrillo confronts the enemy, he learns that the pirates' predations hide a deadly international conspiracy-a scheme of death and slavery that Juan Cabrillo is going to blow out of the water. Next week's review will be "Murder By Magic" from the August issue. Blackmask Online: Nothing new this week. In , H. Lovecraft made several lists of both literary and popular stories "having the greatest amount of truly cosmic horror and macabre convincingness.

We present Lovecraft's own favorites horror stories, including some well-known classics, alongside of a number of excellent rare tales by forgotten authors. Many of these stories are classics, inspiring several generations since of the world's best horror authors.

Whitehead, Algernon Blackwood, H. Arnold, and other leading masters of the horror genre. Includes newspaper interviews where he discusses his favorite tales, and Lovecraft's essay going into more detail about his favorite authors. Johnny Hayden and Doug Rance had a scheme to take real estate entrepreneur Wallace Gunderman for all he was worth.

But they needed a girl on the inside to make it work. Gunderman had promised to marry her, but never came through. Farrell Detective Matt Cordell was happily married once, and gainfully employed, and sober. But that was before he caught his wife cheating on him with one of his operatives and took it out on the man with the butt end of a. Since the room holds 65, it's possible that the event will fill up quickly, so you may want to show up early if you want to be sure of getting in.

Costumes are welcome though not required. Hard case Crime will have copies of the readers' books for sale and the authors will be glad to sign them for you at the end of the event. The first and the greatest of all giant monsters, King Kong, is dramatically captured in this statue, inspired by the pre-production art for the classic film! This beautifully detailed, hand-painted statue stand over 14" tall with base, and depicts the monarch of Skull Island atop the Empire State Building's dome cap, with the beauty, Ann Darrow, in hand, a smashed biplane gripped in the other.

The first 1, statues will be a limited edition with a special golden Kong icon drawn by Joe and stamped on the bottom of each base. Painted and ready for display. BVP has room for 48 tables, and has already sold As one of the "golden age" era of comic book artists, his illustrations for magazines, including The Shadow and Doc Savage, have influenced the pop art school. He studied at the Art Students League, where he later taught from to Kinstler ultimately made the transition to portraitist, and soon established himself as one of the nation's foremost portrait painters.

For over four decades, Kinstler also has devoted time to painting landscapes and watercolors. Kinstler's life and artwork are the subjects of two recently published books. He began his career at the age of sixteen as a comic book illustrator. During the 50's he illustrated numerous children's books, including the popular 'Pippi Longstocking' series. He is listed in 'Illustrators of Children Books. His career led him for a short sojourn as a court reporter for Life magazine. The covers for Time magazine enhanced his career as a portrait painter, and he is a member of the 'American Portrait Society.

For more information e-mail Rich Harvey, publisher at boldventurepress aol. This is the original magazine version of "The Cave Girl". Fully illustrated. This is the original pulp magazine version of "The Cave Man". This is the original magazine version of "The Mad King" which comprised the first half of the book version of the same name. The text is the original magazine version, which comprised the second half of the book version of "The Mad King". Come back to the jungle with Tarzan of the Apes and read about his battle with Sabor, the tiger! The original, unedited text from the very first appearance of the story!

This is the original book version. Fully illustrated with the artwork from the original book. This is the original magazine version of "Thuvia, Maid of Mars". Fully illustrated by J. Allen St. The story follows the invasion of the Earth by creatures from the Moon. The text used is the original pulp magazine text.

Fully illustrated with the original artwork from the magazine. ADVENTURE, the first volume of an annual anthology of original fiction in the spirit of early twentieth-century pulp fiction magazines, features stories from all genres, promising both literary sophistication and pulse-pounding action.

Adventure House has announced a new line of pulp reprint anthologies. All 16 issues will be reprinted for the very first time in two complete hardbound volumes. Thrilling Detective Heroes The details are coming soon! Into the soulless domain of the gray apes; into the jungle city of Dargh-Abar—where man was slave and beast was king—stormed a wrathful Ki-Gor to pit muscle and guile against the brute strength and simian cunning of a power-mad ape army. They were strange creatures - grayish-skinned beings who could see in the darkness like wild cats, and who fought steel bullets with ancient bows and arrows!

Who were they? Why did they roam No-Man's Land in the dead of night? Why did they ride war skies on dynamite death wings? G-8 took up their trail grimly, and hurtled straight into the deadliest snare ever set in the horror cloud lanes! An envoy of the king arrives to secure and spread such harmony all along the Westermarck - bringing with him his headstrong daughter, Alanya, whose free spirit catches the attention of Kral, a Pictish warrior just coming of age. Meeting in secret, they forge an unlikely bond.

