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A: We recommend an hour to see everything in the Palace and at least another hour to visit our Shops, Coffee Shop and Gardens. We do offer a limited supply of manual wheelchairs free of charge. Assisted access is via the Gift Shop. Skip to main content. Visitor Information. Grounds close at 5. Palace and grounds - May to September, open 9. Make an enquiry online or call visits scone-palace. Find us on the map. Book tickets online or call visits scone-palace. Documents :. The list goes on. So my biggest challenge apart from my lack of time is acquiring the skillset that you need in order to successfully sell your artwork.

I am still very much learning in this area and am always trying to teach myself new skills to help me on my way. Very true, and some good advice in there. Do you have any more advice for someone who would like to learn to do something similar? For any budding artists out there who fancy having a go, I would say go for it. Whatever your level, creating art is the most wonderfully therapeutic thing to do. The sense of achievement when you have actually created something out of nothing is pretty amazing. It really is all in the practice. Any one can pick it up at any age and improve with practice.

As long as you are a member, you can book in for free and use them. They have some self-help books too that will guide you through the software. Perthshire has inspired many of my paintings since being here. I lived opposite the park for about 4 years in the grandest of rented flats, and walked my dog Charlie there every day.

My most favourite time for a stroll was at dusk and I tried to capture the glorious late summer evenings in a painting. Also, whilst living on George St, we had issues every spring with the nesting seagulls, who were a nightmare for demolishing bin bags and attacking the residents. If you are wanting to make a living from selling your artwork, I would say it is important to have your own strong style that is unique to you.

This is only gained through lots of hard work, practice and really understanding yourself as a person.

You also need to have a sound knowledge of running a business. Elevator UK runs a really great 12 week programme which is specifically for creative businesses. I was lucky enough to get on to it last year, and it really helped me a lot in terms of business strategy and just general focus.

Perthshire Cycle Series

That was very inspiring! The majority of my work is inspired by the British countryside. I was born and lived in Northamptonshire until the age of 27, so a lot of my artwork is inspired by my time in the midlands. Much of the artwork that features flowers and plants has been drawn from observation. Rodney Gardens has also featured in 2 paintings I have done. My favourite one being the Picasso Tree.

This tree really does exist, it is adjacent to the Vortex sculpture at the bottom of the path near the train tracks. I love how the nuisance caused by seagulls inspired a painting! The Picasso tree is beautiful too. So where can we view or buy your work? You can buy my work via my website sarahhallidayart. Also, Acorn Fabrics have a few cushions which feature my Perthshire paintings—I do not stock these versions on my website—so if you are down that end of the High St, pop in and have a look! There is strong evidence to support this assertion: Soutar made an important contribution to the literary aspect of the Scottish Renaissance of the early- to mid-twentieth century alongside High MacDiarmid, Naomi Mitchison, Edwin Muir, Alexander Gray, Nan Shepherd, Sorley Maclean, and others.

Lesser celebrated than Soutar but nonetheless of great stature is the pastoral poet and writer of Scriptural paraphrases and hymns Michael Bruce. Bruce, celebrated for Ode to a Cuckoo among more than 40 other verses and who was admired as a poet by Robert Burns, died of consumption at a young age in He is buried in Portmoak Churchyard, between Kinesswood and Scotlandwell. Excerpt from Ode to a Cuckoo Sweet bird! Michael Bruce cottage, The Cobbles, Kinnesswood. The house and gardens are maintained by the Michael Bruce Trust.

It has even been suggested that the Declaration of Arbroath of was written on Kinnesswood vellum. The booklet provides an informative and enjoyable navigation around the village. No trip to Kinnesswood would however be complete without a visit to the red telephone box on Main Street that serves as a community library. Traditional hand-loom weaving struggled to compete with mechanisation and the industrial revolution and from the s onwards shrank drastically. The association of Kinnesswood with weaving offers a window into the history of textile production in Kinnesswood, but moreover across Perthshire and Kinross-shire.

Its earliest manifestations, wool manufacture and wool-spinning, a traditional activity carried out in rural areas and one very vulnerable to the impact of industrialisation, maintained a presence in both areas for centuries albeit dwarfed by both linen and cotton production. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Dundee, Edinburgh, and Glasgow were all major centres of textile production and processing.

Perthshire with its readily-available source of water power - the River Tay and its large tributaries - also had a major textile industry, one however susceptible to the exigencies of these neighbouring and larger industries - to the east linen; to the west cotton. Linen manufacture was introduced to the city of Perth in the eighteenth century as an extension of the Edinburgh linen industry. By , however, linen manufacture was dwarfed by cotton-weaving, driven by the expansion eastwards of the highly profitable Glasgow cotton trade and the need for water power in the cotton-spinning process.

