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Libraries Unlimited. Need Help? Try our Search Tips. Award Winner. Reviewed Content. Available for Course Adoption. P2P See : peer-to-peer. The extent of the packager 's role is determined by the agreement with the publisher , which may include writing, editing , designing, illustrating , printing , and even binding the final product. Portions of the production process may be subcontracted out to specialist s.

Compare with managed book. When the packets reach their destination, they are checked to ensure that no data was lost in transmission, then reassembled in original sequence. Packet switching enables the transmission capability of a computer network to be used with maximum speed and efficiency, reducing costs and enhancing productivity. The Internet uses packet switching. The style was used in the late 19th and early 20th centuries on album s, diaries , volume s of poetry , etc. Usually made of heavy-duty kraft paper or strong plastic, lined with a thick layer of soft fiber or air bubbles trapped in plastic film, padded envelopes are used extensively in interlibrary loan.

Available from library and office supplier s in various sizes, they are reusable if opened carefully. Synonymous with jiffy bag and padded mailer. The right-hand page in an opening is the recto , the left-hand page the verso. Abbreviated p. See also : folio and jump page.

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Also, a shortened form of the term Web page. See also : orphan and widow. Page numbers are written or printed in the head or tail margin , usually centered or in the outer corner. Front matter is usually paginated in lowercase roman numeral s, text and back matter in consecutive arabic numeral s. Blank pages are left unnumbered. Compare with foliation. See also : blind page. Front matter is usually numbered in lowercase roman numeral s, text and back matter in arabic numeral s.

Rare in manuscript s and documents printed prior to A. The recto traditionally bears an odd page number and the verso an even number. See also : blind page , continuous pagination , duplicate paging , journal pagination , magazine pagination , repaginated , separately paginated , and unpaginated.

Because of its light color and smooth surface, vellum was the best covering material for this type of decoration before paper came into widespread use. To see examples, try a search on the keywords "painted and vellum" in the British Library 's Database of Bookbindings. Click here to see a 16th-century calf binding by Christopher Plantin on which some of the tooled elements are painted in white, gray, black, green, and red Koninklijke Bibliotheek.

Color was added by a variety of techniques stencil , freehand , or a combination of both , sometimes by the printmaker but more often by a painter or trained colorist, or by an artisan in the case of mass-produced print s. Some colorists signed their work. The earliest paintings were made over 30, years ago on the stone walls of caves in southern France and northern Spain by Mesolithic hunter-gatherers who used brushes and their own breath to apply natural pigments see this example from Altamira Cave in Spain.

See also : miniature. The study of early forms of writing, such as the ancient inscription s carved on monuments and the various script s used in classical and medieval manuscript s. A discipline that began with the 15th-century humanists, paleography includes the decipherment of ancient text s and the determination from external characteristics of date and place of origin. Also refers to the study of the origins of the alphabet s and letterform s used in writing the world's language s, including the Latin alphabet.

Click here to learn more about the history of writing. British spelling is palaeography. Synonymous with diplomatic. See also : diplomatics and Rosetta Stone. Prior to the introduction of paper , writing material was often reused because it was expensive to produce and usually in short supply. Papyrus could be washed lavage , but parchment and vellum had to be scraped with pumice or some other abrasive substance. A double palimpsest is one that has been erased twice. The new text was often written perpendicular to the former, to reduce, if not eliminate, visual confusion. The study of palimpsests has enabled codicologist s to recover portions of texts and, in some cases, entire work s that would otherwise have been lost.

Used as a substitute during World War I when platinum became prohibitively expensive, palladium prints are virtually identical to platinum print s except for a slightly warmer tone. To see examples, try a keywords search on the term in Google Images.

The text was scratched in the surface, then rubbed with dark pigment to make the character s more visible. Click here to see a manuscript written on palm leaves Cornell University Library and here to see an example in ivory covers State Library of South Australia. See also : bark cloth and olla. Pamphlets were first published in England to disseminate the polemic al writings of 16th-century reformers but are now used mainly for material too ephemeral or too brief to 10, words to be printed in book form.

