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Verena Davis UK. I and many others have had great success resolving the effects of chronic abuse. Perhaps reaching out to a certified EFT practitioner may be of benefit to you. Best wishes! I rad over th emistkes about tapping. I would not take the time to do it properly. Thank you for telling about the timer. I will start out 10 minutes. And see if I can make it longer.

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I was first tappping for pain. Now I have IBS and need to tap for that and get calm about many issus that make this situation worse. I have work with a lot of your videos and they are very helpful. Great question, Iris. Typically, I recommend starting with your most pressing issues MPI and resolving that down. Then move on to another issue. The more specific we can be, the more focussed and effective our tapping will be for that issue.

Please direct me how to access the digital material that I purchased for the tapping world conference. Hi David! You should have received an email with the access links directly after your purchase. Hi Lorraine! The actual tapping time required is different for everyone. Some can get great results with just a few minutes of tapping a day, while others may need more time to dig deeper and really work on the different layers or aspects of the issue.

For example, tapping for daily stress can work wonders with just a few minutes, while tapping to clear the mental and emotional distress from a past trauma would require more time in most cases. Using the scale both before and after tapping is a great way to measure your results with each tapping session. I know this is a defense mechanism, but I read somewhere that EFT will not work if we cannot contact emotions or thoughfields. Is this true? Hi Chrome, great question. While I would certainly say that connecting with our emotions, memories, and thought patterns is greatly beneficial to get the best results with tapping, just the act of tapping on the acupressure points themselves has been proven to reduce stress hormones like cortisol.

Just start writing! After the 4th time he woke up the following morning pain free. My brother has been back pain free for 6 months now. While I was doing the surrogate tapping I noticed I yawned constantly while tapping on the Karate chop, corner of eye and top of head but nothing on the other points any idea why that is? I think the important thing to remember is that surrogate tapping is all about helping someone else. You did it because you wanted to help alleviate the pain of someone else, and it worked! Yes, Tapping works wonderfully well for panic attacks.

One of the best ways to use tapping for anxiety is the Tap and Breathe method, which you can find here. Is there an alternative? She can do the rest.

Gene Monterastelli - EFT/Tapping Q and A with Gene Monterastelli - Emotional Freedom Techniques

Hi Bev, what a great question! Nick Reading all the different affirmations but I seem to have trouble with what is right. Do I first start with like, My back No longer has pain, while tapping then say My back is healthy and pain-free. Thank you. Hi Pat! Silly question but how will I know that I have solved the problem and dont need to tap anymore? And does yawning a lot while tapping means progress? Great question, Ami! And yawning is definitely a good sign that energy is moving and things are being released from your body.

Crying, hiccups, burps, and feeling sleepy can be as well. Got another question hehe is it normal for your mind to A wander off onto completely other things or B bring forth certain memories or various flashbacks while tapping? Yes to both questions, Ami. I have been using tapping in my classroom with much success. Is there a class coming up soon in southern California. Thanks again.

Thank you so much Nick. I have been following you for over a year now and I must admit I was getting results. After reading the five mistakes people make I knew I could get more and better results. I have been tapping my resentment whenever my husband give me feedback on how he finds mistakes with staff I am supervising in his office.

Today,because I went longer,I uncovered more issues I need to tap on that some are unrelated to Him and I. This was helpful. Thank you Nick! The information that you give is very important! It helped me to rediscover EFT. I was introduced to it 10 years ago, then I went for search for other healing modalities.

And now I am back. I have a feeling that my emotions are supressed in this case. Hi Anastasiya! Sometimes the subconscious will suppress emotions as a means to make us feel safe. I have lost my sense of smell and taste through a virus.

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Can EFT have a positive effect on this loss? I am very open to alternative health care as I am a massage therapist. Have had little information or knowledge on tapping. Hi Dot! My suggestion would be to go back to when you contracted to virus and identify what was going on in your life at that time. If there was anything that was causing an emotional response, it may have gotten trapped in your body and affected your senses. Or maybe tap around the emotions you feel about getting sick to help release any retained energy or emotions.