But, when tragedy befalls his clan, and a sacred crown is stolen, Kral, aided by Alanya and a circle of allies, embarks on a quest against those who destroyed his people, and the tyrant who took the precious Teeth of the Ice Bear! By Brian K. For the first time in the illustrious illustrated history of Michael Chabon Presents The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist, the mysterious Luna Moth takes center stage! Kicking it off is a stunning image of our heroine by regular cover artist Brian Bolland. Writer Brian K. Vaughan returns with the second installment of their ongoing feature "The Escapists.

Next, Luna Moth takes her faithful readers on a mind-bending tour of "The Library of Consciousness" as curated by the good Messrs. Howard Chaykin and hot new artist Jed Dougherty. Decades worth of Luna Moth incarnations materialize and battle over a malicious sprite, but why? CONTENTO This is the most comprehensive index ever published of contributions to magazines in the field of fantastic literature speculative fiction including science fiction, fantasy and weird fiction. But where it stands utterly unique is, in addition, recording the contents of perhaps hundreds of semi-professional and amateur publications which carried an important regimen of fantasy fiction.

Indexed are contributions to 1, different magazine titles, a total of 15, separate issues, with contributions by 25, writers. Indexed are , stories and serial segments, 20, poems, and 39, articles and columns. Miller explains in his Preface. We give you data on magazines that were never published but that were assembled.

We cover the rarest of the rare and the obscurest of the obscure. Ashcan issues do exist and are indexed here. Important rare fanzines are listed. It's all here. Its appearance marks a milestone in the scholarship and bibliography of science fiction, fantasy, and weird fiction. Coming soon! A new trade paperback series of Lost Treasures from the Pulps is coming soon!

In addition to illustrating the upcoming Conan mini-series "Conan and the Songs of the Dead," Tim Truman will also be the fill-in artist for Conan 26 and Conan 26 and 27 are written by regular scripter Kurt Busiek. Rafael Kayanan is also working on an upcoming issue. Howard characters. Howard's original Conan yarn, "The Hall of the Dead. All this attention-getting sets a rogue as wily as Conan on his tail, and if that wasn't enough, the Cimmerian's ways might just place him on the business end of an entire army.

The ultimate battle begins as King Conan crosses blades with the demonic swordsman who has been terrorizing the kingdom of Khitai from his haunted monastery. Hoping to find the answers to the missing pieces of his life, George sets out for the ancient city. Once in Rome, he learns from Rosa the enthralling story of their distant ancestor, Regina, an iron-willed genius determined to preserve her family as the empire disintegrates around her. It was Regina who founded the cult, which has mysteriously survived and prospered below the streets of Rome for almost two millennia.

The Order, says Rosa, is her real family. They are all so young and so very much alike. Wells' classic novel of the same name had fallen into government hands? That's the question that led Stephen Baxter to create this modern-day sequel, which combines a basic Wellsian premise with a Baxteresque universe-spanning epic.

The Time Traveller, driven by his failure to save Weena from the Morlocks, sets off again for the future. But this time the future has changed, altered by the very tale of the Traveller's previous journey. Imaginatively created from the true lives and real events. A petty crook puts on the suit, becomes clever, strong, and rich, and experiences some mind-bending adventures in space. Because Old Earth treats its women as subservient, they have no female ambassadors, but Angelo and Vincent are gay—or "gentle"—and though they are shunned by the dictatorial government they serve, they're the only negotiators acceptable to the Amazonian rulers.

The two men arrive ostensibly to return stolen art, a show of goodwill that will hopefully reopen long-stalled diplomacy between the two governments. In truth, they have been sent in an effort to secure, by any means necessary, the secret to the mysterious power source that runs Amazonia. Playing the deceitful powers against each other, however, Angelo and Vincent are really working toward an agenda of their own, one that will decide the fate of humanity itself.

Their quest for a safer home tangles with their society's own quest for safety, as the descendents of an artificial intelligence and the genetically engineered crew battle for control to save the ship from an impending supernova. In our time, three people who can alter the course of fate, a murky past, and the dreams of a decaying city at the end of time are brought together by a newspaper ad and into the hands of collectors of their kind. Back in the future, the strange characters include keepers and the Librarian, who seek to protect history, and others who welcome Chaos.

As the lines of fate and possibility collapse toward inevitability, the three fateshifters resort to the tenuous protection of a Seattle warehouse full of books as a storm that threatens to destroy everything approaches. If the trio survives and holds onto memory through the disaster, memory will begin again, the long decay of reality will end, and mysteries will be solved in the eye of the storm. The answer is evil and all too human, as governments put the kids in camps to protect regular folks from imagined dangers.

