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Most of the translators of the versions of today have far less knowledge of the older languages, than the translators of the earlier versions. Translators today have chosen to base their work on manuscripts rejected by the earlier translators. That is by design and intention ;. The modern translators have little in common with the earlier authentic Christians or Christianity. In the name of service to Christianity, most of these translators are in fact working against it. The translators, the publishers, and the colleges and universities understand this. Only they hope that this information would not reach the public, lest this should result in lesser sales, and diminished ability to sway people AWAY from historic Christianity.

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Modern translators often have gone so far as to reject the very Old and New Testaments that they translate. They do not believe in the inspiration of the Biblical text, and they do not accept its claims to authenticity. What drives most scholars so-called today in their translation efforts is vanity fame , security paycheck and tenure , and future book sale contracts. Often, the universities cooperate through lucrative publishing agreements.

Accuracy is the last claim of modern versions, and most translators are not only NOT Christians, many translators are openly hostile to the Old and New Testaments, and to those who want to follow them. This applies also to those who believe in the sincerity and accuracy of the words of Jesus Christ. Yet their false recent translations are still printed, and the majority of pastors are either willfully ingorant, or voluntarily complicit ; in misleading their own congregations away from truth, accuracy and clarity.

This happens especially in the larger and higher denominations, who have only too joyously departed from their own faith They are happy to lure congregations to sleep and towards a willful neglect of the Eternal consequences, and happy for the Pastor's decisions to lead the congregations into falsehoods ; and false doctrines. The result is that it is hard, if not impossible for most people who attend churches, to truly know and understand ; what it means to have Eternal Life, and to learn HOW this may be obtained.

Don't kid yourself, many pastors today don't give a damn about your eternal soul. Let it sink in. Understand the implications of what this can mean for you. And if you are in the congregation, and you are among the psychologically paralyzed, if you are among the hopelessly confused, if you are one of those who can't figure out why your prayers don't travel farther than the ceiling, then so much the better!

After all, this means that you are one more who does NOT know which questions to ask ;, one more who does not have the courage to find out, and one more sheep who will simply STAY in the church pew, and keep absorbing more confusion, while you do nothing to prevent your own slide into despair.

In real terms, this will translate into one MORE conversation that a pastor can avoid ;, and one more afternoon, for a great game of golf. While you can argue that other options may exist and they do , the question remains: just how much of your Eternal destiny and destination, are you willing to gamble on this? So if you are happy, then sorry to have interfered with your frog-slowly-simmering-in-the-hot-water experience. There are those who just want to feel good.

They are not seeking truth, and they are not interested in God or in knowing Him.

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They just want to feel good, and use religion to get them there. They have no understanding of the state of their soul, nor do they really care. The idea that this time period in which you exist, is an opportunity for you to prepare for an afterlife where you will actually exist forever, somehere, is not something that really occured. Those who do not take God seriously should not be surprised that God does not take them seriously.

A relationship is a two-way street. But if you decide that you want to wake up and do something in addition to earnest prayer to God, the first step for you Might be to read an actual New Testament which was translated by those who were the faithful, instead of a modern version, translated by the politically connected.

If these facts are true, and they are , would you prefer to not be told, and instead become spiritually deceived? Would you not have a better chance of accessing the potential of your reconciliation with God, if you knew how the books that he had entrusted to humans, had been mishandled, thanks to false leaders? Would you not wish that someone was willing to share, so that you would be able to find accurate versions of the Old and New Testament, so that you could start connecting to God, as He intended it?

The truth is out there, for those who have the courage and willingness to seek. The New Testament is the most copied book in the history of the world. Westcott and Hort lived in the s, were given positions as chaplains to the official Royal family of the British Empire, and were corrupt Anglican academics who gave the anglican church a new false collation assemblage of the Greek Text, and then passed their new False translation to the rest of the church, as IF their version were an improvement.

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It was not. It was a corruption ; but they were able to convince many ; including Tregelles a partner of Nestle and the Bible societies to begin to use their Nestle-Westcott-Hort false version of the greek New Testament, to be used for translation of the Bible into other languages. Eventually, most denominations allowed themselves to be misled and jumped on board, from the Lutherans to the Southern Baptists. The official change with the American Bible Society ; occured in , while it was directed by Daniel Gilman ; nwo ;, The BFBS, the British and Foreign Bible Society ;, was accepted to start using the false greek collated text of Nestle in , with changeovers in other foreign language versions accelerating after the year The British and Foreign Bible society had further confirmed its intention to abandon the historic Ancient Greek received text of the New Testament, when it published a false New Testament — under the imprimatur of the BFBS - using the Westcott-Hort false greek text as a template, in This is simply a matter of history.

