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Andrew Greenwood, Sheffield, UK Gordon Bennett - Although I cannot verify this I remember my mother using the expression in the s and I have used it frequently ever since as a nearly-but-not-quite swearword. A handy little phrase to have in one's verbal armoury and much more pleasant than most alternatives.

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I had always assumed that it was a "made for TV" expression rather like "Cushty"? Cutting the mustard anybody? Spir-An, Nottm 1.

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I had an uncle Gordon Bennett now passed away and when people ask my name I say, Bennett as in Gordon but hardly anyone believes he was my uncle. My uncle Gordon always stated the the urinating tale was the source of the exclamation 'Gordon Bennett'. Bob Bennett, Basingstoke, Hants, UK Oh "sugar" its just polite way of saying "gor'blimey" jon, edgware middx In his book 'Made In America', Bill Bryson suggests that James Gordon Bennett was the originator of the term 'Gordon Bennett' because of his habit of annoucing his arrival in restaurants by 'yanking the tablecloths from all the tables he passed.

He would then hand the manager a wad of cash with which to compensate his victims for their lost meals and spattered attire'. All designed not to offend, along with 'cripes' and 'strewth' and Sunday opening. He wasn't very good at his job, failed to lead his troops well and allowed the Japanese to land on the island itsef, leading to the capture of singapores water supply and subsequent surrender. Maybe looking in Antipodean sources will find an older source?? I always believed it was based on a footballer of that name.

Graham Ward, St Albans I would have thought that "phorr" and the alternate spellings came into use in UK English following the popularity of Terry Scott's recording of "My Brother" in the early 's ? Whether the song actually originated the word, I don't know. What is it? Oh, it's you You're gonna 'ave the truth told about you and put on record. This year the contestants took off from Belgium and the leaders landed in Finland and northern Norway having passed over the UK. Kip, Norwich, UK I have always thought that Gordon was God and Bennett was a version of Benedict making a religious oath similar to God bless us and such as zounds - short for God's wounds.

For evidence there is Bene't St. Why Nineteen? Why, oh! Sincerely, Antony Jones. He had a habit of attempting the trick of whipping tablecoths away from diners' tables without warning. The well-known exclaimation followed his regular failure. On a visit to the historic sites in Stratford on Avon one of the guides explaind a number of them eg one over the eight, and keep it under your hat.

I think the premise of the TV series is excellent and amusing. Sadly the reality was less so. I and my family found the last series very dry and boring. I heard the new series previewed on this morning's Today programme and will try again to watch, in the hope you might have 're-invented the wheel', attempted 'to build a better mousetrap' or simply 'lightened up dudes!

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Naturally, he had a sense of humour Alex Gray, Nottingham I would like to propose "Mediocracy" - Rule of a country or nation by the media. Hence the name became a phrase, derogatory in nature.

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I have this mentioned in 2 separate motor racing history books, so believe it to be genuine! Max Harris, Crawley A more likely Gordon Bennet full name Henry Gordon Bennet but always known as Gordon was the Australian military officer of that name who was at first praised but later pilloried for escaping from the Japanese occupation of Singapore in February , leaving behind the men he commanded to their fate. This effectively ended his career and after the war he was officially censured for disobeying orders.

Adrian Baron, Kinsgtown, St. Having surrendered the force to the Japanese he then left his troops and escaped back to Australia and was never forgiven for this act. Your comments may be published on any BBC media worldwide. Magazine regulars Tweetbook Say goodbye to worktime boredom. Low graphics Accessibility help. News services Your news when you want it. He sounded like a robot much of the times especially the first half of the book. All of them. There were too many for me to understand what was happening when I didn't read Book Get a free audiobook.

Written by: Max E. Length: 1 hr and 24 mins. Publisher's Summary The well-meaning and meddlesome Mr. Stone P Max E. What members say.

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No reviews are available. Noel Fitzpatrick works more medical miracles on sick dogs as the docu-series continues. Much credit is due to Toby Stephens for his quirky, scene-stealing performance as Samuel Petrukhin, who tonight finally discovers the truth about the Shaws and MI5. This series, in which people with early-onset dementia open and run a restaurant, continues to tug at the heartstrings. This imported legal melodrama is back in session for a fifth season, with another towering performance from Oscar-winner Viola Davis as Annalise Keating, the brilliant professor who plays the mentor to an elite group of law students.

Casting herself as a chaotic woman-child of 30, Atack is followed by cameras as she discusses quarter-life issues such as whether or not to have children and the modern plague of anxiety.

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  6. Gibson and Rene Russo play the millionaire couple Tom and Kate Mullen, who turn the tables on a gang that kidnaps their son Brawley Nolte, son of Nick. A remake of the classic, itself an adaptation of the Elmore Leonard short story, to Yuma is an excellent, thrill-filled Western starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale as two men from either side of the law who end up thrown together. Directed with real verve by James Mangold, it tells the story of a rancher Bale who escorts a notorious gunslinger Crowe to the town of Contention to be put on the train to Yuma Prison. But this criminal is like no other that Morgan has ever faced — even in his Serial Killer series.

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    Paris Bennett has a genius-level IQ, is cunning, manipulative and is a diagnosed psychopath. In , when he was 13 years old, Bennett stabbed his four-year-old half-sister Ella to death. In his first interview on British television, Bennett, now 25, admits that the murder was driven by a desire to inflict misery upon his mother, Charity. This powerful film both explores the psyche of a dangerous man and charts the appalling toll that a violent psychopath takes on their family.

    But not everyone is on board. What ensues in this new comedy series is wacky and irreverent fun. So he resorts to desperate measures to get home.

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    As a scene-setter for the highly anticipated Downton Abbey film, which is released in cinemas in September, Sky Arts looks at the career of Dame Maggie Smith. This beautifully-put-together profile charts her story, from her early days as a classical actress to global stardom. When Operation Live aired earlier this year, viewers were queasy and fascinated in equal measure. Be warned: it involves the use of power tools while the patient is still awake.

    This disaster movie from Robert Aldrich, about a plane crash in the Sahara, is fast-paced and well-told.