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As you said, the 3 kids is irresponsible. I am not trying to shame anyone, I just think triple digits is a lot. I may need to move or something! I have always asked… That number means something to me, personally. If a guy that had been with five women asked me how many and I said over or I lost count…and he ran in the other direction… No… I could not fault him for that. That seems silly to me. Everyone can do what they want… And different people are comfortable with different things. I personally think some numbers are high. I am not being mean.

I am glad women can do what they want and sleep with whomever they choose. If having a partner with an extreme amount of sexual partners makes you uncomfortable, why should you have to look past that and have sex with them? Just recognize that your preferences are different and move on. Again, the problem is not not wanting to have sex with someone based on different sexual preferences.

The problem is the shaming. If you want to think of me as a bad person because of that, fine. They are mine, and you cannot shame me for them. Personally, I take into context our society and how it conditions attitudes towards sex. If a guy has sexual partners in the three digits, that seems like someone who is steeped in toxic masculinity. At some point, I do expect people to lose count. Just because… who has the time? Of course someone like me that has only slept with a couple of people is probably not going to want to sleep with someone who has slept with so many women. That is not due to my being insecure or controlling.

I place a high value on sex. That just seems like normal logic to me. I think that these things indicate a difference in values. I am not saying I am better, just that I am different. HH: And what do you say about women with their number being in the three digits? Queenb… It most definitely indicates that we have different values. Is that wrong to admit and say out loud or something? I as an individual know what I want in a partner and I want someone that is relatively like me.

I would never have a one night stand. I do not want a partner that has either. You sound like a woman that is passionate and knows what she wants. That is really great and I like that about you. But different people like different things. That is just how it is. I think it does. There is clearly a difference of opinion on sex there. And that goes for women and men.

Stop judging them as bad people because they make the sexual decisions that are right for them. And you know, as much as you think we are shaming others for their number of sexual partners, you are shaming the heck out of us for having a different opinion than you, QueenB. Men would be more likely and conditioned to think along those lines. Even knowing someone in this instance though, they just thought that the woman saw intimacy differently than they did. No one is making snap judgments about them being good or bad people, overall. In Croatian a sidepiece comes in both the female form ljubavnica and male form ljubavnik , as do most nouns.

You find it quite often in literature. That man is her lover. However, lover also has many meanings…my husband is still technically my lover, and even if done in a jokey way some people refer to their partners as their lovers. Mistress, on the other hand, really only has one meaning in modern, American, English. Just as a note, this was in the days long before tinder and online dating. I am talking almost 25 years ago. I still know the guy, am still friends with him. He has settled down in the last few years but still does not, and has never had, a long term partner.

To each his own and I am not one to care about numbers. I was, and always will be, concerned for his safety and the safety of those he is with. He is a nice guy and is very honest so those who are with him know what they are in for. That said, I am very aware of being irresponsible when one is young. That would be why I have an adult daughter who is now getting married, at my age.

Like I said previously, I am not one to slut-shame. Kudos to him for being so and for still being so. Again, I was not one to judge as I was no angel. My husband was very open about his number when we decided to get serious and so was I. We had known each other for years and he was surprised more so by mine then I was by his but it was not a factor in how we felt and still feel for each other. It may be for some, and that is also their choice, but we all have a past and that is what it is, a past.

Life goes on and in the grand scheme of things does it really effect anyone other than you? Her way of life is not what i would choose, but bravo for her standing to what she wants and enjoys. I had 3 People in my sexuell history and feel quite happy and satisfied with my 3rd and if i am lucky lasting till we dying, one.


I remember my first one hatefully because i was 6 when he started and i had to endure for 5 years. My second one was years later and felt nice and my now one is my love. Hugs to you, Ria. In terms of your sexuality — You do you!! Live and let live, amiritie? Amanduh Like i said bravo to her for doing what she enjoys And yes, live and let live.

How is shaming or trying to shame someone for choosing to not have a lot of partners any different from shaming or trying to shame someone for choosing to have a lot of partners? Yeah, so natural and healthy what with the STDs now becoming drug resistant and all. People can certainly live however they choose, but others will judge. Sex with lots of people spreads disease and is damaging socially and mentally to both sexes.