Mitch and Kaye, scientists whose daughter Stella is swept up in the fray, become unwillingly involved in the politics that erupt around the issue of the new humans. Meantime, in Soviet Georgia, Kaye Lang, a microbiologist, is investigating a massacre site, where pregnant women were exterminated. These events relate by way of elliptical scientific reasoning to a retrovirus being hunted by U. Called SHEVA, it causes genetic mutations in embryos and may also be an agent of evolution, ushering into being a new race of humans.

Now a daring expedition plans to do the impossible: return the Jurassic giants to the wild. Two filmmakers, a circus trainer, a journalist, and a young Peter Belzoni must find a way to take the dinosaurs across oceans, continents, rivers, jungles, up a mountain that has been isolated for 70, years Exploration shows that it is divided into seven man-made, hollowed-out chambers, indicating that it had been inhabited. Scientists discover that it was built by Earth people, but in the far distant future, and that a nuclear war is imminent.

It becomes crucial that theoretical mathematician Patricia Vasquez discover why the former habitants left and where they went. As political rivals, inhuman alien intelligences, and travelers from alternate worlds meet in a corridor of possibilities, the destiny of the world hinges on the fragility of human choice. Naked, disoriented, and forced by extreme temperature and gravity fluctuations to find safety somewhere among a confusing network of passageways, the man eventually receives help from an odd assortment of fellow Dreamtime refugees. Taking stock of their surroundings, while avoiding onboard killing machines, the gang quickly realizes the starship has given them each a unique role to play, including discovering collectively why the ship has been seriously damaged and cast aside from its mission to seek out habitable worlds.

While opposing political factions on Mars battle for the support of colonists, scientists make a staggering scientific breakthrough that at once fuels the conflict and creates a united Mars front, as the technically superior Earth tries to take credit for it. Backed against a wall, colonial leaders are forced to make a monumental decision that changes the future of Mars forever.

That crime and that question lead a biotransformed policewoman to a jungle of torture and forgotten gods; a writer to the Bohemian shadows of a vast city; and a scientist directly into the mind - into the nightmare soul - of the psychopath himself. Yet when cutting-edge researcher Hal Cousins travels deep below the ocean's surface in a two-man submersible, seeking primitive lifeforms that may hold the key to immortality, his pilot attacks him. Barely surviving, Hal maneuvers the sub to the surface--and finds a fellow scientist has shot up his research ship.

Then his lab is destroyed, his twin brother leaves a mysterious message saying they're both being pursued by an unknown force, and his sister-in-law calls to tell him his twin, who is also researching life extension, has been murdered. Someone or something has already discovered the secret of eternal life. It has immense power and influence, and it will stop at nothing to protect its secret.

The last P. Little does Lou know that the search is going to put her up against a murderous tycoon, brutal police, her abusive ex-husband, and a powerful AI-or that Kid is far, far more than he seems. Their prey is the Aleph--an unknowable alien artifact that roamed and ruled Ganymede for countless millennia. Indescribable, infinitely dangerous, the Aleph haunts men's dreams and destroys all efforts to terraform Ganymede into a habitable planet.

Now in a modern world ancient struggle is joined, as a boy seeks manhood, a man seeks enlightenment, and a society seeks the power to rule the universe. Eventually, it began engulfing ancient civilizations in its never-ending roaming across the expanse of time and space. When it reaches the edge of Earth's solar system, three scientists, Benjamin Knowlton, his wife Channing, and their friend and colleague Kingsley Dart, take on the fight to prevent the black hole, named Eater, from annihilating the Earth.

He persuades Mission Control to let him put it in a large fissure he discovered, so it would be even more effective. They let him. In the fissure, Nigel discovers strips of metal worked in obviously artificial patterns. Enter John Axelrod, eccentric billionaire and space aficionado. His Consortium launches a bare-bones Mars expedition that is closely followed by a Chinese-European attempt, and the race for Mars is on.

Landing on the Red Planet, veteran astronaut Julia Barth and her comrades run into difficulties. Their return craft has suffered serious damage and may not be repairable. Even if they can lift off, they discover that their nuclear-powered Chinese-European competitor, although launching later than they did, may have the sheer power necessary to return to Earth first. Then, after months of fruitless searching, Julia discovers evidence of life on Mars.

