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This plan from bodyweight-training master Sean Bartram, who helps the Indianapolis Colts cheerleaders develop show-stopping gymnastic power, does just that. The result will be increased body awareness, fortified connective tissue and increased hypertrophy from press-ups and planks.

This plan slows the pace down with pauses, increased range of motion, decreased stability and variations on classic moves to keep your muscles challenged. There are three full-body workouts to spread across the week. The first four moves each day use timed reps called EMOMs every minute on the minute or slow tempos that force you to do high reps and keep the muscles under tension. The last two in each workout will spike your heart rate to keep you burning calories. Hold a towel overhead with your arms straight and keep it taut. This will force you to keep your chest up and improve your form.

Bend your legs to lower slowly, keeping your knees wide apart, until your hamstrings touch your calves. Then drive back up slowly. Set a timer for ten minutes. Do 15 reps at the start of each minute, and rest for the remainder of each minute.

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This keeps your heart rate high for more fat loss. Think of this as a lunge with your foot elevated for an extra stability challenge. Put one foot, laces down, on a bench behind you and the other in front. Bend your front leg to lower your body, then drive back up. Keep your body upright throughout and your front knee in line with your toes. Vary the tempo with each set of these split squats so your muscles are under load for long muscle-building spells. Below is how it breaks down. The first number is the seconds the lowering part should take, then how long you pause for, then how long you take to drive up.

The fifth set is max isolation, holding the deepest position for the whole minute. Bend your legs, keeping your knees wide apart and your heels in contact with the floor, to drop into a deep squat. Place your hands lightly on the floor and pause for two seconds, then drive up off the floor powerfully, clapping your hands together overhead. The two-second pause removes any rebounding effect to help you build greater strength in the deep squat position. Sit on the floor with one leg bent, one straight and your fingers pointing towards your feet.

Bodyweight Training Exercises from You Are Your Own Gym Author Mark Lauren

Slowly lower to the start. Complete all the reps on one side, then switch. From standing, drop down and place your hands on the floor outside your feet. Jump your feet back and do a press-up, then hop your feet back to between your hands. Jump up, clapping your hands overhead. Do ten reps of 5A, then go straight into ten each side of 5B.

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Then nine, eight and so on, resting as needed. Start in a forwards lunge position with your arms out for balance. Jump off the ground by driving up with your front leg. Swap your legs over in mid-air so you land with the other leg forward. Alternate legs for each rep. Start in the top of a press-up position. Alternate knees. On the final single rep, make this super-slow — do it over a ten count.

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Grasp a bar with an overhand grip so your palms are facing away from you and your hands are double shoulder-width apart. Contract your upper back muscles and pull your sternum towards the bar. Then lower under control. Rest for 5sec per rep. Same drill on the final rep: take ten seconds. Adopt a press-up position with your feet on a bench and your back and arms in a straight line.

Push up. Use the same tempo as for the Bulgarian split squat in Workout 1. Once you can maintain a perfect L-shape with your body throughout, handstand press-ups are in your sights. Hang from a pull-up bar with an underhand grip. From here contract your upper back and pull yourself up until your chin is above the bar. Lower to a dead hang between each rep. Lower your hands to the floor and jump your feet back into the top of a press-up position.

Hop your feet back, then drive up to jump explosively. You will continue to perform 3 full body workouts per week with this workout plan. You should make sure that you are resting at least a day between the workouts to give your body the optimal amount of rest time to build lean muscle and burn fat. The workouts will get harder and harder leading up to a taste of the advanced workout program in the week four workouts.

Set 1: Bodyweight Squat, Push-Ups and Mountain Climbers

Before you read any further , please watch the following free video that shows you the evolution of natural muscle building techniques. Perform 2 Sets total. Rest periods should be between 90 and seconds. Description: You should start the mountain climber exercise by placing your feet staggered behind you. For example, your right knee should be in front of your left leg with your right leg bent forward and your left leg straight behind.

You can start the mountain climber exercise with your hands spread apart about 2 feet or 24 inches. With your hands placed firmly on the ground, alternate your leg positions back and forth as if to simulate climbing a wall or mountain. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

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