Click here to see a pamphlet guide for travelers to Canada and America via the Canadian Pacific steamship in the early 20th century Royal Library of Denmark. Synonymous with booklet. Compare with brochure. See also : pamphlet binding and pamphlet file. Also refers to the rebinding of a pamphlet or its enclosure in a specially-made outer binding , usually for purposes of preservation see this example , courtesy of the Special Collections Library , University of Kentucky.

Click here to see a worn example containing materials in deteriorated condition Harvard University Library. Panel stamps were large tools cast not engraved incorporating an entire design rather than a repeatable motif. On a large book, several panels might be used to decorate the entire area. According to P. Marks, panels were used in Antwerp as early as the 13th century, sometimes based on woodcut s The British Library Guide to Bookbinding , University of Toronto Press, Click here to view a 16th-century example bearing a single blind -stamped panel Special Collections , Glasgow University Library, BD2-h.

To see other examples, try a search on the keyword "panel" in the British Library 's Database of Bookbindings. Also refers to a similar design stamped on the spine of a book, often between raised bands on the spine of a hand-bound volume. The interviewers may agree in advance on a scripted list of questions and take turns asking them. Also refers to a job interview in which two or more candidates are interviewed at the same time in each other's company by one or more interviewers, a more competitive process than an individual interview.

On some map s, additional information is given on the panel, such as name of publisher , publication date , copyright notice , etc.

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Road map s often include illustration or graphic design on the panel. Important feature s are sometimes labeled along the top or bottom margin. Oblique projections are often included in this category see bird's-eye view. Panoramas have characteristics of both map s and picture s. Click here to see a panorama of the Grand Canyon , courtesy of the Library of Congress. Synonymous with perspective map. See also : cyclorama. The first panoramic camera, developed in by Joseph Puchberger of Retz, Austria, used curved daguerreotype plate s and an 8-inch focal length lens to capture a degree image.

Click here to see examples at the Library Congress and here to read a timeline of the development of the panoramic camera, courtesy of Bill McBride. As the water is drained away on a wire screen, the moist fibers bond with each other at points of contact, forming a homogeneous, felted mat that stiffens as it dries. Paper is graded by content and intended use and by such properties as color, brightness, opacity , finish , strength, density, weight , and chemical stability. It can be coated or uncoated , sized or unsized, handmade or machine-made. The acid content of the paper used in library materials is an issue in preservation.

For more information about paper, please see the entry by Derek Priest in the International Encyclopedia of Information and Library Science Routledge, Compare with papyrus and parchment. See also : acid-free paper , acid paper , bible paper , book paper , buffered paper , cover paper , esparto , foolscap , kraft paper , laid paper , manila , newsprint , onionskin , papermaking , permanent paper , wood-free paper , and wove paper.

The modern paperback first appeared in the s when Sir Allen Lane, founder of Penguin books, published Ariel by Andre Maurois in paper cover s. Paperback edition s are normally published after the hardcover edition of the same title and sold at a lower price , which has made them a staple of the retail market for fiction and nonfiction. Synonymous with paperbound and softcover.

Abbreviated pb , pbk , and ppr. Compare with paper boards. See also : mass-market paperback , paperback original , and trade paperback. B - slightly crease d along the spine ; may be marked with a name, initials, or bookstore stamp C - reading copy with creases on the spine and signs of wear at the corner s but with text intact. Various grades are used in the manufacture of case s for publisher's binding s. Compare with paperback. The category also includes temporary binding s and wrappers commonly used in the late 18th and 19th century. The first manufactured paper dolls were issued in London in and in Boston in By the s boxed sets of paper dolls were commercially available in Europe.

The first celebrity paper doll, issued in the s, was of the renowned ballerina Marie Taglioni. Click here to learn more about the history of paper dolls. The technique reached Samarkand via trade routes by A. Papermills were in operation in Europe at least years before the invention of printing from movable type , but the use of parchment and vellum as a writing and printing surface persisted well after the printing press became established.

