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More people should have such courage, such character.


Beautiful, unsettling, sometimes laugh out loud funny Blessed are those, like Chris Hoke, who have eyes to see, and who tell the stories so that we may come to believe. He follows the path that Jesus walked, eyes open, hands ready to help, heart ready to break. The result is life-changing--for him, for those he serves, and for us if we have ears to hear. I am represented by Wendy Sherman Literary Associates.

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Current age to. Wesley is assigned to be the Professor's personal bodyguard during a Fraternity convention in which the leaders of the Fraternity's five chapters will meet.

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The five leaders are the Professor, Mr. Rictus, Adam-One, the Future, and the Emperor. Here, he learns that Rictus and the Future had long wanted to end the Fraternity's policy of secrecy and rule the world openly. The Professor, Adam-One, and the Emperor favored secrecy for supervillains in order to get "the loot without the leg-breaking" and always managed to outvote Rictus and the Future.

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Though it seems that the Emperor is about to switch sides, the Professor subtly manipulates him to vote in favor of secrecy yet again. After the meeting, the Professor leaves in a limo hoping to pick up a child prostitute. However, his driver was actually being impersonated by Shithead, Rictus' right-hand man, and the Professor was murdered by him.

Rictus and Future's factions of the Fraternity begin a revolt against the other three. With most of the Professor's supervillains killed, Wesley and Fox must fight off the rival factions on their own.

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  5. They manage to kill off many of the rebel supervillains, including the Future. This culminates in an attack on their own headquarters, occupied by Rictus and his gang.

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    Defeating Rictus and deflecting a bullet through his throat, Wesley demands to know who killed his father but Rictus refuses to answer or is simply unable to before he dies. A figure steps out of the shadows revealing himself to be Wesley's father, the original Killer. The Killer reveals that he and Fox left Rictus's chapter not because they objected to harming children but because they knew of his planned revolt.