People Who've Gone Missing Or Had An Amber Alert Issued Reveal What Happened

I It continually amazes me that people are so determined to destroy the foundations of society and turn it into Brave New World. Most are going to die alone, lonely and miserable. If I sleep with a man I expect him to love me. I am not going to bed with just anyone.

I am not wired that way and I am okay with that. I have known men this way too. So you basically shamed her for not sleeping around. Maybe you need to learn to accept both sides and let people live. This is a lovely attitude. You like your sex one way, I like my sex another.

Viva la difference and you do you. Funny how that works. To clarify, I think this is darkly funny from a survivor. A pointed show of how our valuation of purity mixes with a combination of victim shaming and silence and the idiocy of rendering human sexuality down to a number. Poking fun at the asker, by showing them the scarier and more complicated parts of sexuality and power politics. I counted my rapist as a person whom i had sex with, sadly numerous times and AGAINST my will, other people who are survivors will till the day of their death not count it as sex, because they say it is sex only when it is of free will and without abuse.

After listening to my stories I think he regretted asking. PZC Sad fistbump back to you. I am sorry you had to endure it. I did not want to attack you, just was asking out of curiosity. Like i said everyone counts Different. I think for them rape counts as 0. Shamed even worse if you have it, really like it and happen to mention the fact that you like it.

Heaven forbid……. Is there a lot of shaming lady virgins? Outside of highschool, or maybe early college? I do get your point though, where you have to have the exact right number. Not too many or you are a bow-legged hussy, not too few or you are an ice queen prude.

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How else are you going to control half the population? There is a major difference between chaste young woman and old maid.

Why is summer box office so low?

Gotta label them something horrible then, if they have no use for a man. This topic is interesting too. An Healthy sex life is the sex life good for me and only me. A woman is feeling well having more partners? Then this is good for her. A woman is feeling well having only a partner? A woman is feeling well having no partners? Good for her too. And regarding the virgin issue: there are people men and women which, very simply, are not interested in sex, any kind of sex, and not for moralism or bigotry, and they live a good and meaningful life the same.

I enjoy her a lot, she actually makes me re-think some stuff. Or think about it at all. Do I care how many people someone has slept with? That surprised me a bit. I say, D. Even then, why would numbers matter? Regular health checks do, and women should not be ashamed of being honnest with their MD about their sexual practices. Once you get tested and are in the clear, then you can forget about them if you wish too. And I stopped counting after 3 digits lol.

Who cares? Latest Comments. Why is summer box office so low?

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Patricia is one grandmother that it may be wise to call ahead before just dropping by, because she may be busy doing something other than just knitting. Alan thought there was nothing sexier than a very mature woman bound with his colorful plaid neckties as he took her to new sexual heights. Fifty-five year old Alan Larson was a vibrant man with a hobby of collecting plaid neckties. After getting settled in his new home in Blissful Boulders, a master planned community for individuals aged fifty five years and older, Alan began his quest to bring carnal excitement to select mature women in the neighborhood.

Alan introduced Mellissa and Joyce to sexual pleasures they had never experienced before while bound with his plaid neckties. Would Alan survive his quest to lead mature women to new sexual horizons with him serving as their tour guide? Years later the two ex-classmates from opposite sides of life met at a high school reunion and found that they were both in the illegal drug business. Keyshawn and Jason had dreams of a drug empire of their own. Would Tony and Tina survive the ruthless ambition of their most trusted confidants as they endured meth, molly and mayhem? Teresa is on her way back home after being stranded in New York because of a winter storm and Jared is trying desperately to get Kristen out before Teresa walks in, but Kristen has other ideas.

Jared is in for the shock of his life when he, Kristen and Teresa come face to face on a most unusual Christmas day. Tamesha Green is determined to make sure that she and her child are taken care of even if it means dancing at a strip club is one of the multiple jobs she holds down to make ends meet. After her husband betrayed her in the ultimate way Tamesha divorced him and began a life as a single mother.

Tamesha sacrificed a lot for Jamal because she interrupted her college education, moved away from her family and followed him to his home town. Tamesha would get pregnant by and later marry Jamal before she found out about secrets from his past and ongoing betrayals that caused her to end their marriage. Needing money fast caused Tamesha to try stripping as a way to supplement her income, but she hid her situation from her family until one of them just happened to come into the strip club on a night she was dancing and found out about her side job in a shocking fashion.