The papermaking industry became firmly established in Europe only in the midth century in response to the spread of printing. The first paper mill in America was established in by William Rittenhouse near Philadelphia. Some sites charge a subscription fee and may offer custom services, usually on a per- page basis.

Customers may even be provided with advice about how to avoid being caught cheating. Saavy instructors have devised ways of detecting this form of plagiarism. Examples : BestEssay4u. Synonymous with essay mill. The cost of rebinding the paperback is often less than the price difference between the two editions. Between and over 3, film s were registered with the Library of Congress for U. Because federal copyright law made no provision for motion pictures at that time, film companies provided legal documentation of their work by depositing contact prints made on rolls of paper 35mm wide, a medium that proved more lasting than the nitrate film used to create the originals.

The paper prints were later rephotographed one frame at a time onto 16mm film stock. Also refers to a group of composition s, especially those written for presentation by the author or authors at a conference , sometimes published as proceedings or transactions by the society or association sponsoring the meeting. Support sheets are first applied to both sides of the leaf to be split, using a gelatin adhesive. After the adhesive has set, but while the core of the paper is still moist, the support sheets are carefully pulled apart, splitting the core into two halves, which are then dried and reassembled with a sheet of Japanese paper sandwiched between them.

The adhesive used to bind the Japanese paper to the two halves is soluble only in cold water. After it dries, the support sheets are removed in a bath of very hot water, dissolving the gelatin adhesive but not the core adhesive. Paper splitting is a delicate process that should be undertaken only by an experienced conservator. Click here to see the process illustrated. See also : procrastination.

The designs, mainly in black heavy-relief sometimes in latticework over a red or metallic underlay reflected the Victorian revival of Gothic style in the decorative arts. To see other examples, try a search on the keywords "papier mache" in the British Library 's Database of Bookbindings. See also : relievo binding. Although the word "paper" is derived from papyrus , the latter is technically not a paper since it is not made from pulped and processed fiber but from thin strips of the fibrous pith laid in layers at right angles to each other, pressed into sheet s, dried under pressure, and polished to a cream or white color click here to see the process illustrated.

For long document s, the sheets were pasted edge to edge in roll s, often wound around a stick called an umbilicus by the ancient Romans. Papyrus was less suitable for book s in codex form because it tends to delaminate when folded. Writing was usually done with a reed pen called a calamus on the inner side of the roll with the fibers running horizontally. Trade embargoes in late Antiquity may have led to the development of parchment as a writing surface.

Papyrus was abandoned with the collapse of the Roman Empire in the West. Click here to learn more about parables in Wikipedia. See also : fable. In library and information science , paradigm shifts are increasingly driven by technological innovation. Paralibrarian of the Year An award, sponsored by DEMCO , given annually since to a paraprofessional library staff member in recognition of outstanding library service, particularly achievements in furthering the role of paraprofessionals in librarianship.

The winner is also profiled in the March 1 issue of Library Journal. Click here to see parallels illustrated. Compare with meridian. Parallel content designation can be summarized as follows, with X in the range of : X00 - personal name s X10 - corporate names X11 - meeting names X30 - uniform title s X40 - bibliographic titles X50 - topic al term s X51 - geographic name s.

Compare with simultaneous publication.

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Such works are published in parallel edition. See also : duplicate paging. The Library of Congress records all parallel titles for item s issue d in the United States. A re wording of the thought expressed in a previously spoken statement or written work , usually to make the meaning clearer by substituting shorter, simpler words for difficult vocabulary. Also, the use of rewording as a literary device or educational technique.

Compare with quotation. See also : plagiarism. Library paraprofessionals are usually assigned high-level technical support duties, for example, in copy cataloging and serials control. In smaller public library system s in the United States, branch librarian s are sometimes paraprofessionals. Click here to connect to a national directory of paraprofessional associations in the United States. Synonymous with library technician and paralibrarian. Click here to see a parchmenter at work Leaves of Gold.