These events did not happen overnight. There are many records of the Bibles societies writting to each other ;, and about each other ; in order to try to bring the facts and details ; to the attention of the public ;. And there were authors such as Ebenezer Henderson, whose work is excellent who did act with courage ; and disclosed — as in the case of French versions - some of the false work ; accomplished by those within the Bible societies.

The fact is that most translations today, if they are modern, are innacurate and lacking in spiritual strength, and the foreign translations ; starting in the s need to be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. People want to simply believe that the Bible societies conducted their translation with integrity and faithfullness both to Christianity and to Jesus Christ.

We all would wish to believe this, but facts simply have not and do not support that conclusion ;. This is placing faith in men, rather than faith in God. And most of those within academia and the Bible societies have been very seduced by the lifestyle of the rich professor.

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  7. Most of them have "rich professor syndrome". They are not rich in their own eyes, but they have many riches in the eyes of the global public. And we should not be surprised. If the Word of God does help people, does encourage people, does help provide answers and connection to God through accurate translations, it should not be a surprise that certain forces opposed to mankind being connected to the Lord God Creator would oppose that. It is sad to say that the manuscripts used by Westcott and Hort were not accurate, to repeat, the manuscripts used were NOT accurate, first in that they are wilful departures from the historic Greek manuscripts used by the christian churches for years, or technically until The 27 books used originally are the same 27 books of the New Testament that exist and are used today.

    But the modern versions have changed the internal content of those books. However — to continue — the version produced by Westcott and Hort is specifically innacurate in — at least — 2 respects: a the sources from which they chose to translate, and b the corrupt and innacurate translation which they deliberately produced The Manuscripts that Westcott and Hort translated from are themselves innacurate and contradictory ;. Those manuscripts come primarily from 2 sources: Codex Vaticanus and Codex Sinaiticus. Both of these are claimed to be from the 50 falsfied manuscripts which the neo-pagan Emperor Constantine commissed Eusebius to make for him.

    Constantine himself worshiped sol invictus and the vision of the sign that Constantine claimed to have seen in a vision was NOT a cross, but was actually an egyptian Ankh, as Eusebius himself makes very clear in the Greek-language history of Constantine written by Eusebius. Despite these facts, Vaticanus and Sinaiticus were used by Westcott and Hort.

    Gwefan Catalog Gwefan Blog. Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru. Darganfod Chwilio Catalog. LlGC ym mhobman Glan-yr-afon, Hwlffordd. Partneriaethau Casgliad y Werin Cymru'n Cofio Llogi Lleoliad Priodasau Adnoddau Cynhadledd. Siopa Siop Arlein. Am Cylchgronau Cymru Mae gwefan Cylchgronau Cymru yn cynnig mynediad am ddim i dros o gylchgronau Cymreig a gyhoeddwyd rhwng a , o gasgliad y Llyfrgell Genedlaethol.

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    Cynnwys Mae'r wefan yn cynnig mynediad at dros o gylchgronau Cymraeg a Chymreig. Llywodraeth Cymru Mae Llywodraeth Cymru yn cyflawni amrywiol swyddogaethau ar gyfer pobl Cymru a hi yw prif ffynhonnell cyllid Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru. Ailddefnyddio cynnwys y wefan Gellir gwneud copi unrhyw erthygl o'r wefan hon sydd mewn hawlfraint ar gyfer astudiaeth breifat neu ymchwil at bwrpas anfasnachol.

    Hague: Capel Newydd, Llangian Caern. Douglas B. Peter Smith: Coldbrook House. Hague: Ty Draw : a fourteenth-century cruck-hall. Peter Smith: Ynysymaengwyn, Merioneth. Hague: A small bronze pestle found on Mynydd Dolgoed, Merioneth.

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    Spurgeon: An early Christian stone from Carno Mont. Spurgeon: Two Pembrokeshire earthworks. Spurgeon: The mottes in the Vale of Montgomery. Houlder: Dinorben. A hill-fort occupied in early iron age and Roman times, by Willoughby Gardner and H. Savory : Book review. Hague: Excavations at Sycharth Castle, Denbighshire, Peter Smith: Medieval cruck-building and its derivatives, by F.

    Charles : Book review. Harry Brooksby: A twelfth-century relic of Abbey Cwm-hir? Hague: Mines, mills and furnaces: An introduction to industrial archaeology in Wales, by D. Morgan Rees : Book review. Peter Smith: Illustrated handbook of vernacular architecture, by R. Brunskill : Book review. Stephen Briggs: Two Breconshire rood loft illustrations. Spurgeon: Castles, town defences, and artillery fortifications in Britain: a bibliography, , by J. Kenyon :Book review.

    Peter Smith: The architectural personality of the British Isles : Presidential address delivered at the one hundred an twenty-sixth annual summer meeting at Bangor, Peter Smith: C. Owen Meirion-Jones :Book review. Hague: Cardiganshire silver and the Aberystwyth mint in peace and war, by George C. Boon :Book review.

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