So much so that Perth became the most important cotton-manufacturing town of eastern Scotland. At one point, spinning mills at Stanley, Cromwellfield, Luncarty, Stormontfield and in Perth took the number of looms operating in the county to over 1, The Napoleonic War and the superiority of Glasgow cotton affected the Perthshire mills detrimentally. By , but a few survived. In contrast, linen manufacture, which had dwindled in the previous century returned to the fore again, propelled from onwards by power-loom weaving.

Besides the mills in and around Perth, a sizeable textile industry base around Indian-imported jute and locally-sourced flax employing several thousand workers developed along the banks of the River Ericht by the then separate Burgh of Blairgowrie. Eventually, with the development of alternatives to water power and the regional decline in textile manufacturing, the mills along the Ericht began to close, so that by mill employment in the area had dropped to about a thousand.

Alongside the development of a textile industry, Perth grew to become a primary node of bleaching, dyeing, and finishing in Scotland. The final development in the history of Perthshire textiles was the introduction of dry-cleaning c. From a base of six employees, Pullars expanded to 2, by The firm became internationally renowned for the use of synthetic dyes and dry-cleaning garments shipped to Perth by agents across Britain.

Dr Paul S. Information about the military history of Perthshire can be found in Battleground Perthshire: Two Thousand Years of Battles, Encounters and Skirmishes - available to purchase online or from bookshops. Perthshire boasts a huge range of attractions and activities for visitors, much of it provided by micro and social enterprises.

Outdoor activity providers offer everything from kayaking, walking tours and cycling to willow weaving and llama trekking. And indoors or for that occasional rainy day, choose from creative workshops, beauty and well-being treatments, as well as gin tours, indoor rock climbing not to be combined! There is an abundance of eateries to cater for all tastes, and artisans and local retailers for that essential retail therapy.

Tourists can choose to stay in accommodation from yurts to luxury cottages and hotels - and everything else in-between. And by doing so, they are also making a huge contribution to both the local and wider economy. Outdoor activity providers offer everything from kayaking to llama trekking to Gin tours to rock climbing.

This is regardless of age or experience — in fact, it works right across the community to include people from all backgrounds and sectors. All of our services are free and confidential. These include meetings, peer support, learning sessions, mentoring, training and networking opportunities. If you are thinking of starting an enterprise, or expanding an existing business, in rural Perthshire, more information is available at the GrowBiz website: www. Add the cream, sugar and zest and continue to beat all the ingredients until thoroughly mixed with no lumps. Cheesecake Base Blend digestive biscuits in a food processor or crush with a rolling pin until smooth.

Melt the butter and combine with the crumb. Pack the biscuit mix into a parchment paper lined cheesecake tin and ensure a good even level across the bottom of the tin. Place this is the freezer for 10 minutes until very firm. Now pour over the cheesecake mixture and place in the centre of the oven and bake at degrees Celsius for 10 minutes, then turn the oven down to and continue cooking for a further hour.

After 1 hour remove from the oven and leave in the tin to cool for at least an hour. The cheesecake should still have a good bit of movement as this will firm up as it cools. Now remove from the tin and enjoy with berry compote, caramelised bananas or just ice cream. If you are reading this then so will your potential customers. Fill this space with something super cool and delicious for just 25 quid a month.

We challenge you to find anyone else that has such a reach in Perthshire with cheaper advertising rates. But not, oddly enough, in the whisky industry. Large multi-national companies have been buying distilleries left, right and centre.

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But when they are all owned by the same large corporation it does raise the question whether that quaint cottage industry image is true, or just some very clever marketing. However, there some truly independent distilleries. Glenfarclas is a magnificent example of independence. In the Grants did form a partnership with Pattisons Ltd, with the latter buying a half share in the distillery. This meant that there was a shortage a brandy, and whisky was the logical alternative. This foresight lead to the rapid growth of Pattisons Ltd, unfortunately this was very short-lived and they went bankrupt in due to over-exuberant spending, dodgy accounting and mixing very cheap whisky with a drop of nice stuff and selling it as a premium product.

So, that is a very nice story, but does it make any difference to the whisky? In a word, yes, it does so in an interesting couple of ways. Firstly, the family has been in control of what whisky they release. As a result, their range of whisky makes for impressive reading. Currently on sale they have a 10 year old, alongside a 12, 15, 17, 21, 25, 30 and a With independence comes control.