But the mission's brilliant robot leader, R. Daneel Olivaw, has discovered a potential enemy far deadlier--and closer--than he ever imagined. One of his own kind. One day the device malfunctions. He stumbles upon the scene of a murder about to take place. Unable to convince authorities to look into the matter, he launches his own investigation.

Unimat Incorporated is trying to stop the destruction by introducing a new building material. Special interests are up in arms. Environmentalists blame technology for the problem and want a different solution. Steel workers worry about jobs and safety. Now someone has hired a contract killer to stop the project. How can Abledan expose the killer without becoming a target? III started. Three more followed. The time is The earth is now sunless and people live underground. Report of a planet that is everything ours once was provokes an exploration ship from the Sinoeuropean Federation, tailed by ones from the Aramerussian and Samurai military empires.

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Meanwhile, an incredible energy source is detected beneath the iced-over ruins of the Inca Empire. In doing so, he becomes the pathfinder of man's destiny among the stars. The cultists intend to marry the girl to the grotesque son of their leader. Later, they make new lives for themselves in the fabulous, horrific and corrupt city of Ashamoil, where beautiful artists occasionally turn into sphinxes, babies are born half crocodile, flowers spring from freshly dead corpses and drunken priests work useless miracles.

Characters love to discuss theology, aesthetics and ethics, and they're prone to obsessive love affairs with inappropriate partners. They're also capable of committing cold-blooded and gruesome murder with little or no remorse. Joshua Kampa, is torn between two worlds—the Early Pleistocene Africa of his dreams and the twentieth-century reality of his waking life. These worlds are transposed when a government experiment sends him over a million years back in time.

Here, John builds a new life as part of a tribe of protohumans. But the reality of early Africa is much more challenging than his fantasies. With the landscape, the species, and John himself evolving, he reaches a temporal crossroads where he must decide whether the past or the future will be his present. The mothballed, never-used, joint U. On board, in addition to the movie crew, is a stowaway teenage girl, who, when the leading lady does not awaken from suspended animation, gets her big chance to become a movie queen--maybe.

Back on Earth, business mergers are threatening not only her chances, but also that of the entire voyage, as Mission Control goes bankrupt and can no longer provide the sophisticated course correction the Mary Poppins requires. Anthony's Church, driven by a compulsive urge to silence the bells. In a deserted alley, a random victim is consumed by a torrent of flames.

Tenth Doctor

And in the light of day, a man named Walt Stebbins receives a glass jar containing the preserved body of a bluebird. As Walt unravels the mystery of the bird in a jar, he will learn that the battle between good and evil is raging every day, where you would least expect it. Here, a night of bangers and ale at the local pub can result in an eternity at the Blood Pudding with the rest of the reanimated dead.

Ives, is devastated by murder and surrounded by mayhem in the midst of an uproar over and battles to possess a wondrous machine with the power to travel through Time itself. An astutely told science fiction adventure laced through and through with humanity, reflection, high escapades, drama, and coming to grips with the terrible specter of death. Southern California -- sunny days, blue skies, neighbors on flying bicycles It is a place of wonder A place rife with adventure - if one knows where to look for it. Two such seekers are the teenagers Jim Hastings and his friend, Giles Peach.

Giles was born with a wonderful set of gills along his neck and insatiable appetite for reading. Will he reach the center of the earth? Not only do they lack the seven deadly sins, they also lack original sin. And without any sort of religious framework, they have created the Christian ideal world, one that humans would be eager to study and emulate. But is it too perfect? And what role does Egtverchi, the young Lithian raised on Earth, play?

Is he an innocent victim of circumstance, or will he bring about the Dies Irae, the day of the wrath of God, upon the earth? His battle to realize his dream results in two momentous discoveries: anti-gravity and the secret of immortality. In A Life for the Stars , it is centuries later and antigravity generations have enabled whole cities to lift off the surface of the earth to become galactic wanderers. In Earthman, Come Home , the nomadic cities revert to barbarism and marauding rogue cities begin to pose a threat to all civilized worlds.

Newest Hollywood Sci Fi Movie - Latest Thriller Films

In the final novel, The Triumph of Time , historyrepeats itself as the cities once again journey back in to space making a terrifying discovery which could destroy the entire Universe. But David is a prisoner -- a captive of the colony that created him -- destined to spend the days of his life in an island-sized cylinder that circles a doomed and desperate home planet. Thousands of miles below him, a world trembles; its people cringe in terror and despair in anticipation of an impending apocalypse. And as Earth's boundaries, fate has cast one extraordinary human in the role of savior.

