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This ambitious, eclectic, and beautifully written book draws on everything from on-the-ground reporting to obscure academic papers to the author's year life in San Francisco to create a rich and insightful portrait of a magical corner of the world. Complete with hand-drawn maps of the 49 locations, this handsome package will sit comfortably on the short shelf of enduring books about places, alongside E.

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Gender Studies. After five years at the Examiner , where he was a culture critic and book editor, he left to co-found the groundbreaking website Salon. He is currently a columnist for Salon. He is married to the novelist Kate Moses. They have two children.

Cool Gray City of Love: 49 Views of San Francisco

Cool, Gray City of Love brings together an exuberant combination of personal insight, deeply researched history, in-depth reporting, and lyrical prose to create an unparalleled portrait of San Francisco. He had no choice but to say what was on his mind and to let the words flow. Among his favorites of the resulting chapters is the one about the Tenderloin, San Francisco's densely populated downtown neighborhood for the down-and-out. I caught Kamiya reading from the Tenderloin chapter on video.

Another favorite is the chapter -- which he adroitly places alongside the Tenderloin chapter -- about the Farallon Islands, located 28 miles off the San Francisco coast but still within its city limits, which are a genuine wilderness with a population, aside from a few scientists, of zero.

Gary Kamiya - Cool Gray City of Love | Book Passage

When asked whether there was some part of San Francisco that he really didn't like, Kamiya said that, no, he had made up his mind at the outset to take an accepting, non-judgmental approach to every aspect of the city -- embracing anything and everything, including that boring stretch of real estate at its southern border. Still, truth be told, Kamiya said he prefers the city's rough edges.

Gary Kamiya Discusses Cool, Gray City of Love (Corte Madera, CA)

He'd choose a disintegrating pier along the shoreline to pricey, cleaned-up neighborhoods like South of Market's sleek Moscone Center. In the end, writing about San Francisco with all its history and diverse neighborhoods worked for Kamiya as a writer. Having a real subject like a city and its history "lets you just write and do interesting things," he said. It gave him a chronological through-line upon which to hang his personal stories and lyrical observations.

He's married to the novelist Kate Moses. Oddly enough, though he cofounded and eventually departed Salon.

Right now he's pretty busy. He's got this new job at San Francisco magazine, a book to promote and a regular column to write for the San Francisco Chronicle. So, no, Kamiya told his audience. He doesn't have time for one-on-one interviews with bloggers right now.

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Only the big media. But, yes, he's looking for stories for San Francisco magazine -- which announcement was take-away gold for the hungry writers in the audience. Barbara posts weekly at here , where she's put up additional photos of Gary Kamiya. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you.

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Start over, he was told. Take a more personal, impressionistic approach. Tell stories.