Tamesha seemed to be on her way to obtaining her long delayed college degree and changing her life when her past came back to haunt her in ways she would never expect. Would the skeletons in her closet and demons from her past keep Tamesha down or would she triumph over them and build a better future for herself and her daughter? Women flocked to him because of his special gift, but that was not always the case. Kevin Monroe was once a young man with a body image problem. Due to the unusually large size of a particular body part Kevin was ridiculed by other boys when he started playing sports in school and was given the nickname of Massive Monroe.

Kevin was embarrassed and thought he had a physical defect which caused him to become shy and withdrawn. The woman that turned his attitude around left his life for years before suddenly returning, but she told Kevin that his future needed to be with someone else. David Morgan was in for a shock when he actually woke up dead one morning and found out it was the first time he was truly alive. David watched as his lifeless body was wheeled out of his home with his wife of thirty four years in tears, but his emotions about the situation puzzled him.

David goes on an exploratory journey with a recently deceased young man and discovers what his life was really all about. David also discovers that being an immortal life force carried its own set of perils as forces far more powerful than he ever imagined hold the fate of all existence in their hands. David meets many others that had crossed over from their past human existence over the history of mankind.

Together they bear witness to Judgment Day and the fate of all that inhabit the earth be they man or his life force. Available on Amazon Latron Davis was finally home after serving two enlistments as a Navy SEAL and was looking forward to starting a family with his wife of eight years, Keisha. Daniel Davis was excited that his son was home. Daniel had already prepared an office for Latron at the family business where he would serve as company President and his mother Roberta was beaming with pride.

Everything seemed perfect as Latron was prepared to blend back into civilian society when tragedy struck the family. In his quest to right a grievous wrong, Latron is called the Hood Hero, although no one knew his true identity. Amber Watkins is at it again. This time Amber soared to new heights and took her other woman antics to an international level. Amber finally achieved what she had been craving all along, but she also discovered that the methods she used to achieve her goals came with a cost. Will Amber flourish or flounder when she is caught in a most surprising manner right in the middle of her greatest wealthy husband take down ever?

Available on Amazon Twenty-three year old Amber Watkins unexpectedly entered the outwardly glamorous and exciting world of being the side piece of professional basketball superstar Jamal Franklin. The realities and perks of being the other woman surprised Amber and reached its pinnacle during a crazy week at the All-Star game in Las Vegas where wives, girlfriends and jumpoffs all mixed and mingled with the wives never knowing they were around.

Amber has a surprise in store for someone trying to cast her aside as being a nobody when everything comes to a head. In the end who has the last laugh the wife, player or side piece? Handsome and dashing Kendrick Johnson took notice of Tasha as she sat on the front pew when visiting his church with her mother. When a random circumstance occurred that placed Tasha and Kendrick in the same place alone, he made his move.

Tasha was taken by the charm, command and forbidden raw sexuality of Pastor Kendrick Johnson. Tasha and Kendrick committed acts that should have caused them to be sent straight to the gates of hell. Tasha finds herself pulled into the role of being the other woman in an affair that violated the rules of man and religion. Tasha committed the ultimate mistake as the other woman and fell in love with her married lover, but was shocked when his wife entered the picture in a most unexpected manner.

With Kendrick Johnson on the verge of bringing his church into mega church status, Tasha stood between him, his wife and her feelings. Available on Amazon Meagan Riley is the latest in a series of powerful women from the heart of New York City that have made the over two-thousand mile pilgrimage to a small rustic cabin in the middle of Montana to meet one man, Jacob Johnson.

Jacob only accepts visits from these women on the recommendation of a good friend. These women came to be with Jacob for what he does to help them discover what they have been suppressing for all too long, their sexuality. Suburban stay-at-home mom, Amy Madison and two of her friends love reading erotic fiction.

They meet every Wednesday to discuss their latest selection. Amy knows she could be endangering her marriage and family structure if she is discovered, but feels she has no other choice due to her circumstances. Amy is conducting her fantasy affair completely undetected by her family and friends. An explosive confrontation occurs on Christmas day between Rose and Latavia. Available on Amazon T The Rainmaker is the hottest new rapper in hip hop and he is on the mind of every act in the business because they need to work on stepping up their game or get run over.