For David Adams has a plan -- one that will ultimately ensure the salvation of his species. Dangerously skeptical, Archer gets involved in subversion when he discovers that some fellow scientists are conducting unauthorized experiments e. The latter involves a liquid-filled spaceship-cum-submarine whose crew has been surgically modified to breathe liquid and communicate through electronic implants with the ship and one another.

The mission succeeds by the skin of its teeth with the help of sapient Jovians--free-floating entities, each the size of a small asteroid. On touchdown, he is so overwhelmed with the emotion of the moment that he utters a Navajo phrase instead of the political statement he is supposed to read. This sets off a chain reaction among the leaders and politicians on Earth.

Thus starts Bova's sprawling space opera. The expedition, seen from Jamie's point of view, is really the protagonist here. The story is filled with lots of characters of different nationalities and there's plenty of political intrigue. But even as former astronaut Paul Stavenger seeks to turn a handful of leftover government moon shelters into a full-fledged moonbase, powerful corporate forces are aligning against him. Halliday, seems determined to single-handedly turn an embittered nation around from economic, political, and social ruin.

No one could be prouder than his devoted press secretary Meric Albano. But is the President accomplishing this monumental task alone? After one of the President's rare public appearances, a derelict is found dead nearby. A derelict who not only looks like the President, but whose blood, retinas, even fingerprints match those of the man in charge. Is the real President, the man Albano swore loyalty to, still in office?

Is this part of a plot to topple American democracy? Al-Bashir has powerful allies, among them oil magnate Wendell T. Garrison, but Dan can turn to his own friends, including a female staff member who penetrates al-Bashir's organization. Among them are Malcolm Eberly, recruited by the Holy Disciples from a prison in Vienna with strict instructions to ensure the population chooses the path of righteousness.

Eberly agrees to his covert task, confident he can impose his own rule, but he finds that gaining control is harder than he thought. Holy Disciple spies continually get in his way, while one of his subordinates murders for a promotion. Blackmail, subterfuge and another planned murder pile on top of Eberly's machinations to rig an election. Racing against one another for the prize are Alex's aimless younger brother, Van the story's narrator, who's just been disowned by Martin , and legendary asteroid-miner Lars Fuchs, who detests Martin as much as Martin detests Van.

Van's expedition goes bad early on; high above Venus, colonies of alien "bugs" eat through his ship's hull, forcing him and his crew, several of whom die, to seek refuge on Fuchs's stronger craft. The Time Rangers, Apollo's chosen servants, are in charge of preserving the peace and harmony along the Time Stream, the pathway between various worlds and times, but Apollo has given them a new task—to protect Timothy Macauley, the chosen one who must become the president of the United States or else witness the destruction of humankind.

Standing in the Rangers's way are other gods: Mercury, who's working his wiles in the world of public relations; Diana, cruising New York City in the guise of an NYPD detective; Pluto, who is in the process of grooming his successor; and Dionysus, who has caused the annihilation of an alternate world. His wife spends all day with her television "family," imploring Montag to work harder so that they can afford a fourth TV wall.

Books Suggested for Discussion

Their dull, empty life sharply contrasts with that of his next-door neighbor Clarisse, a young girl thrilled by the ideas in books, and more interested in what she can see in the world around her than in the mindless chatter of the tube. When Clarisse disappears mysteriously, Montag is moved to make some changes, and starts hiding books in his home. Eventually, his wife turns him in, and he must answer the call to burn his secret cache of books. After fleeing to avoid arrest, Montag winds up joining an outlaw band of scholars who keep the contents of books in their heads, waiting for the time society will once again need the wisdom of literature.

Rarely encountered in daylight hours, their children are curious and wild; their old ones have survived since before the Sphinx first sank its paws deep in Egyptian sands. And some sleep in beds with lids Written in the s, the chronicles drip with nostalgic atmosphere--shady porches with tinkling pitchers of lemonade, grandfather clocks, chintz-covered sofas. But longing for this comfortable past proves dangerous in every way to Bradbury's characters--the golden-eyed Martians as well as the humans.

Starting in the far-flung future of , expedition after expedition leaves Earth to investigate Mars. The Martians guard their mysteries well, but they are decimated by the diseases that arrive with the rockets. Colonists appear, most with ideas no more lofty than starting a hot-dog stand, and with no respect for the culture they've displaced. Brin raises questions not only of understanding but of ethics, for a "patron" race may genetically uplift another only to indenture them. The various uplifted inhabitants of Garth must battle their overlords or face ultimate extinction.