Great question, Linda! Tapping is simply a tool that allows your body to heal itself, just like it was designed to. The same way that your body is designed to heal itself from physical wounds and injuries through a cascade of natural biochemical processes, Tapping does the same for your emotions. The human body is a miracle. My question is how many times a day can I tap and should I focus on one area or can I tap on more than one thing at a time? Consistency over time is important. And you should focus on whatever feels most pressing to you at the time. I am having a problem with the script.

I can get the set up statement, but have difficulty coming up with what to say as I tap on the points. Do you have sample scripts for various issues? Hi Alicia! Just tune in and say that dialogue aloud as you tap. They are simply used to connect to the emotions you are feeling. Sometimes I begin tapping on the points without a clear idea of what to address. Then I tap on not knowing what to say, i. Nick I so appreciate you and your team for all you do for all of us. Many thanks. Thanks Nick 4 the reminder of 5 errors we commit in regards 2 Tapping. Missed the summit.

My bad. Not yet proficient in this world of technology. When I have done it correctly, it has worked very well. Hello, just read your words about the mistakes. In fact I believe that you really need to be open and not already negative and of course take some time for yourself, focus on yourself and simply do something for yourself.

I also use it in the mornings when I feel in tears and depressive…. Have a good week. Thank you Nick. This is really helpful and I appreciate your fresh, clear, no-nonsense approach. Here is also an answer to Valerie Kells: the buddy idea works good to my experience. I would also gladly be there to do it for tapping. Is there any possibility to get into contact? I dont do facebook. Ifound your 5 mistakes made most helpfull. Will work on them. Am retired and frustrated with Doctors. I still feel crummy and have poor balance and find even simple tasks imposible to do.

I hope tapping can help. If so, how e. Hi Andrea! Cerainly, EFT can be combined with any healing modality or established practice. Trying one technique per session might offer better feedback. I so often find myself noticing friends or family who would be helped by tapping and either introduce them to it or tap as a surrogate which theve responded well to.

Thanks so much for the advice you give. Your words are like diamonds. Lots of growth.

What is Simple Tapping?

Thanks so much. Great insight, Vina! The biggest work is always done on ourselves. Ifound your latest remarks most helpfull. Hopefully I can be helped. Iam retired and competed frustrated with Doctors who tell me Iam healthy although I feel bad and have poor balance and tremours which stop me from preforming the simplist of tasks. I am a great advocate of chiropractic. Tapping I am sure will be an invaluable tool I just recently started using. Each will help the other become stronger faster. Dear Nick, I have tried tapping couple of times. Now decided to try again for more than I did which was couple of minutes.

Also for shoulder aches do I tap on the shoulder? Hi Elena! There are many approaches to tapping and many techniques that can be applied. You may wish to check out our Tapping page to get some more tips. That also explains why the Summit was so powerful for me. This is the best advice ever. Amazing meditation, I felt so much energy and overwhelming love and peace!

I did it thinking of my son who lives in another country, and has been experiencing difficulties and bad situations, especially in the last six months. He is very resilient and resourceful, but I always worry about him. The tapping was a great help because now I have more faith in him,I know that good things will come out of this negative times,and he will be fine! Nick, I laughed while I tapped the first part with you.

I felt joyous and instantly connected, which caught my attention so that I could focus on the 5 mistakes of tapping. I appreciate your sharing as I am just getting into tappying and finding great results. As we continue this journey just know I appreciate your willingness to connect and offer guidance towards the healing. Much gratitude, Ellen. Start Tapping Now. That being said, here are the top 5 mistakes I see people make regarding Tapping.

