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Generally under controlled conditions, the higher the treadwear number normally between , the less the tire will wear over time.

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Temperature A-C represents how well a tire disperses heat at maximum speeds. This is generally molded into the sidewall of the tire. See Load index, and Speed Rating. Load Range: The maximum weight that the tire is designed to carry; dictated by the tire's construction.


LT Metric truck type tires are offered with ply ratings of C 6 ply , D 8 ply , and E 10 ply and at various inflation pressures up to 80 psi. Tread Depth: Measured in 32nds of an inch, Tread depth measures the top of the tire tread rubber to the bottom of its grooves. Speed Rating: A code A-Z indicating the maximum speed a tire can carry in relation to a specified load capacity. Above mph a ZR must appear in the size designation, including a Y speed symbol in brackets.

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Worst tire I ever had. Do not EVER buy these! I value the life of my family higher than the price of a new set of tires! Have you driven on the Pirelli Scorpion Winter tyre?

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  8. Fantastic snow and ice grip. Also, aqua planning is wonderful. Saved my life.

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    Only con is mud performance. Watch this video now!

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    These tyres were great in the snow. Never got stuck even in quite deep snow and braking was good. Had to stop pretty hard before they would skid in the snow.