At stake is the existence of Terran society and Earth, and the fate of the entire Five Galaxies. Nest is also being tailed by John Ross, a shining Knight of the Word who wants to keep her from the Feeders' jaws. Meanwhile, in the real world that dominates the novel, Nest Freemark is being stalked by a handsome, evil classmate who she has rejected, and a pack of surly, insurgent striking steelworkers plot a bombing at the company's Fourth of July picnic.

The boy and the bombers are unaware that they're being subconsciously manipulated by the Demon. Then the giant, forbidding Allanon revaled that the supposedly dead Warlock Lord was plotting to destory the world. The sole weapon against this Power of Darkness was the Sword of Shannara, which could only be used by a true heir of Shannara--Shea being the last of the bloodline, upon whom all hope rested.

To save the Vale, Shea fled, drawing the Skull Bearer after him But then an archeology team accidentally activates a terrible weapon: a weapon that will destroy the entire colony, and its star, if they cannot deactivate it. The Biolathe Corporation is sending a spaceship to study the dragonlike form, determine whether it is of natural or artificial origin, and, perhaps, return with a specimen. The round-trip voyage will take about three years of the crew's subjective time; meanwhile, years will have passed on Earth.

Eagerly joining the crew of three men and two women, exobiologist Sam Fisher becomes ever more obsessed with what he considers his dragon. The colony is also the source of rhapsody, a potent drug, and when a friend overdoses under odd circumstances, Vaughan suspects a connection. He and cop Jimmy Chandra set off for Verkerk's World and soon uncover a plot around a rhapsody-fueled religion. And there's no shortage of possibilities: the Gottschalk cartel is fomenting trouble among the knees in order to sell their latest armaments to the blanks; which ties in nicely with the fact that something big is brewing with the X Patriots.

And then there's the story that just falls into his lap: the one that suggests that the respected director of the New York State Mental Hospital is a charlatan Is this private nightmare the result of a massive official cover-up? Or is it somehow connected with rumours of gigantic flying monsters in the skies? Then the mysterious substance responds to music and begins to move, and Reilly becomes convinced of its sentience.

When it kills a man, scientist Roman Sacony, whose company owns the pond, is determined to utterly destroy the emerging life form, while CJ insists on trying to save it. Clearly, only a mad man or a suicidal maniac could explore its horrible secrets. All his life, Al Barker has toyed with death. So when the US lunar programme needs a volunteer to penetrate a murderous labyrinth, alien to all human comprehension, Barker's the man to do it. But what is required of Barker is that he withstand the trauma of dying, not just once, but time and time and time again Millions are dead, and the rest have been shuttled into clades.

When Rigo, who is working his way up from the poverty of the San Jose clade, is invited to travel to the asteroid being colonized with the aid of the warm-blooded plants that he has been working with, he knows that if he wants to move up in the corporate world, he must go.

Concurrently, his social-worker girlfriend decides to hide her newest case, Ibrahim, a child suffering clade-incompatibility, at Rigo's mother's place when the secret police come for him. She and Rigo discover that Rigo's reclading somehow provides the pherions Ibrahim needs to survive and that there is a conspiracy to maintain the status quo through slave pherions. Rigo has fallen into the middle of this plot and also into position to help start the revolution of reclaiming the biodiversity of the past.

Resisting enormous pressure to abort her son, Cordelia struggles to keep her unborn child--transferred to a uterine replicator--alive while thwarting plans by a ruthless opponent to murder the young emperor and assume absolute power over all of Barrayar. The suspicious impoundment of a trade fleet quickly escalates into kidnapping and murder and threatens war. Vorkosigan's superior diplomatic tact is required to keep the peace. Not only is he deformed and undersized but he has a cloned brother who gets into a jam in the free enterprise plague spot known as Jackson's Whole.

Miles tries to help his brother but ends up injured, placed on cryogenic suspension and then lost in intergalactic limbo. Swordplay and sorcery sweep sensitive, sensible year-old Ista into Chalion's border stronghold of Porifors, where enemy Roknari incursions and demons from the Fifth God's hell threaten Ista's realm, held precariously at bay by the charismatic Arhys dy Lutez. Ista's romantic quest to save Arhys and his magnetic half-brother, Illvin, teems with equal parts of unearthly magic and down-to-earth quasi-medieval lore.

Although survival in this shattered and pitiless future is difficult, Sparrow has the help of new friends. But then he gets caught up in the horrors of a struggle between two Horsemen, the last survivors of a group of powerful telepaths. The novel is an early example of science fiction, sometimes cited as the first of this genre. However, many early readers believed that its account of a superior subterranean master race and the energy-form called Vril was accurate, to the extent that some theosophists accepted the book as truth.