Mistake 1 — Not Using It! If you take the time to do it right, it can have profound effects that last a lifetime. The last item might be the most important — writing down other things that come up. That eases, and turns to sadness. You check back in on the frustration you wrote about above. The anger moved to a 4. While doing that tapping, you think of two events from your childhood. And so forth… It is truly like peeling an onion. Until next time… Keep Tapping! Nick Ortner What mistakes were you making? Share your results in the comment section below.

Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply. Receive Email Notifications? Norma Jean says:. May 27, at pm. Positive affirmations are often in direct disagreement with the Writing on your Walls and are instantly confronted by Tail Enders. In general, if you continue to repeat the affirmations with enough belief and enthusiasm, you can overwhelm the Tail Enders and they will eventually fade. This allows the Writing on your Walls to accept the new possibility.

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However, in practice, this takes more determination than most people can muster. The most effective way to address Tail Enders with EFT is to identify these related events, and release the intensities one by one. After that, you can lay your positive affirmations on a clean foundation and get deep results much faster. On the other hand, you could simply clean up the dirty spots one by one, and reveal the naturally clean floor underneath.

We agree that a perpetual focus on the negative aspects of your life will only bring more negatives, but if you can temporarily focus on the Tail Enders long enough with EFT to clean them up, your positive thoughts will be much easier to manifest.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) - What Is Tapping & How To Use It

Accordingly, replacing the standard EFT language with a stream of positive affirmations is like focusing on the clean corner and leaving the dirty spots. In other words, it does not directly target an unresolved emotional issue, and is therefore not an application of Official EFT. To the extent that positive affirmations can identify and trigger Tail Enders, or unresolved emotional issues, using them in the detective process is supported in Official EFT.

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But using positive affirmations to replace the standard Setup language is not only not supported, it is frowned upon. Otherwise, if you choose to take on a normal Affirmation process, and commit to saying your Affirmation several times a day for as long as it takes, you can speed up the process by tapping your meridian points while you say them.

If you have seen examples of EFT online, you may have noticed the phrase "I choose This is a variation of EFT called the Choices method that uses positive affirmations as its focus. In terms of our clean floor metaphor, however, this points one to the shiny spot on the floor and thus distracts one from the dirty spot that needs attention.

While there may be some usefulness in this concept, I neither teach it nor use it. However, if there is a feeling or event that your client would prefer to overlook, that is likely to be the feeling or event that needs to be addressed the most. In that case, using positive language could be more of an escape for them than a solution, and may send your session around in circles.

You can use other tools to sneak up on the issue, but before you use the positive language route, be sure your client understands that it may be a longer way around. Another important factor to consider is that human beings have a naturally positive nature. It may not seem that way because most of us deal with many unresolved emotional issues.

In the Art of Delivery videos , you will see this often. For perspective, here are some other helpful metaphors for this concept:. It is a gentle art of positive phrasing that makes suggestions rather than declarations, and is not designed to lead or force the client in any particular direction. Instead, it simply opens the doors so people can see their own way toward freedom from a limiting experience.

How Tapping Transformed My Health

Reframes are the most effective form of positive language that you can use in an EFT session to enhance your results and encourage cognitive shifts. At first glance, reframes and affirmations may look like the same thing, but there are some very important differences to consider. When people consider a change in their lives, they are already headed in one direction, and now see the need to go a different direction. Similarly, if someone has been angry with their brother for 25 years, it would probably take a big adjustment, or abrupt right turn, for them to consider forgiveness.

We can all agree that a right hand turn is about 90 degrees. If a positive affirmation is designed to force a new reality into existence, trigger Tail Enders, and create conflict, we could say that it has the same effect as a sudden, 90 degree turn. However, finding the Specific Events behind the anger and tapping through the aspects will help them take their foot off the pedal, slow down and, eventually, they will be in a better position to consider a turn. If an affirmation is a sudden 90 degree turn, a reframe is more like veering 10 or 20 degrees.

While there may be occasional exceptions, reframes are designed to be a gentle transition, but if your client has not reduced their speed considerably, they will still drive right past it.