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In parenting, many of us know, just as soon as we think we have something figured out, our child changes it up and its time for something new. This is the same for sleep too!

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So its time for a change! Shannon Glenn. She is dedicated to helping parents assist their children and babies in developing healthy sleep habits. With a B. She has been offering sleep solutions for over six years. Get Access. As we speak he is sound asleep in his crib — and has been since pm.

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Get Sleep Solutions Today. Get in touch. Why is my baby resisting sleep? Posted by Shannon Glenn on 02 Apr About the author. All posts Each baby is different and what works for one may not work for another.

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Pick a solution that seems to best fit your situation and give it a week trial. Sleep Problem 1: You rock and sing your baby to sleep and he goes down within five minutes. But for how long?

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And on it goes all night. The problem with this scenario, according to experts, is that your baby has not learned the skill of putting himself to sleep. We all wake up now and then throughout the night as we move between different levels of sleep. The difference with most adults, however, is that we can simply roll over and go back to sleep.

Sleep Solutions: Your baby needs to learn how to comfort himself and put himself back to sleep. You may think that falling asleep is something that comes naturally to babies, but really they need to be taught how to do this on their own. You can begin slowly by introducing a soft toy or blankie during cuddle time. Later, when you put your baby in his crib, give him the soft toy or blankie.

The hope is that the toy will remind him of pleasant comforting times with you and when he awakes he will find the toy, snuggle it, and drift back to sleep. Another technique is to lay down with your baby in a bigger bed that fits both of you. Your baby can snuggle up to you and drift off on his own, eventually without you having to sing or rock him.

Then try laying him down, kissing his head, and sitting next to the bed. Eventually you should be able to lay your child down and walk away. Create a soothing environment with sweet, soft lullaby music. Only play the lullabies at bedtime so your baby associates the songs with going to bed. The problem here may be that your baby has little or no light perception and cannot differentiate between day and night.

This means that you will want to establish a pretty strict night time routine so she will understand that the evening hours have begun.

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Besides following a simple schedule dinner, bath, bedtime story, etc , also choose special night time songs, night time story books, and night time toys that only come out during the evening hours. Another good practice is to point out night time sounds to your baby. I like to take Ivan outside in the early evening hours so we can listen to the crickets chirping. He finds the sound very soothing and it helps calm him and transition him into the night time routine. Sleep Problem 3: Maybe you have a mellow baby or maybe your baby is delayed in some of his gross motor skills.

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Sleep Solutions: Try to motivate your child during the day. Stay active, go to the park, and introduce as much vestibular stimulation as your baby will handle vestibular stimulation is anything that gets the body moving through space, like swinging or sliding or just rough housing with dad.

In other words, try to tire the little guy out during the day! Try massaging your babies legs and arms before bed.

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Right after the bath is a nice time to snuggle up in a heap of warm, dry towels and massage your little baby into relaxation.