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Writer: Tobias Ahlgren. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Kryszthof Maid Linda Kosonen Anders Nordlund Peter Sami Lindblad Guy Sarakajsa Hellstrand Sjokix Henrik Bertlin Henka Johan Kammonen Just as Zeus says that in order to clean out whole room of gold, it would a strong vehicle to carry them. McClane realizes a dump truck would carry gold and realized that they stole the 14 dump trucks a day before. Zeus tells McClane that they almost got hit by a dump truck, which they realized that was one of their trucks.

As they we're leaving the damaged station, McClane tells Zeus to put the gold bar down. Zeus refuses to do so, despite McClane that they won't let him keep it. As Zeus breaks the car window to get in the car, McClane asked if he can hotwire it. Zeus says he's the electrician and uses some kind of tool to jumpstart the car's ignition. Then they took off to find the dump trucks that Simon and his men are using. McClane was about to call Cobb, but finds out the phone has been damaged during the fight in the elevator.

McClane and Zeus try to figure out what's 21 out of 42 and talk when they will go to Yankee Stadium. Then a car comes out of nowhere and cuts them off, McClane calls the driver Hilary Clinton. Zeus suddenly realized that 21 out of 42 are the names of U. McClane remarks that Hilary would be the 43rd president. Zeus asked who the 21st president, but neither McClane nor Zeus who it was. McClane sees the car they are in is not the fast car. Then McClane sees another car with a cellular phone and forces the car to the abrupt stop to take the other vehicle.

Before they we're about to leave, Zeus asked the carjacked driver who the 21st president was, but the driver angrily refused to answer and McClane took off right away. McClane says the driver will be better when he sees gold bullion in the back seat of the car, much to Zeus' unhappiness. McClane then calls Cobb on the car phone. He tells Cobb the whole thing us not about revenge, it's actually a heist.

McClane informs him that a large load of gold in the Federal Reserve Bank has been stolen and are heading north in dump trucks.

Cobb asked in disbelief if McClane has been drinking again. McClane hasn't been since early in the morning. Then he informs Coob that the dumps are in the FDR, around 70th street and tells him to closes the East Rivers bridges and get helicopters in the area soon. Cobb says he's spread all over hell to find the school bomb. McClane tries to tell his boss to find out who the 21st president was since the bomb is at that school, but the line got cut off, which angers McClane as he continues to pursue the dump trucks. Later on, McClane and Zeus see that they lost the dump trucks.

Then Zeus sees a dump truck down the road. McClane drives through the wall from the highway and landed on the road. McClane then stops the truck and points his gun at the truck driver. As he looked at the back of the truck, McClane ask Jack where he was taking the truck and Jerry says he was driving to the water aqueduct. When they stopped, McClane rushes over to the foreman and asked if there we're any extra coming through in the last few minutes.

The foreman says he's going to write a few guys up because they tore up the tube and the workers are actually loading in the different area. McClane realized it's Simon men who opened the tube and was calling the police on the phone. He asked the foreman the map showing where the tunnels. The foreman shows McClane and Zeus that they run under the saw mill until they get to the cofferdam. After that, they the water down to the reservoir. As McClane asked if anybody get in and out. The foreman says there's a vent shaft every two miles. McClane asks he meant to get out by truck as he hung up the phone when he couldn't get through to the switchboard.

The foreman says that he can get a the truck up to the cofferdam and to get there, follow the saw mill parkway about 20 miles away. McClane tells Zeus he'll meet him right there and has him go to Yankee Stadium since they less than two hours before the bomb goes off in the school, much to Zeus's chagrin.

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He rides with Jerry on his dump to the water tunnel. Then they stopped when the dump truck was blocking their way. When Jerry was about to exit, McClane tells to stop since he knows the dump truck has Simon's men in it. He takes Jerry's hardhat and jacket and exits the vehicle. Then he posed as the aqueduct security guard name Mickey O'Brien as walked towards the truck. He searched Nils' body and finds a radio and 10 quarters. Jerry sees the body of Nils. McClane returns Jerry's hardhat and jacket to him. He tells Jerry to get hold of Cobb to get him down there and find out who the 21st president was.

Jerry tells McClane that the 21st president was Chester A.


Arthur and gives him the brief biography of Arthur. McClane says bye to Jerry as he took off to go after Simon and the others. As McClane was driving in tunnel, Simon was trying to contact Nils. McClane taunts him that Nils is dead as well as Klaus, which name he didn't know, and the four men in the bank. McClane tells to come out where he's hiding and he'll drive this truck on him. As he continued his journey to the dam, McClane stops when he sees one of the temporary bridges fell out of place. He tries to get it back up, but to no avail.

Then McClane walks by foot.

