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In America, the distortion is enormous. Gospel Without Borders carefully examines the complex intersection of culture and faith in America, providing insights that allow for better understanding and a more genuine experience of biblical and historic Christianity. Gospel Without Borders analyzes the formative and interactive roles that human nature and cultural history play in contemporary expressions of Christianity in America.

It outlines their profound but little appreciated influence upon the shape and scope of Christian faith within society-at-large, the church, and the lives of individuals. The study illuminates the dimensions of a largely unheralded gospel message characterized by unimpeded faith that fully accords with the kingdom Jesus stridently proclaimed.

No Matter What

It outlines the dimensions of faith freed from the disappointing forms of "culturalized" Christianity that always prove insufficient on a personal level and woefully inadequate to the demands of contemporary life within our globalizing world. It is so easy to judge other people about the very things we do ourselves.

We tend to look at ourselves through rose-tinted glasses and look at everyone else through a magnifying glass. A judgmental mind focuses on what is wrong with others, rather than on what is right. So all of us will be judged by what we know. All of us need to repent.

The moment we repent and turn to God, we get a second chance, the possibility of a new life. Repentance is such a positive word in the New Testament. It is not just about turning away from sin, but turning towards God. Lord, forgive me for the times when I judge others for the very things that I do myself. Thank you for the riches of your kindness, love and forgiveness made possible through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Thank you that every day is an opportunity for a new start, a second chance. Jonah is different from all the other prophets. The book starts with Jonah disobeying God, and ends with him complaining about what God has done.

Trusting God No Matter What

He is a man who suffered from severe depression. You can run from God, but you cannot hide. Jonah ends up in a mess. It is so easy to think that our own disobedience will not affect anyone but us.

Faith in the Night Seasons: Why is Faith So Important? - Nancy Missler

This story shows that our disobedience has consequences for other people. Sometimes the storms we face in life are the result of our own disobedience. A storm rages, and Jonah knows it is his fault. He recognised what we miss out on when we do not follow the Lord. It is so easy to put our trust in something other than God.

Faith in the Night Seasons:

Anything that takes us away from God prevents us from receiving the grace that can be ours. This is almost exactly what God had said to him earlier The first time he messed up.

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The second time God used him powerfully. Not only did God give Jonah a second chance , he also gave the city of Nineveh a second chance.

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Nineveh was a great city , Here we see a picture of Daniel, now in his eighties, having to still trust God with a very difficult situation. How can we live our lives trusting God no matter what? Daniel is a model of integrity. Daniel 6 tells us that Daniel was so faithful that he had no error or fault in his life. There was nothing that his enemies could dig up on him to slander his character. Daniel had sought a proper balance between loving his city and being faithful to God.

So what do we do when bad stuff happens and we see no way out? Where do we go spiritually and what do we do?

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Do we have a refuge in Christ that can in the midst of the storm? As an old man, Daniel had to constantly deal with the harsh reality that he would never be able to return to his homeland.

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Hebrews 8 By faith Abraham obeyed when he was called to go out to a place that he was to receive as an inheritance. And he went out, not knowing where he was going. Therefore God is not ashamed to be called their God, for he has prepared for them a city. The second principle is 2. The choices I must make. Daniel After all, he could have retreated into his private quarters and just talked privately and quietly to God.