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But in spite of this encouragement, the tenure of Friends in individual colonies was not long.

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By the end of the 18th century, most organized Quakerism in the Caribbean had disappeared. Why this happened is of particular interest. The usual conflicts with authority on the issues of tidies, church attendance, oath-taking, and the bearing of arms were successfully combatted well into the 18th century, and were not the principal reasons for the Society's decline. It was rather the incompatibility between their principles and the economic and political factors of the local scene which brought about their disappearance. Friends could not easily make a living in the single-crop sugar or cotton economy widiout the use of slaves.

The decline and disappearance of Friends left a: void of nearly 'a century until renewed interest on the part of a few historians culminated in a visit to Tortola by Charles F. Durham, the author of the work under review here, has already done a great service by editing a new edition of Jenkins' excellent account, which deals with only a single group of small islands.

She has now gone much -further in covering the larger canvass of the whole Caribbean chain and in setting forth wliat can be recalled of its Quaker history. Even Bermuda is included" in the interest of completeness although that island is not strictly a part of the area. Durham has collected many of the contemporaneous accounts of Friends who inhabited or visited these islands, and describes Access options available:. Vegetarianism in Quaker History by John Sniegocki.

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By JamieRJohnson on October 1, Relationship of GF and Yearly Meeting From its inception, George Fox University has been owned by Northwest Yearly Meeting, which, though small in size—less than 70 meetings and approximately 6, members—has a significant connection with George Fox.

George Fox: An Autobiography by George Fox

Quaker Aspects of George Fox University As a Christian university of the humanities, sciences, and professional studies, George Fox is one of the Quaker institutions Hamm describes as claiming two identities— Christian and Quaker—though these are not mutually exclusive.

We value the contributions of students, faculty, staff, administrators, and trustees, and find unity through serving one another. We are a community that actively creates peace, promotes justice, and cares for the Earth. Demographics of Constituents Perhaps a much stronger indication of the Quaker influence at George Fox is the demographics.

At George Fox, denominational statistics are selfreported by students and faculty, making exact numbers difficult to determine, though enough information exists to paint a fairly accurate picture: Currently, 25 percent 25 of at the undergraduate level of the faculty consider themselves members of a Friends church, or regularly attend one.

As of , 4. Centers and Chapels One other significant way Quaker belief and practice manifests itself at George Fox is through the establishment of undergraduate and graduate Friends Centers, the Center for Peace and Justice, and various annual conferences and chapel programs. A Way Forward?

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These measures could include: Increased financial aid for students from Friends churches Increased trust between the university and NWYM Opportunity for deeper connections to be made with other yearly meetings The administration of George Fox, including the president, has made significant attempts to connect with the churches and administration of NWYM, and the relationship between the two seems to be improving. As a university committed to its Quaker heritage, and desiring to see Quaker values perpetuated in its mission, it seems as though George Fox must place significant emphasis on the following: A commitment to hire and retain Quaker faculty and administration A commitment to train its Quaker students in leadership development and provide leadership opportunities for them A commitment to make it financially attractive for Friends students to attend A commitment to continue to strengthen its relationship with NWYM and other similar yearly meetings, especially the individual churches comprising each YM A commitment to make Quaker beliefs, practices, and values tangibly present to all constituents For an institution like George Fox, these commitments are not held in tension with its overall Christian commitment.

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