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It is up to the Pakistani government to show that the country is still governed by the rule of law.


Five Pakistani journalists critical of Islamist fundamentalism were mysteriously abducted in the space of a few days in January , tortured while held captive, and finally released after several weeks. One of them, Ahmed Waqas Goraya , who has found a refuge in the Netherlands, says the intelligence services kidnapped them with the aim of intimidating online dissidents. A year later, in January , the well-known journalist Taha Siddiqui narrowly escaped an abduction attempt that was probably orchestrated by the military establishment.

Many people have fled Bamenda and other centers to seek refuge in more peaceful Francophone regions. Discover Thomson Reuters.

Child Abducted In McKees Rocks Found Safe

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We now face ethical questions of whether it is right to invalidate disparate reports with countless common elements, especially when they are traumatic. If detractors assert that UFO abduction experiences are fabricated, then such assertions must take into consideration the character of the individuals who claim they were abducted.

At a local bar, he rambles on about far-fetched stories over a few pints of beer. In essence, detractors are carrying out their own version of killing the messenger. The typical abductee stereotype is unfair and outdated.

The Chronicles of a Brave Rooster

Giving further credence to abduction claims are respected professionals who have come forward with their own stories, including myriad military personnel, media personalities, and political figures. There are so many people from all walks of life reporting abductions that a new generation of dedicated researchers has emerged, interested in learning more about these vivid and often terrifying experiences. Noted Harvard psychiatrist John Mack observed that fear of social rejection and invalidation can often be more traumatic to the abductee than the actual experience of abduction.

Biggest reason? Fear of ridicule.

Child Abducted In McKees Rocks Found Safe – CBS Pittsburgh

A few weeks later, Carlsberg went to bed and woke up in a spacecraft, which would be the first of a series of abduction events that continued for seven years. During abductions, she claims to have been the subject of experimentation and impregnated to create hybrids of aliens and humans. She says she has learned profound spiritual lessons, having been shown the oneness of the universe and all of its species.

While skeptics argue that celebrity personalities benefit by stepping into the limelight, regardless of their reason for doing so, this is certainly not the case for those in politics or the military, where the pressure to be credible and sane is often vital to careers.

Political candidates, on the other hand, are rarely given a leg to stand on if they discuss abduction experiences. Almost predictably, responses were quick, harsh, and used as political fodder against her. He explains that they are concerned about humans sabotaging their own planet. One such concern regards the practice of sending satellites into space.