Joyriding through the countryside in a stolen car, they break into an isolated cottage and maul the young couple living there, beating the husband and raping his wife. In a metafictional touch, the husband is a writer working on a manuscript called "A Clockwork Orange," and Alex contemptuously reads out a paragraph that states the novel's main theme before shredding the manuscript.

Freud's discovery of the subconscious is interpreted as a televised novel; Trotsky's views on socialism are treated in a Broadway musical; and the achievements of space flight are honored in a science fiction story about the end of the world. Many saw them as demons or gods. Those who opposed them simply disappeared Unknown to all but the very few, this group slowly infiltrated world organizations and financial institutions with a singular goal--to control the world's economic system. Now fast-forward to the year The Illuminati has succeeded in placing one of their people in the office of the presidency of the United States.

With the worldwide launch of a financial system known as Data-Net, they suddenly have the power to single out groups of people and control their money, fuel, and food supply. How do you escape an unknown enemy operating at the highest levels who can track your every move? And how do you defeat a society that practices ancient rituals and appears to have power beyond the grave?

Initially a captive of the four-armed green men, John Carter's prowess as a swordsman earns him the fealty of his captors and the love of beautiful princess. Included in The Mars Chronicles, available in Braille. The tales range from the deadly serious to the absurdly hilarious. Also included is a novella exclusive to this collection that takes place after the cliff-hanger ending of Changes. So when the police bring him in to consult on a grisly double murder committed with black magic, Harry's seeing dollar signs.

But where there's black magic, there's a black mage behind it. And now that mage knows Harry's name. But in the wake of environmental and economic chaos, the U. And soon Lauren must either sacrifice her child and her followers -- or forsake the religion that can transform human destiny. Cabell's allegorical novel recounts romances with Guenevere and The Lady of the Lake and confrontations with God and the Devil. He's a Maker; he has the knack of understanding how things are put together, how to create them, repair them, keep them whole, or tear them down.

He can heal hearts as well as bones, he build a house, he can calm the waters or blow up a storm. Alvin has been trying to avert the terrible war that his wife, Peggy, a torch of extraordinary power, has seen down the life-lines of every American. Now she has sent him down the Mizzippy to the city of New Orleans, or Nueva Barcelona as they call it under Spanish occupation.

Alvin doesn't know exactly why he's there, but when he and his brother-in-law, Arthur Stuart, find lodgings with a family of abolitionists who know Peggy, he suspects he'll find out soon. Peter, along with his parents, must flee the planet temporarily, only to discover plots within plots at the site of the now dismantled Battle School.

Meanwhile, Bean, accompanied by his wife, Petra, comes to terms with his body: he won't stop growing, and he's doomed to a short life. He and Petra seek out the man who manipulated his genes in order to have him create children without the same problem, only to have the embryos stolen. Bean and Petra race against time to try to rescue their unborn children while keeping Peter apprised of world events. He is a Witness--privileged to spend his days and nights observing the life of one of Earth's most brilliant scientists through digital recording devices behind his eyes. In his heart is the desire to please, not just to avoid the pain his owner can inflict with a word, but because he loves her.

Lovelock is on a voyage he did not choose. What human would consider the feelings of a capuchin monkey, no matter how enhanced? But Lovelock is something special among Witnesses--he's a little smarter than most humans; smart enough to break through some of his conditioning. Smart enough to feel the bonds of slavery, and want freedom. Returning home, he tells of his sighting of the long-lost phantom ship Impris, and his subsequent capture by the Kyber. But accused of collaboration with the pirates, his only hope for vindication is a journey in the company of amphibious alien riggers on a suicide mission.

The alien quarx that soon inhabits his mind is humanity's first contact with an alien life. The quarx, part of an ancient galactic civilization that manipulates chaos theory to predict catastrophic events, seeks to prevent a cometary collision that could destroy the Earth. But it must have help.

If Bandicut chooses to trust the quarx, he must break all the rules--indeed, sacrifice his life as he knows it--to prevent humanity's greatest cataclysm. Under order from the Diplomatic Corps, Counselor Andrea Cort has come to this cylinder world where an indentured human community hangs suspended high above a poisoned, acid atmosphere.

Her assignment is to choose a suitable homicide suspect from among those who have sold their futures to escape existences even worse than this one. And no matter where the trail leads her she must do nothing to implicate the hosts, who hold the power to obliterate humankind in an instant. Circumstances, however, have drawn her into a vast, complicated power struggle, as the uneasy relations among several spacegoing species are enflamed by the arrival of the first humans. Armed skirmishes are rare, but hostage-taking, torture and betrayal become standard.

