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Grab my Satanic Bible, light the candles on my alter and draw an upside down crucifix on my forehead. Now flow the sounds of Day Of The Beast in my ears. Day Of The Beast. The name says it all really. This type of Black Metal is not meant to be nice. This sadistic band is made up of; Hades on guitars, Demoniac on vocals and bass and Sheogorath on drums.

These 3 bad arse musicians give us a wonderfully dark and gritty Black Metal experience with 3 tracks on their debut EP; First Invocation, released in December While it might only be 3 tracks for now, this sure did leave a mark on my black little heart. The track Bastard Jesus Christ is so intensely executed by all band members.

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Considering there is only 3 of these guys who make this band what it is, the sound is of nasty proportions. This truly is a nostalgic touch, however they still showcase their own original production. The urgency in which the vocals are delivered by Demoniac gave me such a sense of disdain and disgust. This track is delivered with loads of conviction, both vocally, lyrically and musically. Track Perversion de Sade, well, well, well — to those not familiar with Black Metal and how crude and vile it can be, this could possibly shock the unsuspecting listener, because yes, yes you can clearly understand these lyrics and as sick as I might be, they were on point for what this band is trying to do and ticked all the boxes for me.

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This is what I want when it comes down to the unholy, the raw, the filthy Black Metal. Some might say lyrics like this could put you in Jail, and if it did — well two words: Black Metal. Aside from the shock and controversy that this band clearly wanted to bring with the lyrics to this track, this is great listen for its exceptional vocal style, drum track and blackened stiff riffs. Enter track, Decent into Hell. Its heavy, and moody sound sets the dark theme and builds nicely, establishing anticipation for the onslaught of Black Metal scream savagery.

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Also unique to this story is how he can basically regenerate after being injured. Victor admits to regenerating the flesh, but that something else, a force, drives within the Monster, something he was not responsible for creating. Once I thought I had it pegged, it swerved off into a different direction and caught me a bit off guard. The film mostly takes place in one location and the cinematography is also rather good.

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It stays true to the source while creating a much less sympathetic creature and showing us just how brutal he can be. The story is easy to fall in to and the end has a nice little twist. Much better than I had anticipated though there was some room for improvement.

I will have to say though, bloody good job. Rate This Movie. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website.