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At the Berlin International Film Festival , the film won the Grand Prix of Generation 14plus section for best feature-length film. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Diary of a Teenage Girl Theatrical release poster. Main article: The Diary of a Teenage Girl play. British Board of Film Classification.

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May 21, Retrieved May 21, Box Office Mojo. April 5, Retrieved May 5, The Numbers. Retrieved March 12, Rolling Stone. Retrieved February 26, Retrieved January 30, January 10, January 22, Love this place" Tweet — via Twitter. Sundance Institute. Retrieved January 29, Retrieved August 18, Retrieved February 15, February 27, Retrieved September 16, Perhaps, thanks to these dreams, I realized that I should not give up. Now I feel that my experience and my book can be significant, if only for someone who is going through the war now — as a personal example that it is possible to survive.

Is the conflict domestic or international?

Books for pre-tween boys (ages 8 and up):

Read article. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address. There is now a generation of children of war forming in Ukraine like in Yugoslavia.

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This war diary of a nine-year-old Albanian Kosovar, now translated into English, tells a story that many kids in Ukraine can relate to. However, very few people know when and how the confrontation of the Kosovar Serbs and Albanians began. If you like what you see, please help keep us online with a donation!

About the Source Kseniya Kirillova Kseniya Kirillova is a Russian journalist that focuses on analyzing Russian society, political processes in modern Russia and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

She writes for Radio Liberty and other outlets and is an expert of the Center for Army, conversion, and disarmament studies and the Free Russia foundation. Subscribe to the weekly newsletter Email address:. Subscribe to Euromaidan Press Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

How to Find Great Books to Read to Your Kids

This introductory book presents 21 basic exercises that allow us to deepen work with The Traditional Study of Angels. Essentially, the practice of Angelica Yoga favors the opening of the world of dreams, parallel worlds and symbolic language. This inspired work helps us better understand the new generation of children, called Indigo, Aquarius or Star children.

They are arriving on Earth and shaking up the way we perceive human existence. In the words of a child, this young author leads us to Universal Knowledge and introduces us to a multidimensional view of life. This book, written by a child, is a gift of beautiful messages and teachings addressed to all children on Earth, young and old. It is also a book that our inner child will want to read and reread. These new era parents transmit teachings of everyday life to their daughter through stories and tales.

In their stories, they integrated the principles and values that needed to be developed concerning what had been experienced during the day. This pedagogy using symbolic language educates children in depth, since the child unconsciously identifies with the characters in the story. In the Land of Blue Skies is one of the stories that Kasara was told.


It is the story of a tiny monster who lost his selfesteem because his friends made fun of him. This beautiful story is illustrated with paintings by the artist Gabriell inspired by original photographs taken of Kasara at the age of 5. This initiatic story will deeply touch the hearts of both young and old. The music takes listeners to a higher state of consciousness and vibration, leading them to enter into contact with the Qualities of the Angelic Powers. Each CD consists of 6 guided meditations on a specific Angelic Energy, each lasting app.

Choose the Music of your Guardian Angels based on your birthdate. Through his musical genius, he succeeds in reflecting the Qualities of the Angelic Energies and in infusing our souls with celestial harmonies. This brillant work, produced in cooperation with Kaya, represents a major work in the life of the musician that took over 7 years to conceive, compose and produce.

Inspired by the Essence of the Angelic Qualities, this music takes listeners to a higher state of consciousness and vibration, leading them to enter into contact with the Qualities of the Angelic Powers. The music favors dream recall, relaxation and the regeneration and opening of consciousness. On each CD, you will find six different Angelic Energies.

These unique CDs are as much for those beginning a meditation practice as they are for therapists to use as tools in their practice. Unique and original, this audio collection introduces the 72 States of Angelic Consciousness of the Traditional Study of Angels. A voice of unique depth for this young year-old artist… a journey to the very depths of our being. With her angelic voice, Kasara, leads us to discover the benefits of meditation and guides us into the very depths of our being, into the multiple landscapes of our unconscious to help us discover our inner potential.

His compositions of zen music highlight the mantra sung by Kasara and help toward the release of tension, toward deep relaxation of our entire being. Mantra is the name given by Orientals to the repetition of sacred formulas; in Traditional Angelology, the mantra is the repetition of the Name of an Angel, and is called: Angel recitation. Angel recitation is a simple but very powerful tool, which triggers dreams, signs, deep reflections, and openings of the unconscious, while allowing us to cleanse memories and renew our self-esteem.

Through dreams, we discover the positive and negative memories that dwell in our soul, our inner computer. When we have become aware of certain negative aspects of ourselves, Angel recitation helps us to reprogram these negative memories so that they become positive.

The Spiritual Diary of a Nine-Year-Old Child : Kasara :

Thus, our dreams allow us to develop awareness and Angel recitation the Angelic mantra allows us to cleanse. Available on CD, with an amazing page booklet containing lyrics, photos and a story outlining the meaning of each song. Also available on iTunes and Amazon.

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