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But suddenly sees a huge flow of water coming at him when Simon's men planted a bomb at the dam to drown him. McClane rushes back to the truck and tries to drive away from it, but the water was coming in too fast. As the huge wave of water hit the truck, McClane goes on top and grabs on the vent shaft as he went the over the truck.

As he was climbing on the vent with the flow of water hitting him, the water pushes McClane upward in the manhole, which flows him out in the highway somewhere in the Catskill Mountains and lands on the water-filled ground near the manhole. Zeus, who was driving by and saw McClane flying out of the manhole, stops by. McClane asked if he went to Yankee Stadium and Zeus says there was nobody there. McClane asked Zeus if anyone was following him and Zeus says was just jerking them around. But then gunfire came at him and McClane ran to the car as Zeus immediately took off.

As McClane and Zeus were being chased on the highway at the Catskill Mountains by two of Simon's henchmen, Erik and Mischa on the pickup truck, they we're fired upon by them. As Zeus drives around the traffic on the highway, McClane fires back at the terrorists with his pistol as Erik fired at them with his. He tells Zeus that he found out who the 21st president as Chester A. Arthur Elementary School. Afterwards, McClane takes over the wheel for Zeus and says that Simon planted that bomb in that school to get his complete attention.

McClane tells Zeus to find the fuse penal and pull out the anti-lock brake fuse. When Zeus couldn't find out which one it is, McClane tells him to pull all of them out. Once the fuse was pulled out, McClane tells Zeus to get down. Then McClane makes an abrupt U-turn and shoots down Erik and Mischa inside the truck with his pistol. Then the car hits the truck on the side and the car flipped over to the side of the road as the truck crashed harmlessly down to the other side of the road.

Both McClane and Zeus survived without injury. As McClane and Zeus got out of the wrecked car, McClane looks at the truck with his pistol raised and finds both men onboard the truck are dead. McClane finds 10 quarters on Mischa, just like Nils had 10 quarters. Zeus predicts that maybe they we're making long distance phone calls, but McClane says they are for a toll booth on a bridge. As they were driving on a bridge, they spotted a ship carrying the dump trucks. Then they stopped on the bridge. Zeus asked if they should call the Coast Guard, but McClane replies that it will take them a hour to get there.

Zeus says that they can jump to the ship, but McClane says it's too deep to jump onboard. Zeus says that they can make it to the crane of the ship, but McClane says the crane's cables will cut him in half if he missed.

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McClane pulls the truck's tow cables and, as the cargo ship went to the other side of the bridge, he and Zeus tossed the cable to the crane of the ship. Once the cables was attached to the crane, Zeus was going first since he is determined to save his nephews and McClane follows him as they climbed on the cables to board the ship. Then Zeus tells McClane that there's a sentry down below on the ship. When the truck's cable lines we're all the way pulled, the ship was pulling the truck. McClane and Zeus we're climbing down faster to the ship.

Then the truck fell off the bridge, causing the cables with McClane and Zeus to go down. McClane grabbed the crane, but the cable went loose and McClane and Zeus fell to the ship's container box, but both of them survive the fall, despite getting hurt from it. As they got out off the container box, McClane and Zeus find one of Simon's men cut in half by the truck's cable lines.

They moved the remains of that sentry out of the way. Then McClane says that they going to find Simon and beat the code for the bomb out of him. Then he gives Zeus the henchman's MP5K submachine gun. Zeus doesn't know how to use it, much to McClane's chagrin. Zeus asks if that's it, and McClane says to pull the trigger, but try not to shoot himself in the foot.

Then McClane tells Zeus to not be a hero and to come get him when he finds Simon. McClane goes down in the below decks of the ship and avoids any men near them. Then he sees one of the men entered the stairway and slams him multiple times with the frieghter's heavy door, killing him. Afterwards, he goes to the ship's cargo hold that is full of containers. Then, one of the men said something to him in German and kills him. As he looks at him, he mockingly asked the dead gunman, "What was that?

Targo kicked him in the head from the container and translates that his henchman said, "Don't shoot. Targo then tossed and kicked McClane around the cargo hold. The beaten down McClane find the chain attached to the container and trips Targo down with it.

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He proceed to beat Targo with the chain and incapacitates the contract terrorist. He takes the machine gun from the henchman as well as his pistol and staggers out of the cargo hold and to the bridge. McClane calls out to Coast Guard on Bridgeport and gives them a mayday call. The Coast Guard tells him to stay on the line. As they said that, McClane sees the pound of liquid explosives being lifted and realizes that the bomb on the school was a fake.

Then Simon and his men surrounded him on the bridge as McClane and Simon met each other face-to-face for the first time. Simon tells McClane that he's a soldier, not a monster, even he sometimes works for monsters and that the real bomb is on the ship. Then he sees that they also captured Zeus, who has a gunshot wound in his leg.