The second difference all this independence makes is the quality of the whisky. Small, family-run businesses only stay in existence because of their passion for their product. That passion often makes for a vastly superior creation. This is certainly true with Glenfarclas. The nose starts with some sweet sherry aromas that move into spiciness, with cardamon and star anise making an appearance. The scent is crisp and clean. On the palate we again start with some sweet sherry and vanilla, that smoothly changes to spiciness.

Mixed with these we have some maltiness, nuts, and dried fruit, which adds to the depth of flavours. Heading towards the finish there is some wood notes, certainly you can taste the quality of the cask. The mouth feel is slightly oily, but not at all cloying. This is a whisky that is smooth, light and working in perfect harmony. Best suited to drinking pre-dinner, or would make an admirable whisky to add to your hip flask on a summer fishing trip. In conclusion, I cannot recommend this whisky enough. It has a fantastic story behind the brand, and the top quality product makes the decision to stay independent an inspired one.

Probably the All information believed to be correct at the time of publishing. The Perthshire Magazine includes some paid articles and articles for which free incentives were offered. All articles reflect the views of the writer only and are not necessarily the views of The Perthshire Magazine, nor are advertisements endorsed by them.

Advertisers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their adverts. Photos and reviews are copyright The Perthshire Magazine unless otherwise stated. One of the questions I often ask myself, and when I say often I mean at the end of every month, is why do I leave coming up with the back page so late? Here I am, in the early afternoon of the last day of the month, desperately trying to come up with something to write about. A poached egg on toast. First, the toast. Yes, it costs a bit more than other offerings, but there are a local family-run business, and they must have happy cows because their butter is really tasty.

Nice to support that type of establishment. I do that by putting far too much butter on my toast. Now for the egg. There are a number of pitfalls when it comes to poaching an egg. Firstly, your pan of water should not be boiling vigorously when you drop the egg in, if it is the movement of the water will break the egg up. You will end up with a poached egg, but it will be in a billion bits. Rather, the water should be just under boiling point, and before dropping the egg in give it a good stir.

The spinning water will keep the egg in one piece. Put the pan back on the hob and cook—it will probably take less time than you think. A poached egg with a solid yolk is possibly one of the most disappointing things in the world. Avoid at all costs. Place the egg on the toast and give it a poke. That yolk waterfall is possibly one of the most glorious things known to mankind.

When that oozy yolk is absorbed by the toast it becomes the stuff of dreams. Coffee is my drink of choice for this one. Definitely from Unorthodox Roasters. Read Story. Delicious recipe from the Little America Diner! Ever thought about running a quaint coffee shop in a charming tourist town? Now you can! Why this charming little Scottish town is your must visit location this spring!

Seven day opening Call to book www. Visit highlandoffroad. Booking advisable. Here are my favourite places to photograph in the area: The Hermitage One of the most well known spots in Perthshire and probably Scotland as a whole. The folly at the Hermitage always worth a visit at any point in the year. The amazing rockery and woodland of the Hermitage. A sheep peers out from a high vantage point on a stormy day in the hills near Dunkeld. Young trees grow out of the rocky slopes of the Dunkeld hills Loch Ordie circuit. T he process of turning animal hide into finished leather is a complicated and lengthy one which is resource intense, reliant upon potent chemicals and responsible for creating a shed load of waste.

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Our main aim is to make you as comfortable as possible Burn Cottage. A lovely cottage in the middle of a wood. A lovely safe environment for my dogs which is very important when taking animals or children. The neighbors were very welcoming and spent time talking with me and telling me Lovely place. This is a lovely cottage in a great location and I would strongly recommend anyone to come here. The only reason I gave it a four not a five star review is because we found Smiddy Cottage, Dalnoid, Glenshee.

Smiddy cottage. We had a fantastic breaks, the cottage had everything and more than we expected, fresh milk water and also homemade crispy cakes for our arrival. The cottage was clean and Lovely cottage in stunning location. As other reviews have said this is a lovely cottage in an area of stunning scenery. Very cosy cottage with lovely decor and facilities. Wood burner was ready to go when we With stunning views across Glenshee, Perthshire to the hills and forests, Smiddy Cottage offers a high standard of accommodation for 4 people and is an ideal base to relax or explore.

Main features: - private hot tub with stunning views - free wifi - wood-burning stove with free logs during your Riverview Retreat. A beautiful home from home. The cottage is situated at the foot of a hill looking across the River Tay to Kinnoull Hill. In October the autumn foliage was beautiful.

The cottage itself is tastefully A really comfortable, well appointed "home from home". Deborah, the owner, is such a welcoming host and her chickens rush to greet you too! The cottage has absolutely everything you could need for a peaceful and truly relaxing Riverview Retreat is located in a tranquil setting with breathtaking views of Kinnoull Hill and the River Tay. This idyllic cottage has every modern facility yet retains the ambience of a secluded retreat, surrounded by beautiful countryside.

