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The White House. For Immediate Release. The average monthly premium in Milwaukee for the second-lowest cost silver plans will decrease by 2 percent from to before tax credits. Tax credits matter. I know what you want. You want me. In your bed. Under you. But I say no. I know who you are. It is a start to a new series, entitled Man Up. The next book in the series is Rhoades—Undeniable. Deranged birds of a feather flock together… leaving trails of blood in their wake.

Clint thinks his attitude will eventually get better, thus prompting him to stay aboard. Still, the constant worry of Archer finding someone new niggles at him. Furthermore, what will happen if Clint is forced to choose between the love of his life, his career, and his morality? Warning: These books are for adult readers who enjoy stories where lines between right and wrong get blurry. High heat, twisted and tantalizing, these are not for the fainthearted. A Spin-off of The Stars that Tremble. Everett Blake seems to have everything: good looks, money, and talent to spare.

Jazz has lived with unimaginable guilt his entire life. Why the gods had allowed him to even be born was something he struggled with every day. When he met a man who treated him as Jazz always knew he deserved, instead of telling anyone, he endured. He imagined helping shifters around the world for years to come. But all of that changed when he met his mate, who has been terrorized by the man Wilder had been charged to bring before the Council for sentencing. Will the two find a compromise?

Or will one of them have to give up everything for the other?

When homicide detective Dexter J. Dex is determined to get his life back on track and eager to get started in his new job. But his first meeting with Team Leader Sloane Brodie, who also happens to be his new jaguar Therian partner, turns disastrous. When the team is called to investigate the murders of three HumaniTherian activists, it soon becomes clear to Dex that getting his partner and the rest of the tightknit team to accept him will be a lot harder than catching the killer—and every bit as dangerous.

He wants me to tone down the gay; specifically, my attraction to Eli, the nurse in the care clinic. He might even be The One. My soulmate. The forever partner I never knew I needed. And this time, my secret might ruin my relationship with Garrett Rainier. But Garrett might not want someone like me, someone with a past like mine.

I want those lips against mine, tender and sweet. And I just might want them every day of the rest of my life. Loving me could cost Garrett anything; it could ruin his life and everything he holds dear. Wrapping Up is the sixth book in the Rainier Family series and can be read on its own. Liam Lansing is heir to a prominent family of bio-modified vampires. That is, until he chooses the wrong lover and is cast down to the Gutter to scrape for his life. Daniel Harding is heir to Cybernetix and a prince of the corporate Sky. That is, until his ideology drives his father to put a price on his head, forcing him into the Gutter.

Years of anger and a heap of mods have kept Daniel and Liam apart. They have no reason to trust each other, but a bargain that began with the simple urge to live soon reminds them of the love they once shared. Together, they plan to rip open the hidden corruption that runs the Sky — for vengeance, for justice, and for hope.

Only through courage in the face of death — or worse — might Daniel and Liam change the world they live in and create something new under the sun.

5 Romantic Suspense MUST READS Perfect for October

A second chance steamy gay romance between a hot rock star and a hotter doctor. Zac was once Bobby, a small-town boy raised by his grandparents in a mountain cabin.

Cheryl’s Milwaukee Series – CiCi Cordelia

Ten years later, bounced from the band he founded, he has nowhere else to go except back home. Ancient dragon shifter and arson investigator Liam Morgan has fought against his instincts to take a mate and sire a child for centuries, but now his dragon is fighting back. With a serial arsonist on the loose, Shane McKenna finds himself turning to Liam to help solve a case that could finally give him the respect he deserves. But he never expected to find a much-needed kinship with the stoic scientist.

And he definitely never expected to dream about Liam in a way that leaves him questioning his sexuality… and craving the touch of one very specific man. But claiming him has dire consequences. It contains steamy love scenes and male pregnancy, or Mpreg.

Cheryl Yeko

Adults only shifter romance! Left floundering, Nicky followed his own trajectory into rock stardom, but he never stopped looking back. Respected, admired, and settled in his skin, Jasper has long ignored his loneliness. As Nico Blue, guitarist and songwriter for the band Vespertine, Nicky owns the hearts of millions. He and his bandmates have toured the world, lighting their fans on fire with their music.

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Numbed by drugs and fueled by simmering anger, Nicky feels completely alone. When Vespertine is forced to get sober, Nicky returns home to where it all started. When Seth asks Oliver out, the immediate heat between them is too great to ignore. Someone willing to do whatever it takes to keep Seth and Oliver apart. Fighting for Love is book 2 in the Cut to the Feeling series. It is a gay instalove romantic drama that is better read as part of the series. It was gorgeous. Danny wanted to exist inside that explosion and let himself be consumed by it.

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With his life upended at the sight of his cheating boyfriend, Danny Zhou flees across the country with two million dollars in his bank account, and a broken heart to mend. Danny was never the sort of man who was supposed to make it rich. He was a simple guy with dreams of teaching literature, a cute husband, and maybe a dog or two. Uncertain where his future lies, Danny hopes to start over.

Cheryl Yeko

He most definitely does not expect Jamie, the stoic, gorgeous, Deaf fire fighter with a chip on his shoulder the size of Texas, and trust issues a hundred miles wide, who seems less than thrilled to have Danny on his team. Soon Zach wants more and makes his move by asking Bull on a date. Though small, he has a backbone of steel. Get the deal at Dreamspinner Press. But when it comes to romance, there is none — at least not anymore.

Phil has learned the hard way that work and career is one thing, having someone by your side to love and cherish is another. Their rough role play was a success, and Terry is ready to allow Phil to have more control over him in all ways. Then Phil takes their scenes to the next level as he introduces Terry to more extreme bondage. Adding to his joy are the approaching holidays that include celebrating with their friends.

Surprises are revealed, forbidden desires are shared, and their New Year begins with a bang—which not only brings them closer to each other—but to their friends, Master Gerard and his boy Marco. The Play Series Box Set, Volumes 1 — 3 contains the complete editions of the first three books in the Play Series adding up to over K words of reading enjoyment and no additional stories.

In addition, the first two installments have been revised and reedited. Be advised that Role Play contains consensual, rough fantasy role play that some might find upsetting. As always, every story has a strong HEA to keep your romance addiction satisfied! Thank you for reading, and watch for more of Phil, Terry, Marco and Gerard coming soon. I loved Jake. Really what's not to like. Angela's back story is sad. I really got her idea of not getting involved with a man again but when the pleasures so good who can blame her for slipping.

She did frustrate me with some of her stupid moves, deliberately putting herself in harms way when she knew the threat on her life but the dangerous situations are what gives us a great story. All the love, in both relationships, comes a bit fast for me especially considering the brothers history but I'm not too annoyed by it because I'm a sucker for a happily ever after.

I downloaded this story as a freebie but will definitely read the other books about the other cops in this book. This was a fast paced, murder romance that sizzled! I couldn't put it down Yeko did it again, I can't wait to read her next romance novel Another great book by Cheryl. I think I liked this book better than her first book "Protecting Rose". Though this book was supposed to be more like a sequel to "Protecting Rose", I found it only similar to it.

It was captivating from the start and held my interest to the very end. It was action packed, romantic, exciting, and if I do so so myself, hot!!! I am now waiting for Cheryl's third book to come out.