Parchment was used in Europe from about the 2nd century A. The word is derived from Charta pergamena , Pergamum being the name of the ancient city on the west coast of Asia Minor where King Eumenes II founded a library to rival the great center of scholarship at Alexandria in Egypt. Its adoption as a writing surface in the 2nd century B.

Parental involvement can be active discussion of content with the child or restrictive imposition of rules and regulations. Reading aloud together and co-viewing can also be forms of parental mediation. In public libraries , monitoring a child's choice of reading or viewing material is the responsibility of the parent. In the absence of parental guidance, it is not incumbent on the librarian to act in loco parentis, although suggestions may be offered to the child, based on age, interests, and reading level.

The use of parentheses has declined since the 19th century, replaced by commas in modern writing style. Also used in the singular parenthesis to refer to the parenthetical expression enclosed in brackets. Synonymous with Harvard system. In March , the Oklahoma House passed by a vote of a bill to prohibit local funding authorities and library boards from funding public libraries unless they "place all children and young adult materials that contain homosexual or sexually explicit subject matter in a special area" to which access is limited to adults.

The Oklahoma Library Association opposed the legislation.

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Organized by IFLA to address international standardization in library cataloging , the conference was held in Paris, France. One of the earliest examples is The Frogs , a play by Aristophanes believed to parody work s by Aeschylus and Euripides. In a more recent example, Jane Austen parodied the gothic novel s popular in earlyth-century England in Northanger Abbey. For an online example of political parody, see whitehouse. Other examples can be found in Yahoo!

See also : burlesque. The intervals may be regular or irregular , depending on the nature of the work. In printed monograph s, a part is usually the equivalent of a volume. A part is distinguished from a fascicle by being a permanent component, rather than a temporary division of the work. As used in the physical description area of a bibliographic record , the term refers to one of two or more bibliographic units intended to be bound together, more than one to a volume AACR2.

Abbreviated pt. Compare with piece. See also : multipart item , multipart volume , original parts , and serialized. Produced in set s, usually of parts, they became the standard method of disseminating ensemble music from the late 15th to the late 17th century when scores became easier to obtain click here to see a late 16th-century example, courtesy of the Glasgow University Library. In some cases, a part book is all that remains of a lost work. According to The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians Grove: , the practice of performing music from separate parts has survived in orchestral and chamber music for which the expense of providing every performer with a score dictates economy.

In library cataloging , the presence of one or more part books is noted in the statement of extent in the physical description area of the bibliographic record representing the item. Also spelled partbook and part-book. A partial border can be either centered in relation to the text or some other design element on the page or positioned above or below center, or it may extend around one of the corners of the text. Click here to see foliate examples in a 15th-century French manuscript British Library , Burney This practice is condemned by publishers' and booksellers' association s because it gives some booksellers an unfair competitive advantage over others in the same market.

It may be a secondary part subtitle or alternative title or the title with the less significant words omitted. The concept originated in Scandinavia in the s under the name cooperative design and has been used in many contexts, including libraries. The Heritage Image Partnership is an online example. The study also found that partnerships were most frequently established to attract and sustain underserved audience segments. Contributors may be listed in the back matter , and a translator 's note is sometimes included in the front matter.

Part-time employees who work less than a certain number of hours per week or month may not be entitled to full benefits. In academic institutions, the ratio of full-time to part-time adjunct faculty , including librarian s, may be governed by a collective bargaining agreement. Compare with job sharing. See also : half-time. Some publisher s use this as a justification for charging libraries a substantially higher subscription price than the rate paid by individual subscriber s, a practice known as differential pricing.

Although pass-along is difficult to quantify, when combined with circulation it gives an approximate indication of total readership. Abbreviated pass. Today, passports include a small portrait photograph and other information about the holder. Because a passport is stamped when the owner enters and exits a country, it provides a record of the holder's travels. Since August , the U. Department of State has issued only biometric passports that use contactless smart card technology see this example.

Passwords are usually managed by the operating system or a database management system DBMS. Because system software is only capable of verifying the legitimacy of a password, not the identity of the person using it, passwords should remain confidential. In a well-designed system, passwords must be changed periodically by the user to maintain security. By contrast, the username is usually permanent. Paste is used to affix label s and bookplate s because it is water soluble, making them easy to remove if necessary.