The location has excellent access to a number of tourist The Granary - The Granary. Returned here with the extended family of 10 to occupy both cottages for our annual reunion with our Scottish heritage. This really does seem like coming home.

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Always such a Spacious, very clean and nicely renovated cottage with lovely views of the surrounding countryside. The location of the cottage is also within short driving distance to town and The Granary at Horselea is one of two cottages created from our old farm buildings and we have retained many of the original features and they finished to a very high standard. Mo Dachaidh, sleeps 8 and dog friendly. N1k4XzNfWjQz other travelers have booked this property. Autumn Break. Mo Dachaid was perfectly located with a fabulous view down Glen Lyon and surrounding Munros.

The autumn colors in the garden and the hills were amazing. We were a party of Beautiful views, relaxing garden, lovely home. The views along the glen from the garden and house were just amazing, we all spent lots of time enjoying the mountain view from the lovely garden. The house is also perfectly Sleeping 8, this spacious property has 2 en-suite double bedrooms and 2 twin rooms as well as a family bathroom and downstairs toilet. One of the double rooms is on the ground floor.

With its open fire, A stay at the Coach House hosted by Tim will spoil you for any other place you will ever stay. The house with all the fittings and fixtures are what you would expect in 5- star The best rental place we have stayed in. This place is amazing.

Once you have stayed here, your other cottages will be disappointing, luxury, quality and great views. The inside is spotless clean, the fireplace and This spacious fully equipped rural hideaway for up to 6 guests is located in the heart of Scotland surrounded by beautiful Highland landscapes. Enjoy the stunning views from the Livingroom or garden. This Scottish gem comes with a spacious Livingroom with log burner, dining area for 6 guests, a What a wonderful lodge. From your first step into this lodge we felt like being home.

The lodge itself, bathrooms, bedrooms, even the all the kitchen equipment, simply everything is absolutely Incheoch Granary.

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Perfect accommodation to suit all ages. A perfect country spot to relax and enjoy the excellent accommodation provided by Debbie and family. Feeding the lambs was a great hit with our little great granddaughter. Beautiful apartment of high quality. Location nearby a farm for sheeps and cattles with a view to a hill. Atractions are a great waterfall 2 miles , a cateran trail to Alyth 3 miles , nice pub atmosphere with live This barn conversion is very spacious and fabulously comfortable with amazing views, in GlenIsla, Perthshire.

Set in acres of farmland it is the perfect rural retreat. The wood pellet burner keeps the whole house cosy with underfloor heating. An enclosed Orchard Cottage - Blairmore Farm. A fabulous place to stay! This cottage was ideal for us because my parents both have mobility problems. I thoroughly recommend I stayed with my husband,daughter and 19 month grandson for two nights. We were very impressed with the cottage-excellent quality of fittings and superbly equipped kitchen Orchard Cottage is a spacious airy cottage with vaulted oak beamed ceilings based in the heart of Blairmore Farm.

The cottage has two luxurious super-king bedrooms. The master bedroom has oak flooring with an accessible ensuite wet room and the other bedroom has a bathroom with a bath right next Highly recommended. We had a wonderful stay set Glen cottage. It is equipped with everything that we needed and the cottage itself is so charming. Comrie is a nice little town as well and the Cozy - and great location. This is a wonderful old stone cottage which is clean, cozy and everything you need.

The location is great, right by walks and five minute walk to town centre and pubs, fish and On the edge of the very friendly village of Comrie, in the heart of Perthshire, this charming characterful country cottage is ideally situated to enjoy village life. Crossing the cottage garden you will find a games room with table tennis table. The family accommodation with two double en-suite Tay Chambers Holiday Apartment Perth.

It was good, could have been better. The description of this apartment fails as far as I could see as it fails to disclose that its on the 3rd floor and requires climbing 32 steps each way! Had this been stated Great base to explore Perthshire and surrounds. Great spot close to the centre of Perth. Easy to get to with easy parking. Beautiful apartment with a great view and very comfortable. Positioned near the city centre yet with free private parking a short stroll across the old bridge and you are in the bustling Perth city centre. Great for a Ladyhill House. Lovely, clean, spacious and homely all at the same time!

Myself and family gathered around Dunkeld for a big reunion over the weekend of 28 July. Five of us stayed at Ladyhill house, and some cousins and their families visited us Absolute holiday perfection! We stayed here for a week in October, and it was a perfect stay from start to finish.

