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Lions fear hell, but tigers Martian Airlock: I'm suitless on Mars. She's young but as extraordinary as her mate: part filly, part feline A jungle cat needs to take time out from a hard day's predation to have a quiet smoke But my day job with The Architectives is the bizarre one I got a big thrift-store toy tiger to shade my head as I slept which worked; better dreams in the tiger's shadow!

And my wireframe is I fall in love with my sculpture of a mythical Southeast Asian creature. Then a mad yogi breaks in I was surprised but not scared, as if it were just a big dog. The next day, shopping, my daughter thrust an orange wolf-eared hand-puppet in my face, jaws open I salvaged a door. When I painted it, a fox-woman wanted to open it and get out Fields, that fat cynical drunken old actor, am the babysitter Naturally I drew them.

Come tour the Inner Solar System of our desires How explicit, how sexy? If I get shots they like, souls will be lured to enter their bodies and bring them alive My detective lover warned me, "Stay away! Dare I follow the lion over the edge? I'm the first man on Planet Cat, falling in love with my guide. And then I'm the Cat, falling for an alien ape Most teem with intelligent life--alien Edens!

Black Cat Table of Contents

A friend gave me a meat-cutting board, with channels for the blood. So why'd it become three cats worshiping the sun? A mirror-maze of contradictory preachings. But in the secret mermaid pool, I find love. A war of riddles.

Can I, a batwinged devil, make peace? A jungle full of prowling lions and leopards. So naturally, I get up on a rock and roar back Blake was broke.

Quint Colehaus Artist at the Colehaus Cats

But in a dream, his brother advised him Our starship signs up a strange new woman whose quirks turn out to be fallout from slavery I woke shaking--and then things in my room began to move I'm a circus tiger, then a performing shark. One day, I block my human partner's high dive And huggable. Also sculpt! I'm a half-sphinx--human dad, sphinx mom--stuck in human form so far.

Cats dream (speed paint)

Will I ever learn to shift? I practice--sculpt my elegant feline future self Digital portrait of dream-selves, body-images. When I start feeling worthless, I paint myself. But which me? Next morning I find a card from Shaw asking if I'd fancy playing a lion in his Daydream image with an agenda Do it now! I'm doing it. I'm getting up from the keyboard and stretching.

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I am a cheetah Strength : by Wayan; Tarot card, 3x5", summer Find your strength in dreams: facing and befriending what you've feared, or fought I'm curious what happens to those who walk under the tree where the Lightning Tiger lurks I was raised in the redwoods in the nest of a black tiger. Only a foster child, but emotionally, I'm tigerish An alien tiger and his human girlfriend herd me to their house and show me a cube of raw flesh Tigers sit on podiums.

In the center is a huge one with a bloody mouth. A few days later I'm walking down a tiger's throat, but it's not what you think. My friend suddenly couldn't roar. She's here too, exploring her own trachea I knew racial tensions were high, but why is William S. Burroughs out to kill me?

But not MY fur--it's a woolly mass of timelines! We cats travel time, smoothing out snarls Then I wake, go to a party, and Who to sign with?

Oh to Paint a Cat Dream: Hopes and Dreams of Cats

Clarence thinks we're fine as is, but the Devil's a tinkerer, learning from failures. Failures like me and my girlfriend Titania, the first android with a full palette of feelings. Like the feeling she's fake Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!.

I Do Not Have Epilepsy

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What do cats dream of? | Playing by the book

Published by Createspace Independent Publishing Platform On a hot day, Henry's Cat unknowingly finds himself joining the Foreign Legion in the hot desert. Henry's Cat is invited to dinner party with Lady Snotgrove, but he feels unprepared without proper table manners. Henry's Cat and his friends search a museum for the lost temple of Aki-Kun-Bubu to find the magic tummy button.

Henry's Cat enters a contest as a ventriloquist with Chris Rabbit as his dummy, but it all goes wrong. Henry's Cat imagines himself as the cowboy Catseye who is out to stop the cattle rancher, Bandit Baa Baa. Henry's Cat is prompted to take exercise for New Year with a backwards running race with his friends. On a day when nothing happens, Henry's Cat dreams he is a heroic captain of a world cruising plane. Henry's Cat dreams of being a member of his own crew at sea after reading Treasure Island. Henry's Cat fascinated by Medieval Knights dreams that he is bold knight winning a jousting tournament against Sir Loin of Lamb.

After that he is sent to capture a three-headed dragon. Henry's Cat imagines himself as Sherlock Holmes on the trail of Rum Baba here operating under the name of Rumbini who has been using his magic shows as a means to steal expensive jewellery from the rich. Henry's Cat fascinated by a TV program called Tarzan dreams that he himself is a jungle man with the huge responsibility to take care of the Lost World.

Henry's Cat goes to a computer exhibition. There he rents a small computer robot he calls Puter. Trying to buy Puter is hard and keep his house orderly is difficult for Henry's Cat. Henry's Cat imagines himself meeting various fairy tale characters — and a wolf who wants to eat Little Red Riding Hood 's Granny.