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When it opened in , there was speculation that the swift movement of subatomic particles in its tunnels could create a black hole that would swallow up the Earth. CERN scientists reassured the public that even if a small black hole was created, it would disintegrate immediately , according to LiveScience. The world hasn't been swallowed up yet. Radio and television preacher Harold Camping predicted that the world would end on May 21, He said that only three percent of the population would survive by way of God bringing them into heaven, according to The Washington Post.

When the world didn't end, Camping said that the Rapture had been an "invisible judgment day. The popular theory stemmed from the fact that the Mayan calendar supposedly ended on that date after 5, years. According to legend, the village of Bugarach in France would be the only place on Earth that would be spared. A disaster movie called " " was released in starring John Cusack and Chiwetel Ejiofor, further advancing the theory.

David Meade, a conspiracy theorist who calls himself a Christian numerologist, wrote in his book " Planet X — Arrival " that a hidden planet called Nibiru or Planet X would collide with Earth and destroy it on September 23, He said that the date was written in code in the pyramids of Giza , Metro UK reported. The date came and passed without incident. Talia Lakritz. Facebook Icon The letter F.

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Every time a black man is hired for a good job, Dr. King is there. Every time a black child receives a sound education, Dr. Every time a black person is elected to public office, Dr. Every time black and white Americans work side by side for a better future, Dr. The centuries-long catastrophic trauma of racism and slavery in the United States is obfuscated by the candy-coated nostalgic memory of Dr.

Wait, how and why did Dr.

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King die again? Probably irrelevant… Not only did Dr. King survive, so did the dream of racial justice, and neither will ever die. In the same way, individual psychological patients avoid discussing incidents of personal trauma rather than working through them, whole societies can avoid topics of great social trauma through a shared experience of utopian repression.

But, like individual pain, social trauma has a way of bubbling to the surface. There, he narrated the story of an unlikely meal during World War II when small bands of Axis and Ally infantrymen met face to face and broke bread in a temporary peace. By emphasizing a utopian message of common humanity among enemies, he is trying to gain support for a new geopolitical strategy that undeniably contradicts the notion of America as a utopian nation. The politics of national advantage and self-interest layered into his Bitburg speech show Reagan remained an undeniably unreliable narrator when talking about catastrophic events.

In his defense, most people are unreliable narrators when providing post-apocalyptic testimony following horrible events. One of the most memorable chapters of After the End concerns this testimony. Berger chooses the Holocaust as his contextual backdrop for this idea, but it seems germane to other apocalypses past or impending. Berger separates witnesses of catastrophe into three categories who give different qualities of post-apocalyptic testimony. Each person, depending on their category, has a different kind of narrative that they can tell.

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The first kind of witness was actually there. Consider this person a survivor of the social trauma or, more accurately, a survivor of the event that triggered the social trauma. For example, a famous author to survive the Nazi concentration camps and share his experiences was Elie Wiesel, who wrote a harrowing account called Night.

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The next category of witnesses is of those who were not at the triggering apocalyptic event, but who interact with the survivors of it. You need to watch the films anyhow, so you may as well. A page write-up from each presenter will be due the same day as the presentation and posted on Moodle. Students may write about any of the required texts in a given period, print or visual media, but at least two of the papers need to take one of our four novels as their focus. I will provide a list of several topics from which students may choose to write their paper, using one or several of our required texts.

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Alternatively, with my permission, students may come up with their own research topic to apply to one or several of our required texts or a post-apocalyptic text or texts of their own choice. And remember: Movie Nights are voluntary but will garner you extra participation points that could potentially offset a botched quiz question later on. Grand Rapids: Baker Books, Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers, Harrisburg, PA: Trinity Press, New York: Routledge, Jan Presentation 8: Cantor, Paul.

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Late grades: With the exception of the final research paper, all assignments are due in class on the days they are listed above. Response papers will lose one letter grade increment every day they are late e. As near as I can tell this is a screen capture from Hellgate London. Related Papers. Syllabus: Mona Lisa Overdrive. By Julie Levin Russo. By Valeria Dani. Syllabus: Art of the Apocalypse. By Meghan Bissonnette.

By Esther Liberman Cuenca. English Detective Fiction. By Nancy Simpson-Younger. Download pdf.