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Breach of this notice is liable for legal sword of justice. To my father Bachiesichang Kuri-Dimah and mother Bachiesichang Milerah Siatah who raised me and has been a rock of stability throughout my life,. A new world order of vast sometimes forbidden ocean of words, full of grizzly monsters lying in wait to confuse and confound users was finally laid bare before all.

Some people write and others read, some people criticize and we fix the errors. This lexicon seeks to rest this case and reverse the rot in the pot yet x-rayed the common:. Off course English is the delight of all etymologists and the despair of us the aliens but have you ever stop short to reflect on where it came from, how it has so far developed, how words are spelt and pronounced from the unforgettable cadence of great poetry to the variegated textures and structures of everyday English.

Grammatical Errors: 120 Common Grammar Mistakes in English And How to Avoid Them

Then log on as we define entries with care, illustrate with copious paradigms and filling one of the most glaring gaps in the study of Standard English with hotly contested ideas daring to throw the hinge door into million homes. Head words are in bold face with some cross reference entries to assist users.

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In some entries the following areas are covered to give users that perfect guide:. Usage notes are also available to give you more explanation bout the correct and incorrect usage. You may be referred to the summary of grammar at the end of the dictionary for advance search and explanation. Curiously enough, English as we use today was never conjured from the skies, neither did it spring from a hole in the soil. It was developed by its founding fathers. As a mongrel language it is the delight of all etymologists and the despair of us the aliens.

And as such, do you love it in all its forms, from the unforgettable cadences of great poetry to the variegated rhythms and textures of everyday English? Do you also delight in the sheer wonder of words, and wish to learn more about the often-fascinating reasons why we speak and write English the way we do?

Strictly speaking, we use English daily, but have you ever wonder where it came from? How it has so far developed? Why we spell and pronounce words differently. bachiesichang-dictionary-of-english-errors-by-king-sulleyman-d-bachiesichang-pap

The first known system of writing in the world was developed by the Sumerians about BC. This was followed by the Semites who invented the first real alphabets around BC. Besides, the word alphabet came from the first two letters of the ancient Greek Alpha and Betta and later modified into two signs of the ancient Phoenicians characters i. What is more, the word language originated from the Latin word Lingua which literally means tongue. If so, what then is English? Similarly, bygone etymologists believed that the -ish suffix was added to symbolise the conquest of the vulnerable Bede in the earliest centuries.

Another school of thought articulated that the term English goes back to the name of some primitive Germanic tribes who invaded the British in the year They migrated from what is now called Northern Europe to England and conquered its territory including Wales in the year Since then the Germanic languages flourished up to what we now call English.

It is the only linguistic currency of international aviation and sailing, the UN language of record for scientific and technical publications. In no doubt it has become the inter-continental American dollar cherished by all. Nevertheless the influence of Great Britain as an imperial power in the earliest 5th-7th centuries brought about a profound change in the spread of English Language in most commercial parts of the world.

Furthermore, the spread of her industrial revolution in the 17th century had made Great Britain the pivot of the world educational and technological success. Of course, people first spoke English fifteen hundred years ago, since then, the Language had changed enormously, both in the way it is spoken and written, and its range of words.

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It is in the light of this that the lexicographer deemed it quite expedient to place at the disposal of its numerous readers an in-depth analysis of the various transformations and the underlying history of our language. English grew and changed as the British were invaded, visited and influenced by people from other countries. It is customary to note that English as we see it today is derived from three faces Old English, Middle English and the birth of Modern English. Three main groups of people created Old English and these were: the Anglo-Saxon tribes who settled in England, Christian Missionaries from Rome, and the Viking and Danish invaders and settlers.

This led to the development of certain words and characters such as fire, man, day, you, book, what, and, house were all the cradle of Anglo- Saxons derivations. These missionaries traveled to Britain and established separate monasteries held by their monks. Services were held in Latin and they basically copied Latin manuscripts. Some of these Latin words are dominantly used and stand very significant in our modern day English Literature.

These were people whose origin could be traced from Scandinavia; they attacked Great Britain during the 10thth centuries and established a solid rule over the North-East England.

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The correlation between all these three groups of people who visited Britain were settlers, invaders or missionaries. The symbol of their legacy is seen from the colourful development of Scandinavian words e. For the comfort and convenience of many users of this dictionary here is an extract of the single surviving manuscript of the epic poem; Beowulf — an Old English poem written in the 8th century and over lines long.

This poem tells the story of a courageous warrior who fights against monsters to save his people. The development of Old English serves as a prelude to Middle English. In this regard, the Normans added French words to the language, some spellings changed and significant borrowing from Latin continued. He later instilled the use of French by the upper class, used in parliament and the law courts.

Much of what we know about Normans came down to us through archeological findings.

Bachiesichang Dictionary of English Errors (Paperback)

Rollo, the ancestor of the Normans, signed a treaty with King Charles, the then king of France in exchange for grazing lands via military defence. They settled in the south-western part of France called Rouen and believed to have practised a system of governance known as feudalism. French words took a fertile ground in their official and executive places courts, crime, feast, royal, fashion, music, attorney, beauty and story were all borrowed from French symbols.

French words led to a dramatic change in the spelling of English words in the 12thth centuries and Old English was finally abandoned.


Geoffrey Chaucer began writing the Canterbury Tales around The poem presents 23 tales, told by pilgrims. A man through whose eyes a lot of changes in English Literature was realized. He lived years ago and spoke and wrote in the London dialect of English. A great poet, who wrote in rhymed verse, in imitation of French and Italian models. He died in the year In his books, he wrote " Then people long to go on pilgrim…and especially from the end of every country England to Canterbury, they travel".

This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis English like any other language is replete with problems not only for foreign learners, but also for native speakers.

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