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Audio 2: British English pronunciation of "proselyte". Audio 3: British English pronunciation of "proselyte". Audio 1: North American English pronunciation of "proselyte".

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Audio 3: North American English pronunciation of "proselyte" by speech synthesizer. Audio: North American English pronunciation of "proselyte" by speech synthesizer.

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Josephus testifies that there was much proselytism in Rome Against Apion, ii. The well-known reference in Matt. There were, however, varying opinions as to the value to the Jewish body of these accessions.

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In the Diaspora admission of converts may have been made easy, circumcision being sometimes omitted, but the conditions became gradually more severe, until they reached their present form. It is thought that the Hadrianic persecution led to this change. The Jews seem to have suffered during the war from the treachery of half-hearted friends.

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Again, many who had become converts to Judaism afterwards joined the new Christian communities. Moreover, in the middle ages, it was not lawful for the Jews to admit proselytes. Various church councils prohibited it, and the Code of Alfonso X. Luard, iii. Please feel free to link to pages on this site, but do not copy articles without authors' permission. Toggle navigation AV To make a convert to some religion, or to some opinion or system.

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Conversion to a system or creed. More info Watch demo videos. Can a Christian Lose Salvation?

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