Tiberius Jones burst onto the rap scene with his raw energy and lethal flow. Determined to be the realest rapper in the game he lives above a strip club that he owns in a second floor apartment. In his quest to be number one, T the Rainmaker pulls a stunt that angers one of the biggest names in rap music and leads to a deadly confrontation at an awards show that rocks the rap world to it core. Tiberius Jones is hiding a surprise he will spring on the public that could either send him down a road of rap royalty or hip hop infamy. Available on Amazon Kendra Henson is a twenty-eight year old independent professional black woman fed up and frustrated with the state of her relationships with black men.

Kendra takes issue with how she and other single black women are treated on a daily basis by men that should be holding them in high esteem. Even one of her closest girlfriends disappointed Kendra with a show of disrespect related to her status as an unmarried woman. Without warning Kendra suddenly found herself the object of attention from two men that could not be more different and she could make an impulsive decision that would lose a man like one she had been seeking for years.

The White House and nation are rocked to their cores when a sex video showing a full blown explicit sexual encounter between President Gregory Morgan and a woman named Latasha Williams is released on the internet worldwide. President Morgan has earned the dubious title as the first ever sex-tape President of the United States. President Morgan struggles to hold on to his power and position in the face of a withering barrage of criticism from all corners. First Lady Janice Morgan is under intense pressure from women worldwide to be the first wife of a sitting President to divorce him while he is in office, but she sticks by him side for reasons that only she knows.

Latasha Williams faces her own backlash after selling the video and finds that her personal losses may outweigh her financial gain. Ravon finds himself involved in a heated sexual relationship that he never imagined would ever happen. This is about gut emotions, not about the letter of the law. This is about how a man can stalk a seventeen year old teenager without any cloak of official authority because he felt he was up to no good and after an altercation the man shoots and kills the teenager and is later set free by a jury.

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  • This is about how it felt to hear a not guilty verdict of second degree murder and see George Zimmerman go free while Trayvon Martin is dead because he fought with a strange man that was following him for no apparent reason. This is about a feeling that starts in the pit of my stomach and comes from a time even before I was born.

    Devon meets another woman that he has a strong attraction to and he tries to break his bond with Marquetta. Due to her conservative southern upbringing, Meagan Wilkins had been living in a self-constructed prison of lines she would not cross, but Meagan realized that it may be holding her back personally, professionally and possibly caused her former husband to run into the arms of another woman. A man named Jonathan Taboo walked into her exotic underwear boutique and into her life.

    Although Jonathan Taboo is the embodiment of a man she thought she would never be with, Meagan decided that she wanted to be his newest project. Darius is not the only one trying to hide something as his mother Latisha is having a hidden relationship of her own. In the end everything explodes as all of the secrets are exposed in a shocking fashion that leaves them all shaken.

    Tanesha struggles with her feelings about Kevin and how or if she will tell her mother Jasmine about her past with Kevin. This explosive situation comes to a head with surprising results. It turns out there is hidden tension in the home of Pastor Harper and Latavia uncovers a secret about her husband that blows the lid off their marriage, church and her relationship with Quinton. Available on Amazon Billionaire funeral home magnate Jeffrey Masters has buried three wives and the fourth one simply vanished to never be seen again.

    Available on Amazon "I want to be openly gay when I grow up," Little Dillon Roberts said when asked what he wanted to be when he grew up during career day in his third grade class. Available on Amazon The United States of America is awash in guns with over ,, in the hands of private individuals. The final straw may have been the killing of 27 people, including 20 six and seven year old students when Adam Lanza attacked Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut armed with a semiautomatic assault style rifle in December, Public outrage has led to a renewed effort to curb gun violence and part of that solution may include restrictions on certain types of guns and the amount of ammunition they can hold.

    Social and political forces have both drawn lines in the sand with the 2nd amendment of the Constitution and its interpretation as the grand issue. Forces of profit, politics and outrage collide as some have almost created a gun god and would do anything to protect it.

