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Writing at the limit : the novel in the new media ecology, Daniel Punday

About this product Product Information While some cultural critics are pronouncing the death of the novel, a whole generation of novelists has turned to other media with curiosity rather than fear. These novelists are not simply incorporating references to other media into their work for the sake of verisimilitude, they are also engaging precisely such media as a way of talking about what it means to write and read narrative in a society filled with stories told outside the print medium.

By examining how some of our best fiction writers have taken up the challenge of film, television, video games, and hypertext, Daniel Punday offers an enlightening look into the current status of such fundamental narrative concepts as character, plot, and setting.

He considers well-known postmodernists like Thomas Pynchon and Robert Coover, more-accessible authors like Maxine Hong Kingston and Oscar Hijuelos, and unjustly overlooked writers like Susan Daitch and Kenneth Gangemi, and asks how their works investigate the nature and limits of print as a medium for storytelling.

Writing at the Limit explores how novelists locate print writing within the contemporary media ecology, and what it really means to be writing at print's media limit. Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less. We, the people of Europe? Reflections on Transnational Citizenship , translated by James Swenson.

Princeton: University Press, Benjamin, Walter. In New German Critique , No. Spring, : In Selected Writings.

Transmedial Narratology and Contemporary Media Culture

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Soon, this uncertainty is replaced by more intimate dialogue in which associations provide the missing links between the two stories. Harry Zohn, in Selected Writings. Volume 1, , ed. Marcus Bullock and Michael W. Leslie A. Appadurai, ff. Reflections on Transnational Citizenship , transl. James Swenson Princeton: University Press, , Levine Cambridge: Harvard University Press, Seyhan, 6; and Butler, Marc Robinson Boston: Faber and Faber, Balibar, Skip to primary content.

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Search for:. Memory between Displacement and Disorientation Like every narrative form, the novel depends on technologies of memory. Being held in suspense about their permission to stay, Valmira experiences the camp as a place of imprisonment rather than a temporary home: Am Eingang stand ein Wachhaus, […] und jeder, der uns besuchte, musste hier seinen Ausweis abgeben. Works Cited Adelson, Leslie A. Toward a Transmedial Narratology Part 1. Storyworlds across Media 2. The Storyworld as a Transmedial Concept 3.

Narrative Representation across Media Part 2. Narrators across Media 4. The Narrator as a Transmedial Concept 5.