Lots of holiday homes look amazing online, but in reality can be a bit of a letdown, however Ladyhill House is situated in the pretty Perthshire villages of Birnam and Dunkeld and is part of a traditional baronial mansion house which has been recently refurbished to the highest standard. Stripped wooden floors, traditional marble-surround open fires, together with original ornate Romantic cottage for two, with hot tub.

Stunning peaceful location. Thanks to Alexandra for being a wonderful host. Tthe cottage was immaculate and had everything you could need , towelling robes , cushions for the seats, logs for the fire Fantastic cottage in beautiful location. My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary here and took our two dogs. Beautiful cottage with lovely decoration and amenities, very clean and a real home from A newly renovated cottage for two. Where better to escape then a secluded hilltop retreat for a romantic trip!

Surrounded by fantastic views, including the scenic loch below. A lovely cottage in a beautiful location with everything you need.

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However we booked this 4 bedroom cottage and on arrival were told the bunk bedroom was for the owners private A true escape to tranquility set between Comrie and St Fillans on Loch Earn, this beautifully modernised unusual historic cottage offers both comfort and quality. Converted from the staff hall of the historic Dunira Estate and part of a quadrangle of buildings.

Parking is available outside the Kirklandbank Farmhouse. Between the village and the hills. I wanted to call this 'loo with a view review'. Perched above Alyth the whole house and particularly one of the bathrooms has the most amazing views over Strathmore. It's Sunny spring in Alyth. This was our second stay at Kirklandbank. The property is in an amazing location with stunning views across the valley, lots of walks right on the doorstep and plenty of Kirklandbank is the ideal base for a relaxing or active holiday in glorious Perthshire - with mountain bike tracks, wildlife and wonderful country walks all on the doorstep.

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The farmhouse is set within woodland on a small hill farm on the edge of the Highlands. There are amazing elevated views over Jimara Self Catering Holiday Home. Can't wait to stay again. We had an absolutely brilliant 2 night stay at Jimara. The property was immaculate and was very tastefully decorated. There was 6 of us staying 4 adults and 2 children and Pitlochry stay.

The views and the bungalow was excellent it had everything we needed if Jimara is a beautifully presented, contemporary detached bungalow with a cosy wood burning stove. It has spectacular views over the surrounding hillside. Ample parking on driveway at the side of the property. Perfect, modern, family friendly house. Have stayed in this accommodation many times while visiting family in area. Steven and his wife have always made us very welcome. A great find. Comfortable accomodation for four adults. The house is well equipped with modern stylished furnishings.

Would return when next visiting family in the area. Our Affric luxury accommodation is situated in the quiet historic village of Scone with Scone Palace close by. There is free WIFI broadband connection as well as free The Distillery. A wonderful holiday. The Distillery cottage is very beautiful.

Perthshire Cycle Series

The location and the distance to Crieff is perfect. The bedrooms are all fantastic sizes and the beds were comfortable. Janet and Jim Lovely well equipped comfortable cottage. The location is perfect within walking distance to Crieff. Fantastic cottage with stunning views of the surrounding countryside from every window.

Inside is finish to a high A spacious luxury farm holiday cottage situated on a working farm just 1 mile from Crieff, Perthshire and close to Gleneagles. The Distillery is a delightful conversion of a redundant farm building dating back to when it was used as a distillery! Opened only in , it has been finished to an The Old Coach House, Pitlochry. Amazing Cottage, delightful responsive owners. Had a fabulous two night stay with my two daughters. Cozy, country cottage with everything in the cottage one could wish for.

Beds so comfortable with top quality bedding It sits within an elevated position offering stunning views over the surrounding countryside. Whilst in a quiet setting is only a short walk from all local amenities within Pitlochry town An idyllic country retreat! The house was beautifully placed and very well set up with lovely furniture and tasteful decoration. The location was ideal, with the mountains up behind and a lovely pub just Blairmount a cosy but luxury retreat in a great location. Just back from another 4 nights in Blairmount.

Such a lovely property so cosy and warm and so quaint and yet with all the mod cons you could ask for. There really is a special Blairmount is an 18th Century listed cottage, one of the oldest and most iconic buildings in the beautiful highland Perthshire village of Pitlochry. The cottage is situated in Moulin, the original parish in which the new town of Pitlochry was built.

The cottage was painstakingly restored between Perth and Kinross Flight and Weather Info. Airports nearby 1. Search flights. Powered by Weather Underground. Top-rated Perth and Kinross Restaurants. Chatni Fine Indian Dining. The Roost Restaurant. The Loft Restaurant. Top-rated Perth and Kinross Things to Do.