In this amalgam of strains from current international politics the Mideast particularly , each race harbors several factions fighting to enact their own agendas and willing to deal with their ostensible enemies to come out on top. Thus, the ambitious kif Sikkukut releases his hostages to Chanur only after she agrees to help him seize Meetpoint station. The arrangement soon becomes a tangle of interstellar intrigue as Hilfy and her crew battle kidnappers, assassins, and smooth politicians while fighting their own inborn prejudices.

But Tully is back, bringing with him a priceless trade contract with human space. A contract which would mean vast power, riches, and a new hornet's nest for Pyanfar and the Pride. As a result, the people live in walled cities and owe their lives to the nighthorses, equines who can bond with certain riders and provide a telepathic "buffer". But one savage winter, young Danny Fisher and his nighthorse Cloud lead the survivors of a deadly telepathic attack to shelter high in the snowbound mountains--only to discover their "sanctuary" threatened by a vicious predator never before known to humans.

Murder, politics, and genetic manipulation provide the framework for the latest Union-Alliance novel by the author of Downbelow Station. But Pell's location on the outer edge of Earth's defensive perimeter makes her to focal point in the titanic battle of colony worlds fighting for independence. Hugo winner. In an era of spies, pirate traders, and uneasy alliances, the Company Wars are now over, the hunt for the fleet is winding down, and the ship is coming home to reclaim her trade routes.

Having lost an entire generation, the youngest crew members, bred and trained for war, must face their most critical battle of all--survival in a time of lasting peace. There was a star gate in Azeroth marked by alien fires and this, too, Morgaine must seal. But they brought to that peaceful land devastation and terror. For the hordes of Shiuan were hot on their heels, determined to conquer new lands for themselves and to avenge their lost planet upon the legendary White Queen, who was Morgaine.

In Azeroth, though, there was a new factor besides mankind. On that third planet the pre-human qhal still reigned. And the qhal were beyond and above human science. When Bren Cameron, the current paidhi, becomes the target for assassination in a culture where licensed murder is a recognized political solution, the conflict between species becomes a life-and-death struggle for survival and understanding.

Marak Trin Tain is the planet's leader and a key figure in maintaining the tentative treaty between human and alien powers. The focus here is on Concord Station, which monitors the tiny planet at the edge of the galaxy and is the fulcrum of the precarious balancing of peace and power between two intergalactic empires. Because of past associations, Procyon, a young watcher monitoring the planet, becomes the object of intense interest for the major powers, Marak, and the leaders of the planet's underground movement, which has its own agenda.

Complications arise with the unexpected visit of the Earth ambassador and an attempt on his life that seriously threatens to reopen old wounds and plunge the universe back into devastating war. His purpose -- to create out of the insubstance of the air, from a shimmering of light and a fluttering of shadows. A Shaping in the form of a, young man who will be sent east on the road the old was to old to travel. To right the wrongs of a long-forgotten wizard war, and call new wars into being. Azi are cloned humans routinely used as workers or soldiers by the Union, indoctrinated to obey authority unquestioningly.

Authority on the planet breaks down and the azi, for the first time in their lives, find themselves without any guidance. In their time, long before the rise of the native civilizations, they had terrorized a hundred worlds - not from villainy but from folly, from tampering with the strands that held a universe together.

Now the task was to uproot these gates, destroy their potency for mischief, take horror out of the hands of the few who hungered for power by misuse of the gates. Marak discovers, however, that reaching his destination is only the beginning of a greater and more dangerous journey.

Cherryh's latest novel introduces a new universe of fallen technologies and warring interstellar empires, divine madness and world-shattering weaponry. A mysterious distress signal leads them to a wrecked ship spinning out of control, with its sole remaining crew member, Dekker, crazy and near death. Bird and Ben haul him and his ship back to Base, enduring Dekker's mad ravings and debating the ethics of claiming the craft as salvage.

Soon, however, the issue becomes far more complicated--Dekker's story suggests a murder and a Company cover-up, and the political crisis he sparks threatens to do more than deprive Bird and Ben of their salvage. When Paul Dekker, probably the most trouble-prone character in SF, is seriously injured in a suspicious accident, his surly former partner Ben Pollard is called in as next of kin.

While Ben investigates, rival military factions fight for control of the program, with the pilots caught in the middle. First contact ensues when an ambitious kif hakkikt prince captures a human exploration ship. The last surviving crew member, Tully, escapes while the kif ship is docked at a station and winds up on The Pride of Chanur, a hani merchant vessel commanded by Pyanfar Chanur.