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This 18 page ebook will help you develop plans for hiring, firing, and managing a crisis. She suggests surprising your team by bringing them breakfast or taking them out for an unscheduled lunch. In Inc. As a starter, Owens recommends you take the time to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your employees.

One way of bringing awareness to your happiness levels is to map your happiness. He recommends listing the feelings you want to have at work, then writing actions that bring about those feelings. Exercising together builds morale and helps co-workers get to know each other better.

If exercising together is an unrealistic goal for your salespeople, consider springing for their gym memberships.

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Focus on key sales activities instead of results Focusing on sales results alone can be stressful, especially considering that as a salesperson or sales manager, you can influence yet never control results. Public displays of appreciation An important determinant for happiness on the job is whether you feel appreciated for your work. Give specific compliments. Tell employees you trust them, then back your words up by showing employees you trust them. Have an open door policy to encourage transparency and openness.

Blur the line between boss and employee Stefanie Daneau concurs with Parikh that a sense of ownership adds to employee happiness.

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Spend More Minutes Selling With These Time Saving Sales Hacks Take control of your workday with these time saving sales tactics that will focus your meetings and calls, and help you tackle admin tasks. Send to me. Tick for more of our best how-to guides, templates and ebooks via email. Interconnectedness In Quartz , Jayson Marwaha says Medicare started using results from patient satisfaction surveys to calculate how much money to pay hospitals. Their top concern?

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Seeming too pushy. However, when upselling is done right it enhances the guest experience and builds loyalty — all while increasing sales. So, try these upselling tips, because they work! Hide a command in a question. This is one of the top upselling tips. A Cornell University study recommends rich, vivid descriptions. This is one of the best upselling tips for your servers — and your restaurant menu design.

Guest entertainment can boost spending and satisfaction. FOMO stands for fear of missing out. Your nightly specials should be priced for a high profit margin. Many guests assume specials are a great value — often ordering them without asking the price. Upselling tips are made easy with a go-to list of the top 3 highest profit margin items for every menu section.

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Managers should train waitstaff to memorize the 3 items. Many of these upselling tips involve suggesting higher priced items.

7 No-Brainer Strategies to Close More Sales by Getting Customers to Trust You

Yet, many servers avoid recommending a top shelf swap or the best steak on the menu. Guests feel flattered when a server assumes they can afford a trendy new wine or gourmet item. Not presenting guests with your best options is a form of down selling. To see more ways your servers may be down selling and how to fix it , download the free Golden Book of Upselling Tips and Secrets. Servers should highlight top sellers. This is one of the best restaurant upselling tips for indecisive guests.

Many restaurant upselling tips revolve around your menu. Want a menu that upsells? Have just the right amount of options. The study suggests 6 items per menu category for quick service, and per category for fine dining. And this comes from asking open-ended questions and listening to their answers. And you can then use these insights to find the best solutions to their problems, and in turn, close more sales. Trust is vital in the sales process; you must focus on building it if you want to close sales.

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Only when you start to build trust with your sales clients , through honesty and integrity, will you start closing more deals. You might be scared of rejection.

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You might be scared to seem too pushy or aggressive. He has a successful track record of headhunting top performing sales candidates for some of the most exciting brands in North America. Rhys enjoys spending quality time with his wife, son, and daughters, BBQing on a hot summer day and tropical vacations. Find me on:.