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Urban Dictionary: Black Balled

Poor old Bunny got a battering. When we voted on it, the usual suspects blackballed him. Everybody knows.

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He added that "these statements could agitate political problems in Iraq and will give excuse for the American forces to stay, they could also incite seditions through hinting, to Sunnis, that they could be marginalized and blackballed after the American withdrawal from Iraq. Naeli: proposal of forming Sunni region could give excuse for American forces to stay longer time. And now another thing has joined the list of statements that will see you blackballed from the Cardiff Bay dinner party circuit.

Making a meal of a small question. SO referee and minister Mike McCurry thinks he's being blackballed for the big games. Kitt's career path turned mainly to singing and acting, but during the '60s she was blackballed from performing in the U.

Andre Iguodala: Mark Jackson was 'blackballed' from the NBA

Eartha Kitt He was one of my favorite coaches of all time. More Warriors Wire. Bob Myers, Rick Welts reach multi-year deals with the Warriors. Report: Knicks could make a play for DeMarcus Cousins.

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  • Mo'Nique slams Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey in harsh standup riff - Los Angeles Times?
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  • Golden State Warriors finalize Summer League roster. Klay Thompson would entertain offer from the Clippers, per Wojnarowski. See Blackballed 6 the movie. Adjective to describe any male person with very dark skin especially men of African descent.

    Those professional basketballers would all be blackballed. Person-"Hey did you see the new Transformers trailer? Anonomous April 27, EA Titty-Streamer Mentionitis Flame Horizon Concentration camp SBS Taylor Swifting