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Feng Shui for Real Life. Want to sell your house faster? These simple Feng Shui tips will help attract buyers to your home.

6 feng shui secrets to sell your home

Mark the Spot. Ask your real estate agent to place the For Sale sign to the right of the house, since people naturally look to that side when they approach a home. Clear the Way. Buyers have a reputation these days of being somewhat demanding and unpredictable. Each one of these sellers was stressed as much at this last phase of the sale as they may have been at the start. Feng Shui can be utilized to energize almost any situation, and all phases of buying and selling real estate are excellent times to call upon its wisdom.

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Yin and Yang , a fundamental tool of Feng Shui, is where we start. They are two complementary opposite forces that govern the Universe and can be utilized to describe and analyze all aspects of life and matter. Hot, high or active situations are usually Yang. Cold, low or passive conditions are often Yin.

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Expand your definition and understanding from there. Yang is masculine, brighter and louder. Yin is feminine, dark and quieter. Starting to get the picture? Yin and Yang are what is defined in the classic Tai Chi symbol. During this time the homeowner is active, keeping the home well maintained, staying in touch with the realtor, tidying for showings and even searching for their next place.

All of these activities are more outgoing or Yang with lots of action and movement. Being under contract slows the process considerably, shifting suddenly toward a more passive, wait and see or Yin energy. Pausing for other people to approve loans, do appraisals and make inspections puts your action-oriented role on hold. A new level of uncertainty invades and the people are asked to give up control.

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Depending on how the selling process has gone, this stage may feel extremely uncomfortable, and the Seller can have a challenge staying neutral. Slipping into an unfavorable Yin state where anxiety, skepticism, apprehension or overwhelm reign could happen. Now is a great time to incorporate some Inner Feng Shui into the process. Take advantage of this lull to shift your focus inward and use positive visualization to support a smooth, seamless closing. As described in my post, How Finding a Parking Space Can Improve Your Feng Shui , when you put your attention on your intention, the energy of the situation shifts and success is on its way.

Sell It Fast With Feng Shui

Create a new story to repeat to yourself when you become fretful about the property. Rather than review your list of all the items that could go wrong before the closing, rehearse telling yourself that everything is going incredibly well and the property is sold. Generally, a big tree too close to the house is considered challenging feng shui. This is not only a feng shui concern but also an expression of common sense.

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