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Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning

With his high school diploma in hand, he was told to have bloodwork done. Why would I ever do this? One friend had a seizure while helping Cush move and needed brain surgery to remove a cluster of blood vessels. At 34, the friend is fully recovered and recently got married, but affordable insurance is no longer available as he prepares to start a family. When it comes to financial preparation, Cush had a good teacher.

The decision to attend Miami was again based on practicality. Cush landed an internship with Jackson National Life Insurance Company out of college and became an internal wholesaler less than a year later. You learn so much. Cush points to a former co-worker whose college-age son was hit by a drunk driver while walking on the sidewalk. The teenager went into a coma and faces a long road to recovery. You put a captain on it and you put lifeboats on it for when unexpected things come up. But we want you to get to know the people behind the credentials.

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Neither Transamerica nor its agents or representatives may provide medical, tax, investment, or legal advice. Anyone to whom this material is promoted, marketed, or recommended should consult with and rely on their own independent tax and legal advisors and financial professional regarding their particular situation and the concepts presented herein. Transamerica Resources, Inc. The information provided is for educational purposes only and should not be construed as, medical, insurance, securities, tax, legal or financial advice or guidance.

These additional hours are for study skills or further research.

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For example, an individual not working in industry would need more time to review industry websites that are usually introduced in workplace compliance training. Individuals working in industry may be able to complete the course requirements in a shorter timeframe or less hours per week. This information is effective from 2 March Please contact us on or studentadvice kaplan.

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Financial planners seeking a professional designation are required to undertake a postgraduate course. Have you considered a professional designation with the AFA? This designation provides participants with comprehensive and innovative business framework to support their business and professional vision. Topics covered include:. For additional study-related fees, please click here.

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When completing the DFP8 Advanced Financial Planning subject, although it is not a prerequisite, it is recommended that you have knowledge of securities, as the assignment incorporates tasks in this area of advice. This course requires you to read comprehensive learner workbooks, complete a range of written assessments, undertake independent research activities and at times engage in online forums and discussions.

Furthermore, the delivery mode relies on the extensive use of written communication. Recommended browsers You can access KapLearn using any of the browsers below, but it runs best on the latest versions:. You may find it helpful to have more than one browser installed on your computer.


You will need to use a free or paid audio-recording app on your phone, tablet or computer to record and submit your oral assignment. Below are help links for some popular devices. To successfully complete this qualification, individuals will require basic computing skills. This may include:. You may enrol into this course at any time and begin studying immediately on enrolment, subject to prerequisites.

To do this, individuals must submit evidence demonstrating they have already met the requirements of the subject through other means. Evidence can take many forms, such as information about approved study, information about work experience, certificates, transcripts or other credentials.

You will receive login details to KapLearn upon enrolment.


When you log on to KapLearn you are able to access the subject notes, assessments, additional learning materials such as media, case studies, practice activities and your online tutor. Corporate clients should contact our Corporate Solutions Representative on to discuss face-to-face delivery options and how we can tailor our training to your business needs.

We encourage you to book a consultation over the phone to discuss the options and study pathways available to you in more detail. These consultations allow our experienced and knowledgeable team to understand your needs, identify the qualification most appropriate for you, and address your questions thoroughly. Alternatively, you can get in touch directly on or educationrequirements kaplan. The assessments for each subject are listed below.

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The activities are generally brief in nature with a word limit applying to each. The mode of oral assessment is by audio recording.

What Does a Financial Advisor Do?

The mode of oral assessment is by phone or Skype. Individuals must be deemed competent in all assessment items, including demonstrating competency in all of the exam questions, in order to be awarded their qualification or course. To learn more about what to expect when completing an oral assignment using audio please click here.