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The Handbook of Ritual Power would have been used by a ritual practitioner of some sort, though not necessarily someone associated with the clergy. There is little record of who used documents like this one. The origin of this Handbook of Ritual Power is also a mystery.

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It was obtained by Macquarie University where it now resides from antiquities dealer Michael Fackelmann in It is unclear where he obtained it, but the recently deciphered text points to a possible origin in upper Egypt, possibly Ashmunein or Hermopolis. Support Contact PRO.


Hurls a fairly fast-moving fire projectile that damages a single target. Average ranged attack DPS. Lobs a large, slow-moving ball of lava that detonates on the ground with high force.

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Weak enemies are killed instantly, while others are knocked or staggered away from the blast. The attack can pass over various obstacles, and blasts against walls can affect enemies. Merlin phases into twin, impervious masses of flame that travel a good distance.

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Most enemies in his path are ignited. Weak enemies are also staggered and slowed. A channeled spell that immobilizes Merlin while firing a narrow beam that chills enemies. Very high ranged attack DPS. Cascades a short cone of ice that freezes enemies for a short time.


Frozen enemies can obstruct the path of others. Launches a slow-moving orb that chills and pervades enemies, and after a few moments, ceases and emits a large aura of intense cold for 10 seconds, chilling enemies that pass through it. The purpose of FreeMagick. Here you will find loads of complimentary spells you can do, easily, from the comfort of your own home.

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This was a commercial spellbook which is being released for FREE to you! Enjoy the professional grade spells in your house today!

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