However, water solubility also makes it susceptible to mold. Because it is made from a vegetable substance, paste also attracts insects that damage book s. Compare with glue. See also : cut-and-paste. Click here to see an early 19th-century example, courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

In modern bookbinding , a heavy grade of pasteboard called binder's board is used extensively in hardcover edition s. In medieval manuscript book s, the paste-down concealed grooves called channels cut into the inside surface of the boards to recess the sewing supports cords. The sheet s of parchment or vellum used for the purpose were often fragment s of disused manuscript s. Also spelled pastedown. Synonymous with board paper.

Compare with doublure. Compare with errata. In color effect, pastels are closer to natural dry pigments than any other art medium. Click here to see a self-portrait in pastel by Jean-Baptiste Chardin, courtesy of the Louvre. Click here to see an 18th-century German example Princeton University Library and here to see a later example in quarter cloth.

Click here and here to see contemporary examples, courtesy of Ball Peen Bindery. Paste-painting has also been used in bookbinding to decorate the edge s of the section s see this example. Compare with layout. In hand-binding , this step is a finishing touch, the body of the book having been laced to the cover, but in case binding , it is the endleaves that attach the body to the case. Compare with gluing off. Click here to see examples on a leaf in early 16th-century antiphonal Leaves of Gold. Sometimes a hole was left unpatched and the text written around it.

See this example in a 12th-century manuscript British Library , Arundel The document is assigned a patent number by the patent office for future reference. An x-patent is a patent issued by the U. Destroyed by a fire in December while in temporary storage, the collection of over 9, early patents has been reconstructed from inventors' copies.

Most large engineering libraries provide patent search database s and services. Click here to learn more about how patents work and here to learn more about U. Patent and Trademark Office site. The Canadian government provides the Canadian Patents Database. Compare with trademark. See also : patent and trademark resource center and patent drawing. Created by federal statute in , the Patent and Trademark Resource Center Program has grown to include more than 80 libraries, half of which are academic libraries , with nearly as many public libraries , one state library , and a special library devoted to research.

Patent and Trademark Office See : U. Patent and Trademark Office. In the United States, patent drawing s are retained as documentation in a patent file stored in a patent and trademark resource center. Click here to see the patent drawings of Eli Whitney's cotton gin, courtesy of Wikipedia. To see other examples, try a keywords search on the term "patent drawing" in Google Images. The patentee has the right to profit from his or her invention, seek an injunction to prevent infringement, and recover damages for violation of patent rights.

In exchange, the patent holder is expected to supply the patented invention to the public, under reasonable terms. Pathfinders may be print ed or available online. See also : topical guide. Although patristic literature does not constitute a closed canon with clearly defined boundaries, the Patristic period is generally considered to have begun with the completion of the New Testament at the end of the 1st century and ended at the close of the 8th century. Not all patristic authors wrote in Latin or Greek, but the work s of those who wrote in other language s were translated into Latin and Greek.

Synonymous with user. Compare with client. See also : patron ID , patron record , patron type , and problem patron. For reasons of privacy , most libraries in the United States do not keep permanent records of the materials used or borrowed by a patron, nor do they use confidential information for marketing purposes.

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  • Some libraries have developed a privacy policy concerning patron data which they make known to their users. Working with the vendor , the librarian establishes an approval profile based on classification , subject , educational level, publication date , cost, and other criteria. E-book title s matching the profile are then shared with the library 's community of users via MARC records in the online catalog. When a specific e-book has been discovered and viewed a predetermined number of times, it is automatically purchased for the collection.

    Libraries with limited budget s can set spending limits on their PDA plans. Synonymous with demand-drive acquisition. Also refers to the number used in most library circulation system s to identify the borrower. Sometimes it is the library card number, but in academic libraries it may be the student ID number or the social security number. In special libraries , patron ID may be linked to the employee identification system used by the parent organization.