    Carnage Control- Surviving The Gun God separates hysteria from facts and looks into sensible solutions as a huge new battle over gun control law heats up in the United States as the President has introduced new measures to curb gun violence. One of the greatest singers of all time, Whitney Houston, departed this earthly realm on February 11, This is a series of poems to honor her memory.

    We are all born and we all will die, it is what happens in between that determines how close those two events are to each other. Four events seemed to be milestone events in the evolution of celebrity deaths and media coverage. The losses of superstars Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley underscored the fact that our superstars are not superhuman. Available at Amazon. Wealthy and powerful women had come of age and Annette Harper was a master of finding a need that had not been met.

    Mature women of means also wanted to enjoy some of the same amenities that powerful men took for granted for years, only they needed to be more discreet. Annette and her partners launched the Good Old Girls Club. Refined and capable, he is a true guilty pleasure! Vulture capitalists thrive on the economic remains of what has been destroyed by exploitive economic activity. Just like a scavenger in nature that survives by consuming carrion left over from kills or natural death, vulture capitalists thrive on financial destruction.

    This is an examination of the new unemployment currently being experienced by job seekers through the eyes of someone that has been among their ranks for over one year. The goal is to alert those on the front end of joblessness for what they may face. Even expectations on how many live interviews a job seeker will receive need to be tempered.

    For those already in the throes of long term unemployment, it is a checkpoint for them to see how their experiences stack up with others. The message is that you can be unemployed but not destroyed at your core, but it requires a shift in your thought process. This guide provides information and locations of over operating nuclear power plant reactors around the world. This number will fluctuate over time due to new reactors coming online and older units being decommissioned. Whether you are in the United States or South Africa, there are nuclear power reactors quietly at work and now you will know where they are.

    Jonathan Mumbai is a member of a species closely related to humans. Humans are classified as Homo Sapiens. Jonathan Mumbai is a member of a species known as Vampire Sapiens, a forgotten relative of man lost to history and lore. Thought to be erased from the earth, Jonathan Mumbai has been in a three-hundred year hibernation, but he is awake now.

    Self-publishing is something that many writers think about and wonder if they can or should take that step. Some think that publishing their own work will close the doors to traditional publishing. Others believe that self publishing is only for the vain and will not be respected in any corner. Let me dispel that notion. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. It is explained in such a blunt and straightforward manner that some readers will be stunned at the answer.

    The mark is here and is being utilized daily. The role of race and gender was front and center during the presidential campaign. How a woman was used as a human shield by the Republicans is also clearly illustrated. Barack Obama received a mandate in the general election. A few months later, it was a curious sight to witness people gathered around town hall meeting sites bearing signs depicting the President as Hitler, socialist or a tyrant.

    Flash Fiction Winners – Pikes Peak Pen Women

    Some even carried guns and a pastor prayed that Obama would die. A Republican Congressman even called President Obama a liar on national television during his health-care speech to a joint session of Congress. There was something much deeper at play with President Obama and it centered on his race. Find out how questions about the President's birth, religion, economic policies and patriotism were all smoke screens for feelings as old as the United States itself.

    The United States experienced the emergence of an economic crisis in the last quarter of that was the worst since the Great Depression. It quickly became evident that the cause of this financial meltdown was a perfect storm of multiple factors including irresponsibility, greed and lax oversight. Some hardworking citizens found themselves living in foreclosure riddled neighborhoods and tent cities that the author has labeled - TARP Towns - after the Troubled Assets Relief Program approved by Congress in October of This is a collection of fifteen poems dedicated to the life, talent, struggles and passing of superstar Michael Jackson.

    Born to two poor rural high school dropouts, Mike Robertson is a young white man called to preach at an early age. Janice Johnson, a young black woman four years older than Mike, is drawn to this teenage tent preacher. As husband and wife, they leave their modest origins behind and rise to lead a megachurch empire in Dallas, Texas.

    The journey from obscurity to religious superstardom is fraught with many challenges, including racial discrimination, drugs, deception, moral depravity, sexual assault, and a murder attempt—all in the name of religion. Spanning more than fifty years, this engaging novel focuses on this determined interracial couple who learn that life can take them from the humblest beginnings to the highest of heights, even as they struggle to maintain their perspectives.

    She must have passed out because the next time her eyes opened she was surrounded by a throng of people at an aid station.