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Please do not use this form for any other reason. Except where otherwise noted , content on this site is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike License v3. Try Complete Themes. Welcome to Thunderbird Add-ons. On the go? Check out our Mobile Add-ons site. Using preferences in a signup form.

You can make public preferences visible when creating a signup form. Using preferences in your preference centre. Private preferences are never shown.

Using preferences in a survey. You can make public preferences available in a survey by dragging in and dropping the 'Marketing preferences' element. Your respondents will see these and will be able to opt into them. Uploading contacts in bulk with preferences.

You can upload contacts in bulk with their preferences by including preference columns in the source file. To do this successfully, follow these steps:. If you're making use of our advanced settings for merging uploaded data, it's important to note that a blank entry for a preference in an uploaded file is interpreted as unknown and is simply ignored and skipped over.

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It isn't treated in the same way as a blank entry is for a contact data field. Please take a look at the examples below, outlining the behaviour you can expect in different scenarios. Don't update data fields with blank values. Don't update data fields that already have a value.

Microsoft Access Address Book Database Template

Using preferences with ConsentInsight. When you use preferences in combination with recording consent with ConsentInsight for a contact - for instance, either in a survey or in a signup form, or when uploading contacts in a file that contains both consent and preferences - then the contact's preferences, as given at that point, get recorded as part of the ConsentInsight record. Exporting contact preferences. Using preferences in advanced personalisation.

The Sports Address Book

Contact preferences are accessible via advanced personalisation, enabling you to leverage preferences to personalise your campaigns and landing pages. Using preferences in the program builder. When building a program, there are a couple of nodes in which you can directly make use of preferences:.

Furthermore, there's a useful program template that will help you to migrate your preferences if you're already storing them in another way within the platform. Marketing preferences in reporting.

Address Books and Labels

Contents Creating and managing marketing preferences and categories Viewing and editing contacts' preferences Viewing contacts opted into a preference Using preferences in segments Sending a campaign to preferences Using preferences in a signup form Using preferences in your preference centre Using preferences in a survey Uploading contacts in bulk with preferences Using preferences with ConsentInsight Exporting contact preferences Using preferences in advanced personalisation Using preferences in the program builder Marketing preferences in reporting Summary If you want to improve the targeting and effectiveness of your communications, then using marketing preferences is one of the best ways to do this.

This article covers the basics to get up and running, and a lot more besides. Creating and managing marketing preferences and categories You can create marketing preferences and categories. Preferences can be made 'public' or 'private'.

Managing and Sharing an Address Book

Public - means a preference will be visible in your signup forms, preference centres, and surveys for contacts to opt in and out of. You can give a preference a public name that's different to its private name, and this will be what your contacts will see. Private - means a preference will be hidden from contacts and won't be visible to them You can also give a category a public or private name.

You can't drag a preference into a category that already contains a preference with the same private name. Your preference and categories will be listed once created. This will list all of your preferences and will indicate which ones a contact is opted into. To change a contact's preferences, select or de-select a preference or preferences selecting or de-selecting a category will select or de-select all preferences in that category Click Save Your contact's preferences will be updated.

Viewing contacts opted into a preference The number of contacts belonging to a preference is given alongside each one in the 'Contacts' column of the 'Marketing preferences' page. Click on the number to view the list of contacts.