    Each library or library system adopts its own method of patron identification. See also : patron record. Library Journal publishes the online quarterly Patron Profiles. In electronic circulation systems, an authorized member of the library staff is permitted to access the patron record by scanning the barcode on the library card or by using a keyboard to enter the patron's name or library card number as input.

    Some online catalog s allow registered borrowers to view thir own patron records with proper authorization. Synonymous with circulation record. See also : blocked.

    Academic libraries usually differentiate faculty , student, alumni, and staff by patron type. Most public libraries distinguish between nonresidents and patron s who reside within the service area and between adult and juvenile users. In special libraries , patron type may reflect hierarchical rank within the parent organization, levels of security clearance, etc.

    Click here to see the pattern book of William Jones, an 18th-century weaver. Pattern books for artists, designers, craftsmen, and architects often consist entirely of illustration s with no accompanying text. Click here to see a page in Polychromatic Decoration as Applied to Buildings in the Medieval Styles by William and George Audsley, the first pattern book devoted to the painted decoration of medieval-style buildings University of Delaware Library. Also used synonymously with model book. For example, the subdivision --Biopsy under the pattern heading Heart can be used under the heading Breast even though no specific authority record exists for the combination Breast--Biopsy.

    The rule does not apply when there is a conflict with a heading established in the subject authority file in another form. For example, the subdivision --Dislocation under the pattern heading Foot may not be applied to the heading Joints because the combination Joints--Dislocation is a UF used for reference under the heading Dislocations in the subject authority file.

    In the United States, predominantly female occupations, such as nursing, social work, and librarianship , have typically been compensated at a significantly lower rate than comparable occupations in which males are predominant. Click here to connect to the homepage of the National Committee on Pay Equity, a coalition established in A penalty may be charged for late payment.

    Click here to see three 19th-century binding s executed in Payne style Princeton University Library. To see additional examples, try a search on the keyword "payne" in the British Library 's Database of Bookbindgs. When return equals investment, the result is known as break-even. Hours worked are usually reported to the payroll department at the end of each period on a timesheet signed by the employee.

    In most cases, the library has the option of limiting service to specific categories of users, for example, faculty members or researcher s in academic libraries. Current awareness service is usually available with pay-per-view access. Electronic delivery is often priced lower than fax. Periodic report s detailing number of purchases per title and publisher enable librarian s to compare per-view costs with the price of adding a subscription.

    For more information, see the article "Pay by the Slice" in the spring issue of Netconnect. Most libraries that open their doors to the public provide at least one payphone as a courtesy to their users. Library employees may be required to sign a timesheet for each pay period , stating the hours they worked.

    PBS See : public television. PC See : p ersonal c omputer and p olitical c orrectness. PC game See : video game. PD See : p ublic d omain. PDA See : p atron- d riven a cquisition and p ersonal d igital a ssistant. Peabody Award Founded in , the George Foster Peabody Award is the oldest electronic media award in the world, recognizing excellence, distinguished achievement, and meritorious public service. The first radio awards were presented in , the first television awards in , the first cable television awards in , and the first Web site awards in Administered by the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Georgia, the Peabody Awards honor content from large broadcast network s to small online outlets, from popular entertainment programs to independently produced documentaries.

    Click here to connect to the Peabody homepage. Transaction log s, circulation statistics , and gate count s are compiled and analyzed to reveal recurrent periods of peak use. The results are useful in establishing library hour s, anticipating staff ing needs, scheduling maintenance, etc. Click here to see an 18th-century German example, courtesy of Southern Methodist University. Prior to about , books were copied mainly by monastic scribes working in scriptoria. Once book production became a commercial enterprise, stationers in university towns Paris, Bologna, Oxford, etc. Plural: peciae.

    In academic libraries at institutions that grant librarians faculty status , tenure decisions may also be based on peer evaluation. In libraries in which employment is governed by a collective bargaining agreement , the method of peer evaluation may be determined by contract. Synonymous with peer review. Under most conditions, the identity of the referee s is kept confidential, but the identity of the author s is not.

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